The ultimate non-shedding companion dog

Stay tuned for information on how to get one of our “Yorkie Doodle Dandy” puppies next spring!!!

If you no longer see a litter on this page it simply means that I have taken the number of deposits I think are appropriate for that particular litter. If more puppies are born than deposits taken the extra puppies will appear on the “Available Puppies” page.


We Are Getting Too Many Calls and Emails to be able to Return. You MUST reference one of the below litters when you CALL (970-568-7585.. Landline, no texts) in order for us to know that you have read the website and know what you are looking for and that it is potentially available. Right now we simply do not have time to answer loads of questions repeatedly when all the info is already on the web site. We WILL return phone calls (not emails) if you call and reference one of the upcoming litters. Thank you for understanding.

Litters On The Horizon

These are litters I expect to be bred in the near future. People may put deposits on these litters as soon as they appear here. The females to be bred have regular heat cycles and are nearing their start of estrus (heat). As soon as we breed them, more information will appear about the litter and the upcoming litter with due date will appear above, in “Upcoming Litters”.

  • Standard Poodle puppies from Tahoe and Magic due mid November, 2020
  • Poodle/pointer from Benelli and  standard poodle Magic. Due November, 2020

Calling all pheasant hunters and families wanting a WONDERFUL, CALM, SWEET and LOW-SHEDDING family dog who will hunt and retrieve. Also MEDICAL ALERT (blood sugar, seizure disorder and anything else nose-related) Due next spring: We have added a wonderful female German short-haired pointer to our girls. Benelli is her name. She has great conformation  —  a very nice example of what the AKC German short-haired pointer looks like  —  a sweet, calm and tolerant temperament  —  great orthopedic and genetic health AND —  VERY IMPORTANT  —  a keen nose. This girl is a hunter. She’s got a good nose and uses it. Maybe not as important for a pet  —  but  —  if you want a less shedding hunting dog, she, when bred to our standard poodle males will make puppies that will be fine field companions AND will also be great medical alert service dog candidates. Want to do search and rescue? Here you go.  Want a great family dog? These puppies will be wonderful companions and will have the genetic skills to work for you if you like. 

The puppies will be half standard poodle and have pointer. They are called poodle-pointers. There actually is an AKC breed called the poodle-pointer that originally were just crosses of the two breeds. However  —  good luck finding one and good luck affording the puppy if you do find a breeder. Rare, expensive. Not ours. These puppies will sell for between $1600 and $2000.  It all depends on their ability to hunt and retrieve, They WILL SHED  —  but not like most hunting dogs. Shedding will occur (or it might not, depending on the individual) so people with severe allergies should be aware of this and wait for a second generation of non-shedding puppies due sometime in 2022.  I am expecting these first generation puppies to mature  between 45 and 50 pounds for the girls and 50 to 60 pounds for the boys, depending on which of our studs we use. Call Terry now to place your $300 deposit on this upcoming  litter. 970-568-7585 (landline, no texts, please….)


Remember, it is never to early to put a deposit on an upcoming litter. It is how people get to be high on the list for first or second choice!

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