The ultimate non-shedding companion dog

Miniature and Toy Poodles
Our beautiful miniature phantom Gabby and sweet little red sable toy Vinny are expecting their very first litter together in October. This litter should be born right around the 23rd. This will put the puppies potentially going home right before or right after Christmas.

Vinny (l) and Gabby

This is Gabby’s first litter but we have seen many from Vinny. Although Vinny is a big toy poodle, he tends to produce much smaller puppies  —  even when bred to a bigger female like Gabby.
I expect to get some mini-sized puppies (maturing 11 to 14 pounds) AND some very small puppies (maturing 6 to 8 pounds), with any others being somewhere in the middle. As far as color goes  —  it is a guess, but the potential is there for reds, blacks, and most likely phantoms and sable…. We’ll just have to wait and see!
Structurally, these puppies will be very correct with great springy coats at maturity and wonderful conformation. Temperamentally, the blend of Gabby’s affectionate, family-focused demeanor and Vinny’s sweet, sweet, nature should create wonderful companions and family dogs. These puppies will be priced between $1200 and $1500, depending on color, size and conformation.
If interested in one of these puppies let Terry know ASAP.

Goldendoodle Info

Our goldendoodles are VERY popular. We can’t put them under “Upcoming Litters” because they generate so much interest in such a short amount of time that I am inundated with emails and phone calls on litters that are already sold long before they are born. Therefore, if interested in a toy, mini, medium or standard goldendoodle  —  YES! We have them coming! But, you will have to get on the list. Deposits are $200 and ensure that you will get a puppy when one becomes available. Current availability will be this winter for people wishing to place a deposit on an available puppy. The following girls will be producing goldendoodles of various sizes: Ruby, Tahoe, Tam, Jersey, Splash, Nilla, Sachi, and Minnie. Contact Terry ASAP.

Standard Poodles

Dandee and Houston will be expecting their next (and Dandee’s last) litter of EXCEPTIONALLY intuitive, quiet and respectful standard poodle puppies in or around November or December of 2017. This is Dandee’s last litter. These are exceptional emotional support and therapy dogs. If interested, let Terry know ASAP.

Houston and Dandee

Standard Poodles

Isis and Bandit are expecting their next litter of beautiful parti-color and bi-color puppies in November of 2017.
If you want flash and charm there are no better puppies than what Isis and Bandit produce together. Their puppies also make great service dogs and really nice, showy dogs for both competition and as family dogs. Want the prettiest dog in the neighborhood? Look at the Isis and Bandit litters.

Icy and Bandit

Standard Poodles

Dream and Bandit will have their next litter in December of 2017. These golden and red and white puppies are the most sought after of all of our dogs to be used as children’s service and therapy animals. They combine exceptional beauty with kind, sweet, calm and intuitive temperaments. You will not find a better emotional support or therapy dog for your child or yourself than one of Dream and Bandit’s puppies. These puppies will all be spoken for long before the parents conceive this litter. Contact Terry ASAP.

Dream (l) and Bandit

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