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 If you no longer see a litter on this page it simply means that I have taken the number of deposits I think are appropriate for that particular litter. If more puppies are born than deposits taken the extra puppies will appear on the “Available Puppies” page.


We Are Getting Too Many Calls and Emails to be able to Return. You MUST reference one of the below litters when you CALL (970-568-7585.. Landline, no texts) in order for us to know that you have read the website and know what you are looking for and that it is potentially available. Right now we simply do not have time to answer loads of questions repeatedly when all the info is already on the web site. We WILL return phone calls (not emails) if you call and reference one of the upcoming litters. Thank you for understanding.


Miniature Goldendoodle puppies due the first week of August, 2020!

Miniature goldendoodle, Silver, and miniature poodle Robbie are expecting their very first litter together!

The pairing of 25 pound Silver (from Maya, now retired, and Vinny) and beautiful 14 pound miniature poodle Robbie has been greatly anticipated. These two should produce wonderful puppies with all the desired traits people want in service and therapy dog candidates  as well as gorgeous, sweet, calm and very trainable family companions and children’s playmates. The pups should mature on average  —  around 20 pounds. But, some will mature smaller and closer to Robbie’s size and some will mature a little bigger and closer to Silver’s size. I expect all of the puppies to have incredible temperaments and athletic ability and I have NO IDEA what colors they will produce. It will be a surprise! With the genetics involved there could be black, silver, red, apricot and salt and pepper. There also could be phantom and sable. We’ll all find out in about two months or so! These puppies will be priced at between $1800 and $2500. The higher priced puppies would be the unusually colored phantoms, sables and any silvers that are produced. There may be NONE of the higher priced puppies produced. They may all be the more common and much less expensive reds, apricots and black.  But, just in case, I wanted to let people know that the potential for the gorgeous  —  and more expensive   —  colors and color patterns may be there. If interested in this litter call Terry ASAP. We will only take 4 deposits on this litter. This is her first and I don’t want to potentially disappoint anyone since we don’t know how many she will have. If an ultrasound at 30 days indicates more puppies I can always take more deposits then. The landline to reach Terry is 970-568-7585. A $300 deposit will hold your puppy until it is 8 weeks old and ready to go home.


Standard Poodle Litter from Sunny and Houston Due July 19th., 2020

Our beautiful deep red girl, Sunny, top, and Dr. Wheeler’s wonderful, kind International Champion red standard male, Houston, bottom.

This paring will produce STUNNING, deep reds, dark apricots and outstanding conformation. The puppies should mature around 45 to 55 pounds and have wonderful, sweet, and willing temperaments. These puppies will be suitable for many endeavors: show, companion, service and therapy candidates. You will not find a more beautiful, friendly, healthy or smart pairing as these two! Sunny and Houston will produce absolutely wonderful puppies. Contact Terry BY PHONE at 970-568-7585 if interested. Landline  —  no texts… These puppies will sell for between $1800 and $2500. Breeding rights will be considered to qualifying individuals. A $300 deposit will hold your puppy until it is 8 weeks old and ready for it’s new home ($600 deposit for breeders).

Litters On The Horizon

These are litters I expect to be bred in the near future. People may put deposits on these litters as soon as they appear here. The females to be bred have regular heat cycles and are nearing their start of estrus (heat). As soon as we breed them, more information will appear about the litter and the upcoming litter with due date will appear above, in “Upcoming Litters”.

  • Jazz and Yankee for a litter of red, red with white markings and apricot medium-sized ( 30 to 42 lb. ) goldendoodles.



Remember, it is never to early to put a deposit on an upcoming litter. It is how people get to be high on the list for first or second choice!


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