The ultimate non-shedding companion dog


Our little Yorkie/poodle girl Truffles and 5 pound toy poodle boy Flyer are going to be expecting their first litter in October of 2018. These little Yorkie/poodle puppies will be three quarters toy poodle and one quarter Yorkshire terrier. They will be small, (maturing in the 5 to 8 pound range), sweet, snuggly little bundles of non-shedding love. I expect deep reds and maybe some lighter reds in this litter, some with white markings. These tiny puppies will be priced between $1800 and $2500 depending on size and color. The smaller puppies being the more expensive puppies. Typically, mama dogs the size of Truffles will only have 3 or 4 pups. Reserve yours now for a puppy just before Christmas.


Standard Goldendoodles


Due September 16th., 2018

Our gorgeous standard poodle Skye and golden retriever Elvis, Jr. are having their very first litter of half and half standard goldendoodles due in September of 2018! We are so excited about this paring. The puppies should all be red or red with white markings and most likely will mature as fairly large dogs. I’m guessing that the smaller puppies will reach 60 to 65 pounds and the bigger pups 70 to 75. We may even have some bigger ones!

They should be excellent service and therapy dogs and of course wonderful family companions.

Because they will be half and half  —  they will shed some, but not even close to as much as a pure retriever sheds. People with severe allergies to dogs should stick to either pure poodles or a high percentage poodle/retriever cross (at least 3/4 poodle).

These puppies will have very calm, intuitive and sweet temperaments. They will not be high energy. A family wanting a very high energy dog for advanced obedience competition, fly ball or day-long hikes will be disappointed. These puppies will be more suited for less activity, walks in the park, watching the kids at their soccer games, and letting the kids use them as pillows while the family watches tv.

They will be easy to live with, easy to train, and horrible watchdogs as they will love everyone they meet.

We are taking deposits now and as of July 9th have plenty of availability for more deposits.

Miniature Goldendoodle

Due September 8th., 2018

Gorgeous silver standard goldendoodle Maya and our little toy red sable poodle Vinny will be expecting another litter of exceptionally popular mini goldendoodles due September 8th., 2018. These puppies should mature between 20 and 28 pounds with a few individuals maturing a little smaller and a few individuals perhaps a tiny bit larger. We should see various shades of red and apricot, and may also see some black, sable or phantom puppies.

The puppies from these two have proven to be wonderful service and therapy dogs and outstanding family companions. They are sweet, affectionate, smart and willing. People meeting the offspring of Maya and Vinny come away from the meeting wanting a dog just like the dog or puppy they just met.

A $200 deposit will hold your puppy until it is 8 weeks old and ready to go home. These puppies will range in price from $1200 to $1500. Let us know ASAP if interested.

Standard Goldendoodles

Due August 23rd., 2018





Half golden retriever and half standard poodle, Splash (also known as “Angel” to those who know her well) will have her first litter this summer with Bandit. The resulting puppies will be three-quarters poodle and one quarter golden retriever. They will be big-boned, affectionate, non-shedding and tolerant dogs that will do well in any endeavor that requires tolerance, patience, and a steady demeanor. Big enough and heavy enough (probably 65 to 70 pounds for the boys and 55 to 65 for the girls) to pull a wheel chair or assist mobility-impaired individuals in and out or bed, chairs, and up and down stairs. And as pets  —  with these two wonderful, sweet, personalities, these two will produce such nice family dogs and children’s playmates. Priced between $1200 and $1500, contact Terry if interested in this upcoming litter.


Miniature Goldendoodles

We are going to hold off on taking any more deposits on Nilla’s litter until we know via ultrasound how many puppies we will have available. Her last litter  —  which was her very first litter  —  she gave us 9 beautiful babies. I’m hoping she does the same this time around!

Due August/September 2018


Nilla and Robbie

Our sweet blonde standard doodle, “Nilla” and our red miniature poodle “Robbie” will be bred in June or July to produce our very popular mini golden doodles. Their puppies are cute, sweet, friendly and playful. Happy little family dogs maturing right around 25 pounds. They usually come in shades of red, blonde, apricot and gold and ALWAYS come with a happy attitude. Typically priced at $1500, if interested let Terry Know ASAP. These are VERY popular puppies!

Yorkie/Poodle Cross

Due August of 2018


Pebbles and Vinny

We are going to hold off taking any more deposits on Pebbles’ and Vinny’s litter. We have three deposits and she typically gives us 3 puppies….

Our sweet little Yorkie/Poo “Pebbles” and charming little red sable toy poodle ‘Vinny’ will be bred sometime in April for a litter of adorable Yorkie/Poo Cross puppies due in June or July. Pebbles typically gives us 3 puppies. We’ve has red sable, reddish brown sable, black with white markings, black and tan and black and red phantom. With a few exceptions, the puppies have matured around 9 to 10 pounds. The perfect size for a lap dog! Small enough to fit easily on the lap but big enough when full grown to get there on their own. Not frail or delicate like some smaller dogs, but robust and playful, engaging and deeply affectionate. Perfect for retirees, portable and can stand up to playing all day with considerate children or staying all day on someone’s lap. Wherever there are people  —  that’s where you’ll find your Pebbles/Vinny puppy.

Medium/Mini Goldendoodles

Due August 23rd., 2018


Our sweet standard poodle Ruby, and the “happiest Dog On Earth” minidoodle Roscoe are expecting their first litter of Medium/Miniature-sized goldendoodles in August of 2018. These puppies should mature between 25 and 35 pounds and will come in various shades of gold, cream and red with some of the puppies being black like mom. They will be a wonderful mixture of Ruby’s family-focused and sweet nature and Roscoe’s happy, playful and desiring to please personality.

The following moms and dads are also expecting litters this summer but the puppies are probably already all spoken for:

Sachi/Vinny for toy goldendoodles

Ritz/Vinny for mini/toy poodles

Gabby/Robbie for miniature poodles

Cous Cous Cootie/Robbie for miniature poodles  Due August 28th., 2018  We Will Have Puppies Available From This Litter! 

Allie/Robbie for miniature poodles   We Will Have Puppies Available from this litter!

Remember, it is never to early to put a deposit on an upcoming litter.


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