The ultimate non-shedding companion dog

Standard Goldendoodles

Due Summer, 2018





Half golden retriever and half standard poodle, Splash (also known as “Angel” to those who know her well) will have her first litter this summer with Bandit. The resulting puppies will be three-quarters poodle and one quarter golden retriever. They will be big-boned, affectionate, non-shedding and tolerant dogs that will do well in any endeavor that requires tolerance, patience, and a steady demeanor. Big enough and heavy enough (probably 65 to 70 pounds for the boys and 55 to 65 for the girls) to pull a wheel chair or assist mobility-impaired individuals in and out or bed, chairs, and up and down stairs. And as pets  —  with these two wonderful, sweet, personalities, these two will produce such nice family dogs and children’s playmates. Priced between $1200 and $1500, contact Terry if interested in this upcoming litter.


Standard Poodles

Due the last week of May, 2018


Proud parents Icy and Bandit

Our gorgeous Icy (Powder Valley Diva’s Image of Isis) (Isis is the goddess of motherhood) and Bandit (Powder Valley WL Thief of Hearts) are expecting their next litter of sweet, colorful standard poodle puppies around the end of May. Icy typically gives us 8 or 9 very colorful, flashy and showy puppies. Around half of these puppies will be a solid color (red, black, brown or apricot) with white markings and the other 4 or 5 will be parti-color like dad but may be different colors (white/black, white/red like dad, white/brown or white/apricot). In other words  —  SPECTACULAR looking!

I have been very happy with these puppies and many from past litters have made excellent service and therapy dogs. They combine Isis’ confident, competent, demeanor with Bandit’s sweet, tolerant and affectionate nature. Really a nice combination whether you’re looking for a working dog, a companion, or a dog that can win big in the show ring.

These puppies will be priced between $1200 and $2500 (for the very flashy-looking parti-colors). The average price will be $1500. Let Terry know if interested.


Miniature Goldendoodles

Due June/July 2018


Nilla and Robbie

Our sweet blonde standard doodle, “Nilla” and our red miniature poodle “Robbie” will be bred in April (or May at the latest) to produce our very popular mini golden doodles. Their puppies are cute, sweet, friendly and playful. Happy little family dogs maturing right around 25 pounds. They usually come in shades of red, blonde, apricot and gold and ALWAYS come with a happy attitude. Typically priced at $1500, if interested let Terry Know ASAP. These are VERY popular puppies!

Yorkie/Poodle Cross

Due JulyAugust of 2018


Pebbles and Vinny

Our sweet little Yorkie/Poo “Pebbles” and charming little red sable toy poodle ‘Vinny’ will be bred sometime in April for a litter of adorable Yorkie/Poo Cross puppies due in June or July. Pebbles typically gives us 3 puppies. We’ve has red sable, reddish brown sable, black with white markings, black and tan and black and red phantom. With a few exceptions, the puppies have matured around 9 to 10 pounds. The perfect size for a lap dog! Small enough to fit easily on the lap but big enough when full grown to get there on their own. Not frail or delicate like some smaller dogs, but robust and playful, engaging and deeply affectionate. Perfect for retirees, portable and can stand up to playing all day with considerate children or staying all day on someone’s lap. Wherever there are people  —  that’s where you’ll find your Pebbles/Vinny puppy.

Mini Goldendoodles

Summer 2018

Roscoe Happy


Skye 3

Skye at 14 weeks

Our gorgeous red standard poodle, Skye, and the happiest dog on earth, our little mini goldendoodle Roscoe, will be expecting their very first litter together this summer. Skye should come into season in June. This would mean puppies born in August. They will be gorgeous red, apricot, cream and golden puppies most likely with white markings like mom. I imagine that the puppies will mature in the 20 to 28 pound range with most being right around 25 pounds. I’m sure  —  with Skye’s intelligence, calm and focused personality and Roscoe’s happy, willing to please, loves everyone personality, that these dogs will make exceptional family companions and children’s playmates. They should also make good service dogs for those suffering from PTSD and related conditions. These puppies will be completely non-shedding. They will be priced between $1500 and $1800 with the majority of the puppies at $1500. Minidoodles are extremely popular. Contact Terry ASAP if interested in one of these upcoming puppies.

Miniature Poodles


Miniature Poodles Rowdy (left, as a puppy) and right, mom-to-be Allie

Our black and white parti-color miniature poodles Allie and Rowdy are expecting a litter due April 14th., 2018. This very well could be Rowdy’s last litter. At 9 years of age I want to neuter him fairly soon and then find the perfect home for him. But FIRST he needs to give me a couple of boys so that I can raise them up and choose which boy will be taking his dad’s place as Powder Valley Poodles’ next parti-color sire. In the meantime, although I will keep a boy or two and maybe a girl as well — the ultrasound showed 5 or 6 puppies so anyone wanting a wonderful miniature poodle puppy may want to let me know ASAP.


Standard Goldendoodles

We are going to hold off taking any more deposits on Jersey’s litter until an ultrasound tells us about how many puppies to expect. This will be around the end of April.  If interested, I can take a name and telephone number and collect the deposit once we know she has enough puppies for those that want them. This is Jersey’s last litter.

Our super sweet-natured goldendoodle Jersey, and Dr. Wheeler’s red standard Poodle, Houston will be expecting a litter of standard goldendoodles (on the small side as both mom and dad are smaller than average). These puppies will be three quarters standard poodle and one quarter golden retriever. They will not shed and probably will only reach an adult weight of 45 pounds or so  —  maybe a little smaller. I am expecting the litter to have puppies that are cream, apricot and red. AND the other half of the group will most likely be inky black. If everything goes as expected, the puppies should be born around the last week or so of May. They will be priced between $1200 and $1500.00

This is Jersey’s last litter and I will be keeping one of her girls in order to continue her wonderful line of calm, sturdy and dependable service and therapy dogs. Let Terry know ASAP if interested. These puppies are all over the U.S. and are very popular as companions and as working dogs.



Proud Mom Jersey


Houston as a puppy  and Houston at 5 months with owner, Dr. Richard Wheeler


Standard Goldendoodles

We are going to hold off taking more deposits on Tam’s litter until an ultrasound reveals how many puppies she has. We currently have 8 deposits. That may be all we should take. This is Tam’s first litter and we don’t have any idea as to how many puppies she will give us. If the ultrasound reveals more than 8 we will remove this notice and take one or two more deposits.

Our gorgeous International Champion standard poodle, “Tam” and the new kid on the block, a beautiful, big, friendly golden retriever named “Elvis Jr.” are expecting their first litter of half and half goldendoodles right around the middle of May, 2018.
These puppies will most likely be shades of apricot and red with potentially some black individuals as well, and will be priced between $1200 and $1500.
Both parents are fairly big. Tam is around 55 pounds and Elvis a little over 70. The puppies should mature between 65 and 75 pounds. There could be smaller individuals in the litter as well as bigger ones but 65 to 70 at maturity will most likely be the average.
Tam has her genetic clearances and Elvis’ owner is working on getting all of his. So far he has collected enough for me to engage Elvis as a stud.
I am greatly looking forward to the puppies from this litter, and if you want a calm, dignified, sturdy and extremely trainable and family-friendly goldendoodle  —  you should be too!

Elvis, Jr. and Tam

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