The ultimate non-shedding companion dog

Stay tuned for information on how to get one of our “Yorkie Doodle Dandy” puppies this summer!!!

If you no longer see a litter on this page it simply means that I have taken the number of deposits I think are appropriate for that particular litter. If more puppies are born than deposits taken the extra puppies will appear on the “Available Puppies” page.


We Are Getting Too Many Calls and Emails to be able to Return. You MUST reference one of the below litters when you CALL (970-568-7585.. Landline, no texts) in order for us to know that you have read the website and know what you are looking for and that it is potentially available. Right now we simply do not have time to answer loads of questions repeatedly when all the info is already on the web site. If you DO NOT HEAR from us within two days   —  CALL BACK!  The squeaky wheel gets the grease and with DOZENS of calls and emails coming in DAILY we will have time to answer VERY FEW. Thank you for understanding.

Upcoming Litters


Standard Poodles Due March 14th., 2021

Dolce and Magic puppies are very sweet, very intuitive, and very, very, beautiful. Maturing in the 45 to 60 pound range these puppies have historically been wonderful family dogs and children’s playmates. Some are also working service, ESSD and autism support dogs. Not high energy or high drive individuals, these puppies are more laid back and more suitable for less high drive endeavors. Extremely people oriented and responsive to training.  Beautiful, shiny black or deep red and apricot. These puppies will be the favorite dogs in the neighborhood or cul de sac   —   loving playing with the kids and being the perfect, beautiful and responsive family companion. Some of these puppies will have long tails. All of the puppies will have their dew claws removed.

These puppies will sell for between $2000 and $2500. We will accept 8 deposits on this litter.

Reservations for the Dolce and Magic standard poodle litter:

1) Powder Valley Poodles  (female)

2) Renee G. (Sedalia)  (female)

3) Tegan L. (Westminster) (male, long tail)

4) Barbara M. (Ouray) (female only) (Duplicate invoice for a female)

5) C. M.  (Colorado) (female only) (Duplicate for female)





Standard Poodles Due Feb. 19th., 2021



Skye and Houston are expecting a gorgeous litter of very red (some with white markings) standard poodle babies. These puppies will mature on the smaller side  —  38 to 48 pounds  —  and will be happy, outgoing, people-loving family companions. Some may become ESSD or autism support dogs. All will be devoted family dogs with enough energy to keep up with the kids but not so much as to be a high maintanance problem. There won’t be high drive or show dog puppies in this litter. Just good, solid, healthy and responsive family type dogs. These puppies will sell for between $1800 and $2500. Skye does not have large litters so we will take only 5 deposits.

Reservations for the Skye and Houston standard poodle litter

1) Barbara M. (duplicate)

2) C M (Duplicate)





Miniature Goldendoodles

Splash Angel and Vinny  for their nest litter of INCREDIBLE little mini goldendoodles. Very sweet, willing and colorful puppies!

More info about this litter coming soon. Due on March 15th. Taking deposits now. Call 970-568-7585 and reference Splash Angel and Vinny. Puppies will sell for between $2000 and $2500. This pair has produced some very beautiful, intuitive, easy-going and gentle puppies. Wonderful companions and working ESSD. These will not be high energy dogs. They will be sweet, calm and lower maintainance non-shedding fluff balls. Averaging around 25 pounds  —  there will be some puppies that may mature as large as 38 pounds and some that may only get as big as 18 pounds. Most will be somewhere in the 22 to 28 pound range. Although last year Splash Angel gave us 10 puppies, we will take only 8 deposits. CALL SOON! 970-568-7585 (landline, no texts please….)

