The ultimate non-shedding companion dog

Mini/Medium Goldendoodles From Tahoe and Yankee Due Oct 4th., 2019!


The puppies from Tahoe, our 50 pound National and International Champion Standard Poodle mom, and Yankee, our 23 pound miniature goldendoodle dad, have consistently been sweet, focused, easily trained and exceptionally kid and family friendly. Many of their puppies are working service dogs and puppy candidates for ESSD, autism support and mobility assistance for children. They are the quintessential perfect small goldendoodle for families, children and trainers wishing to provide the very best for their clients.

Puppies from Tahoe and Yankee typically mature between 25 and 38 pounds with some individuals being smaller ( I have one that will mature under 20 pounds) and a few being larger, as much as 40 pounds, although those are rare. Most of the pups are going to be around 28 to 32 pounds at maturity and all will be completely non-shedding.

Tahoe generally gives us 8 or 9 puppies in shades of blonde, apricot, deep apricot and red. Occasionally we will get a parti-color courtesy of Yankee’s dad, Robbie, and his genetics. That is also where the smaller puppies come from as Robbie weighs only 14 pounds.

If interested in one of these wonderful little balls-of-fur-to-be, let Terry know ASAP. They will be VERY popular. 970-568-7585. Landline, no texts please….

Standard Goldendoodles from Flash and Elvis, Jr. due the end of September, 2019!

Flash, seen in this photo at 4 months of age, and Elvis Jr., will be expecting their first litter together due around the end of September. Elvis, Jr. has been a daddy many times but this will be a first litter for Flash. Now at around a year and a half old, Flash, one of our beautiful parti-color girls from Isis and Bandit, has turned into a very charming, smart and graceful standard poodle. With her beautiful reddish gold and white markings and Elvis’ rich, dark red color, we are expecting some beautiful and colorful puppies from this pair. Flash is a good-sized girl and is still growing. I expect her to reach 60 pounds  —  maybe more  —  when she is fully grown at the age of 3. Our dogs grow slowly  —  which is a good thing  —  as it gives their bones, joints and ligaments a good foundation. This is one reason why our dogs don’t typically have joint or ligament problems. With Elvis also being a big boy  —  70 pounds  —  the puppies should be good-sized, sturdy 60 to 80 pound dogs at maturity. But they will be CALM big dogs. EASY-GOING big dogs. And FRIENDLY big dogs. They will also shed a little as they will be half and half and therefore  —  although they will not shed nearly as much as a golden retriever sheds  —  they will still shed some. People with severe allergies should look for a puppy that is at least three-quarters poodle and one quarter golden retriever in order to completely avoid the shedding aspect.

These pups will be roly poly bundles of red, red and white, and apricot and white fuzz. They will be outgoing, sweet, and good with kids of all ages. Easy to live with and easy to train. The perfect family dog in a less-shedding, big-dog package.

If interested, let Terry know ASAP. The pups will sell for $1500 to $1800 depending on color and desirability. A $200 deposit will hold your puppy until it is 8 weeks old and ready to go home.  Call Terry at 970-568-7585. Landline  —  no texts please….

Toy Goldendoodles due September 23rd.!

Sachi and Vinny will have another of their irresistible litters of little goldendoodle babies


Satchi and Vinny

Due  September 23rd., 2019, these puppies will blend the sweet, tolerant and tractable temperament of the goldendoodle with the vivacious, playful and affectionate toy poodle.

Sachi and Vinny’s toy goldendoodle puppies typically mature in the 10 to 15 pound range and are completely non-shedding. There may be one or two a little smaller and they have on occasion produced a bigger male puppy maturing at 17 pounds  —  but typically, you can count on the girls being around 9 to 13 pounds and the boys being between 10 and 15 pounds at maturity.

Colors vary greatly, from simple inky black or black with cute white markings to reds, apricots and sables. They do also produce the very popular phantom with white markings. (see our link on colors here on Frequently Asked Questions ).  Sachi has been known to have as many as 5 puppies and as few as 4. The deposit to reserve a puppy from Sachi and Vinny’s litter is $200. Puppies will sell for between $1200 to $1800, depending on size and color. Let Terry know ASAP if interested.  970-568-7585  (Landline  —  no texts, please….)


Mini/Toy Poodles due September 17th



Ritz and Vinny’s litter of miniature and toy poodle babies are due September 17th., 2019. They typically give us 3 to 5 beautiful babies in red sable, apricot sable, dark sable or black. They can also give us solid red and apricot and sometimes a phantom.

These puppies typically take after EITHER mom (miniature) OR dad, (toy) and will mature at 7 to 8 pounds or 10 to 11 pounds. Let Terry know if interested. We have one deposit for a breedable girl so far. Call Terry at 970-568-7585. Landline   —  no texts, please. At the rate toy and miniatures are being reserved, these will not be available for very long….

Micro doodles due September 10th!

So  —  huh? What is a “micro doodle”?

A micro doodle is the smallest goldendoodle we produce. The puppies are 15/16 poodle and 1/16 golden retriever. But, because we chose the traits of the golden retriever in our breeding dogs  —  they LOOK more like poodles but they still have the golden retriever sweetness and tolerance. These puppies will mature 6 to 9 pounds.  The puppies most likely will be shades of red with sable and black also expected. They will be $1500 to $1800 on average with the solid black puppies  —  if any  —  maybe being a little less and the very small puppies  —  if there are any maturing around 5 pounds like their dad  —  maybe being a little more. Their parents are mom, Kimber-Too, a deep red sable toy goldendoodle from Minnie and Vinny, and dad is Flyer, a 5 pound red toy poodle.

Call Terry if interested. I’m expecting a litter of only 3 —  maybe 4  —  puppies.  A $200 deposit will reserve your puppy. 970-568-7585. (landline  —  no texts, please…)

8 lb. Kimber -Too, left, and 5lb.  Flyer, right


Other Litters on the Horizon

  • Yorkie/Poodle puppies from Truffles and Flyer
  • Mini Goldendoodles from Honey and Robbie
  • Yorkie/Poodle puppies from Pebbles and Vinny


Remember, it is never to early to put a deposit on an upcoming litter.


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