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If you no longer see a litter on this page it simply means that I have taken the number of deposits I think are appropriate for that particular litter. If more puppies are born than deposits taken the extra puppies will appear on the “Available Puppies” page.



PLEASE look over the web site and reference one of the below litters when you CALL (970-568-7585.. Landline, no texts) in order for us to know that you have read the website and know what you are looking for and that it is potentially available.  Your questions are probably answered on our website. If you DO NOT HEAR from us within two days   —  CALL BACK! We WANT to talk to you! We LOVE talking about our puppies.

Upcoming Litters:

 Purebred Petite Moyen Poodles

Maturing 17 to 19 pounds on average

Sweet, affectionate miniature poodle “Joey” and playful, athletic and engaging moyen-sized poodle “Twinkles” will be expecting their litter of petite moyen AKC poodle puppies right around June of 2023. These puppies will arrive in various shades of red from cream to apricot to deeper red. They will mature around 18 pounds and be attentive, playful, affectionate and willing family dogs. Very portable in size and very easy and willing to take direction and training. Priced between $1500 and $2200, these puppies will make superb therapy dog, ESA and obedience competitors as well as great dogs for families, children and ANYONE wanting a portable sized, not too small, not too big, outgoing and easy best friend. Puppies should be born in June and will be able to go home at 8 weeks of age. Call Terry at 970-568-7585 to reserve your puppy now. A $300 deposit will hold your puppy until it can go home. 



Miniature Goldendoodle Puppies from Ellie and Joey Due April 30th., 2023!

These puppies will mature on average at around 23 to 26 pounds and will come in shades of apricot, red and cream. The puppies will be very sweet-tempered and suitable as best friends to any child and will make great all-round family dogs. Expect calm, sweet and willing puppies that will be priced between $1500 and $2200 depending on color and desirability. Contact Terry ASAP. Dakota’s litter all sold before the pups were even born!

These puppies may also.  Call 970-568-7585 (landline, no texts, please)


BIGGER Standard Poodles From Sunny and Patrick Due April 19th., 2023

What is “Bigger”? Well, bigger than we normally produce. Our typical standard poodles are 40 to 60 pounds, light on their feet, athletic, and very calm and intuitive. And, we hope to keep ALL of that but in a little bit bigger adult dog.

We are doing this by breeding back to an older line that we established about 15 years ago. We are using a male standard poodle named, “Patrick” who came from us about ten years ago. He was purchased by our veterinarian, Dr. Richard Wheeler and has sired several litters in his lifetime. We were never able to use him because he was related to our girls. However, he is NOT related to Sunny at all. And since he is getting up there in years I figured that if I wanted some bigger standards I had better get them while I can! The puppies should mature around 60 to 70 pounds for the girls and most likely 65 to 78 pounds for the boys. As both parents are athletic, sweet, structurally correct, healthy and adaptable, I am thinking that their babies will be as well.

These puppies are going to be either deep, inky black (my favorite!), or shades of red   —  from lighter to darker red. Although there MIGHT be a color variation in this prediction   —   I don’t think there will be. With the genetics involved we have the probability of deep red, red, and deep, inky, black. And that’s about all.

Puppies will be solid color with very little, if any, white markings. They will be priced between $1600 and $2500  —  based on the over-all quality (breed conformation) and desirability of the individual. I know not everyone wants a show dog  —  however, this litter may have my NEXT Best In Show puppy. AND, the puppies also have the genetics to go on to become the greatest companions, working service dog candidates, therapy dogs, NUMBER ONE Standard Poodle in the Nation in Agility ( it would be my second one!), and, of course, best friends to every child they ever encounter. All in a very elegant, outgoing, smart and beautiful package.  Call Terry at 970-568-7585 if interested in one of these puppies. 970-568-7585 (landline, no texts, please…)


Standard (50 to 75 lbs) Goldendoodles Due April 10th from Jewels and Troy!

Troy, who is half standard poodle and half golden retriever, and Jewels, 100% standard poodle, are expecting their very first litter of standard goldendoodle puppies on April 10th., 2023. This litter will be Troy’s first and we are VERY excited to add him to our line up of sires. These puppies will most likely mature BIG. Girls in the 50 to 65 pound range and boys in the 60 to 75 lb. range  —  maybe even bigger   —   hard to tell with a first litter.

They WILL be all shades of red   —   from the lightest, called, “Cream”, to the darkest, “Deep Red” and everything in between. And, because both Troy and Jewels are incredibly sweet, attentive, willing-to-please and loving   —   these will be WONDERFUL family dogs, children’s playmates, companions and therapy dogs. They should also make good service dogs   —  as long as high energy is not required —  as they will be smart and very intuitive like their parents.

However, if you are looking for a higher energy, quick and athletic competitive doodle   —   this is NOT the litter from which to choose! These will be more laid back, lower energy and calm puppies that will mature into big, but easy-going, very biddable house dogs. 

These puppies will be selling for between $1600 and $2200, A $300 deposit can hold your puppy until it is 8 weeks old and ready to go home. Call Terry at 970-568-7585 (landline, no texts, please!). 


Yorkie Doodle Dandies From Scout and Zip Due April 8th., 2023!

Small, sweet, playful family dogs. Great companions for children AND adults. Wonderful lap dogs and truck buddies. Maturing 6 to 9 pounds on average.


Standard Poodles from Jazz and Bandit!

Due April 8th., 2023

This is the last litter for Jazz. Puppies will be shades of red and we might get some parti-colors! Pups will mature 50 to 55 pounds. They will sell for between $1800 and $2500 with the average puppy selling for $2000. Sweet, intuitive, quiet and easy to live with   —   this describes a Jazz/Bandit puppy. Perfect for quieter families, easily scared kids and anyone wanting that perfect, calm and quiet therapy or service dog. Call Terry at 970-568-7585 (landline). A $300 deposit will hold your puppy until it can go home at 8 weeks of age. An ultrasound has shown at least 6 puppies! We have room for 4 more deposits!



Remember, it is never to early to put a deposit on an upcoming litter. It is how people get to be high on the list for first or second choice!

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