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Powder Valley Poodles offers many choices for breeders looking to add color, working aptitude and superior genetics to their lines.


We guarantee the health, availability and quality of our stud dogs. All of our male dogs offered at stud are proven producers. All have breed-appropriate genetic and health clearances. Although some are cleared through parentage, where health and genetic certification is available we either have the certification or are in the process of obtaining it on our youngsters.


Stud fees vary depending on the dog, to whom he is bred, and the projected price of the puppies. The minimal stud fee is $1500. All of our stud services are offered as artificial insemination only. We do not offer live cover. The owner of the bitch is responsible for all collection, insemination and/or shipping fees. Both cooled and frozen semen is offered for shipping. Collection and shipping within the continental US via Federal Express is approximately $350. Local breeders or bitch owners traveling to Fort Collins for a breeding are offered two separate inseminations either 24 or 48 hours apart for one stud fee. Collection and insemination by the board certified reproduction specialist is not included in the stud fee. Fees are to be paid on the day of service or before. Cash and all major credit cards are accepted. Checks accepted for returning and local clients only, please.


Terms are live litter (2 or more puppies surviving a minimum of three day) guarantee. HOWEVER  — this guaranty is only available if the bitch owner is using a board certified veterinary reproduction specialist or a veterinarian with adequate experience and knowledge of canine reproduction to insure a viable pregnancy.  Not all veterinarians have the experience or knowledge to perform the necessary procedures to insure a viable pregnancy.  In the event of a non-pregnancy or non viable litter  where the bitch owner has been working with an experienced, knowledgeable canine reproduction veterinarian the bitch owner will receive another breeding from a Powder Valley Poodles male. Bitch owner will be responsible for collection, insemination and/or shipping fees.

We are working closely with International shipping company USA Sires On Ice in order to provide International Service providing frozen shipped semen

Contact:  For shipping service outside of the USA

Contact us with your questions regarding our dogs. More information here: Our Male Poodles

Dogs at Stud



Int. Ch. Coplar Creek’s Fuego del Sol (“Houston”)

AKC Standard Poodle Red

This beautiful (International Champion) and sweet-natured boy is not owned by Powder Valley Poodles. However, we use him frequently and many of our girls are daughters of Houston. We can attest to his beauty, brains and intuitive nature. Houston is owned by Dr. Richard Wheeler, the Board Certified Reproduction Specialist and Professor of Reproduction at the Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Houston’s health clearances include OFA (hips good, eyes, heart — normal) For information on Houston’s availability contact Powder Valley Poodles. We will refer, if appropriate, to Dr. Wheeler.



Powder Valley WL Thief Of Hearts CGA, CGCA, CGCU (“Bandit”)

Powder Valley WL Thief Of Hearts CGA, CGCA, CGCU    (“Bandit”)

Bandit is a red and white parti-color with big bone and a big heart.  Bandit is very laid-back and loves EVERYONE he meets. As is apparent from all of his Canine Good Citizen Titles  —  he is also a very well-behaved, friendly and trainable guy.  He stands 25+ inches at the shoulder and weighs 62 pounds of pure muscle.  His parents are not nearly as big, so he does sire an assortment of sizes from, smaller, like his parents, to tall, like him. In the average Bandit-sired litter there will be puppies that could mature from 40 pounds to 65 pounds depending on the litter’s mom.
Bandit has passed all of his genetic tests.
CERF — (Eyes Normal), Hips –OFA  Good, DM — Clear, PRA – PRCD – Clear
vWD – Clear, NE — Clear.

Stud fee: $1500

Int. Ch. Powder Valley Rowdy’s Millinium CMDR  “Solo”

Solo Int Ch

Solo is a beautiful, colorful and confident  parti-color miniature poodle.  He achieved his championships  —  both national and international  —  at the age of 5 months. In the International Ring that means he won Best of Breed in 4 different shows under 4 different judges  —  the minimum that it can be accomplished.  As an adult, Solo is now about 15 inches at the shoulder and weighs 16 pounds.

Solo is easy to collect and has produced beautiful puppies with rich color, outstanding, balanced, conformation and a good mind.  So far his clearances include DM, NE, vWD, and PRA-PRCD clear and he carries both bi, tri, and sable coloring. He has been assigned an OFA “Good” on his hips and OFA “Normal” on his elbows. I am extremely pleased with this beautiful boy and am  proud to offer him at stud. Solo’s stud fee is $1500.



Vinny  ( Tango Haus Powder Valley Rosa Rosa Vino)

Vinny is a sweet, animated, and playful red sable toy poodle. He is 8 pounds and just under 10 inches at the shoulder. Vinny is friendly, willing, and capable. He is very muscular and is not in any way frail, fragile or ethereal. He’s a little power house that adds curiosity, playfulness and animation to his offspring. He also adds small stature as Vinny’s progeny are frequently smaller than he when mature even when he is bred to a miniature poodle almost twice his size. Vinny adds red, sable and phantom to his litters and is cleared for VwD, NE, PRA-PRCD and his OFA rating is “normal” for elbows and “Excellent” for hips.

Powder Valley’s Dazzling Mister Swag     “Patrick”

Meet this big, black standard poodle son of Houston and Dazzle. Patrick will produce size and drive in his offspring. He is athletic, confident and ready for action. Need some pep in your blood line? Need to turn those charcoal or grizzled blacks into pure, inky black, thick and beautiful showy coats? Consider Patrick!
Patrick is big, beautiful and very showy. He gets along with everyone and everything he meets and will make his championship in no time.
Look for better pics of Patrick soon. It’s hard to get good pictures of inky black dogs on a sunny day  —  especially pictures of a standard poodle from hunting lines with bunnies jumping out of the bushes all around him!


For more information on Patrick, his height, weight, clearances and stud fee call his owner direct (Dr. Richard Wheeler) at 970-227-2320. Dr. Wheeler is the board certified professor of reproduction at the Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Fort Collins, CO.

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