Reservations for Splash Angel and Vinny:

1) Powder Valley Poodles ( a girl)

2) Judy K. from Loveland (no preference)

3) Katie H. (Fort Collins) (prefers female)

4) Katie C. (Littleton) 

5) Thane (Loveland)

6) Laura H. (Loveland)

7) Linda H. (Arvada)




TOY POODLES! Foxy Indy (Mom)  and Rusty’s Red Radio Flyer (“Flyer”) (Dad) will be expecting their next litter of Tiny Toys in March, 2021. Foxy typically has only three puppies. They can range from about Flyer’s size (about 5 pounds at maturity) to a little bigger  —  6 to 8 pounds. Tiny Toys (known as “Tea Cup” in some places) are very small toy poodles that DO need more supervision because of their very small size and associated potential fragility. As an example  —  when Flyer was a baby he followed a volunteer out the door and she accidently closed the door on his foot  —  breaking it.  These puppies should not go to homes with toddlers who may drop them, sit on them, or leave them on top of things like chairs. The puppies have no fear and will walk right off the end of anything they are placed on  —  breaking bones or worse. The puppies from Foxy and Flyer COULD be smaller than 5 pounds. They have produced a little 4 pound boy in one of their litters. 

Although not typically fragile, their small size does make them vulnerable. Care must be taken with kids and other pets. These puppies will be priced between $2300 and $3000, depending on size and markings. We will offer breeding rights to select individuals on the BOYS ONLY. And, only if they are breed-quality. Breeding rights are extra. The girls will be too small to safely breed.

We will take only three deposits on this litter and the first pick will be Powder Valley Poodles, as always. So DO NOT DELAY.

1) Powder Valley Poodles

2) Sara R.  (Aurora, CO)

3) Benita L. (Firestone, CO)

Minnie (apricot miniature goldendoodle girl) and Vinny (red sable toy poodle boy)

will be expecting another of their EXTREMELY popular Toy goldendoodle litters. These puppies will mature between 8 and 17 pounds. They will be born in Feb. of 2021 and be going home sometime in April of 2021. We can take only 4 deposits on this litter so act quickly. 

Reservation List for this Minnie/Vinny Litter:

1)  Terry, Powder Valley Poodles

 2) Ellen B. (Loveland, CO)

3) Vickie and Earl (Loveland) (Female)

4) Sandy J. (Loveland) (prefers male)


Mini/Medium Goldendoodles Due Feb. 10th., 2021

Sunny (red standard poodle girl) Yankee (red mini goldendoodle boy)  Due Feb. 10th., 2021 This pairing will produce some VERY RED, VERY SWEET, and VERY BEAUTIFUL miniature and medium goldendoodles. Maturing in the 26 to 40 pounds  —  mom weighs 48 pounds, dad weighs 23 pounds  —  they will also be playful, smart, intuitive and very athletic. These puppies should mature into the perfect family dog for active families, AND wonderful working service dogs for any endeavor needing a little bit higher energy puppy. There probably won’t be any couch potatoes in this litter. These puppies will want to go out, have fun, do things with and for their people and will NOT be happy if left home alone all day, every day. Priced at between $1800 to $2500 (with the average puppy being about $2200), these are the right puppies for someone or some family wanting working, active, happy and athletic companions.   

Reservation List for Sunny/Yankee Mini / Medium (28 to 40 lbs) Goldendoodles

1) Terry, Powder Valley Poodles

2) Eric W. (Highlands Ranch) 

3) George and Dana, (Basalt)

4) Greg N. (CA)




Mini/Medium Goldendoodles Due Jan. 30th., 2021

Jazz (standard poodle female) and Yankee (mini goldendoodle male) will be expecting a litter of beautiful red and apricot mini to medium sized goldendoodles due on Jan. 30th., 2021. These puppies will range from the smallest maturing around 26 pounds on up to the bigger pups maturing around 37 pounds. Most will be right in the middle somewhere around 25 to 32 pounds —  a little smaller, on average, than the Sunny/Yankee litter. The puppies will sell for between $2000 and $2500 with the average being around $2200 to $2400. The personality profiles on these puppies have been wonderful! Sweet, easy-going, calm and gentle. Most of their prior litters have made for some  excellent therapy, service and ESSD candidates. And, of course, WONDERFUL family companions and children’s cuddle buddies.

Reservation List for Jazz/Yankee Litter

  1. Victoria D. (Loveland, CO)
  2. Airlie A (Berthoud)
  3. Ken A. (Broomfield, CO) (prefers a female)
  4. Loralei P (Parker, CO)
  5. Ted W. (Loveland) (prefers a female)
  6. Greg N. (CA)


Remember, it is never to early to put a deposit on an upcoming litter. It is how people get to be high on the list for first or second choice!

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