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Miniature/Toy Poodles


Our cute little male toy poodle Vinny has a new girl friend! International Champion “Powder Valley Lady Bug’s Last Toot”  AKA, “Tootie”

This is Tootie’s first litter. The combination of Tootie and Vinny should give us puppies maturing both in the toy size of 8 or 9 pounds and 10 inches at the shoulder or under and in the smaller miniature size  —  around 12 pounds and 12 inches or so at the shoulder. As far as color goes. I am expecting black, sables in both red and very dark brown and then who knows  —  they could surprise us with a red or apricot as well. We’ll just have to see.

These puppies are expected in early February and will be priced between $1200 and $1500 depending on size, color and conformation. Let Terry know ASAP if interested!


Miniature Poodles

Our beautiful tri-parti-color miniature girl, “Ziva”,  from Cous Cous Cootie and Robbie and our International Champion,  Solo, from Allie and Rowdy are expecting their very first litter  —  for both of them  —  in early February, 2019. As this is a first litter for them both we don’t know what colors to expect. I do expect very conformationally correct, colorful miniature poodle puppies on the larger end of the accepted size for minis. We should get puppies maturing right at 15 inches and 15 pounds for both sexes.

Also, as both parents are generational Powder Valley Poodles, they will be healthy, sweet, capable and intelligent dogs that will be able to grow up and excel in many endeavors. Competitive obedience, service dog candidates, therapy work, family companions  —  you name it  —  they should be able to do it with the genetics that these puppies will inherit.

If interested in one of these superior puppies, let Terry know ASAP. Deposits are $100 and will hold your puppy until it is 8 weeks old and ready for it’s new home.

These puppies will sell for between $1200 and $1500 depending on color and conformation to breed standard.




Remember, it is never to early to put a deposit on an upcoming litter.


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