The ultimate non-shedding companion dog

 Goldendoodle Info

Our goldendoodles are VERY popular. We can’t put them under “Upcoming Litters” because they generate so much interest in such a short amount of time that I am inundated with emails and phone calls on litters that are already sold long before they are born. Therefore, if interested in a toy, mini, medium or standard goldendoodle  —  YES! We have them coming! But, you will have to get on the list. Deposits are $200 and ensure that you will get a puppy when one becomes available. Current availability will be this winter for people wishing to place a deposit on an available puppy. The following girls will be producing goldendoodles of various sizes: Ruby, Tahoe, Tam, Jersey, Splash, Nilla, Sachi, and Minnie. Contact Terry ASAP.

Moyen Poodles

Our beautiful black standard poodle Ruby and charming red and white miniature Robbie are expecting a litter of “Moyen” or “Klein”  puppies this winter around January first!
“Moyen” and “Klein” mean “Medium” in French and in German. This medium-sized (bigger than a miniature, smaller than the average standard poodle) is recognized in Europe but not here in the U.S. They are hard to find!


The pairing of Ruby and Robbie should produce puppies that will mature in the 25 to 35 pound range  —  true medium-sized poodles. The colors should include black, black with white markings, apricot, red and both apricot and red with white markings. I can’t WAIT to see what they produce! Ruby’s dad, Houston, is red and her mom is black. Robbie is a parti-carrier, so we should see some really fantastic color and beautiful conformation and markings on these puppies.
If interested, let Terry know ASAP. This litter will be popular as most breeders only breed standards and minis  —  not medium poodles.


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