The ultimate non-shedding companion dog

We at Powder Valley Poodles only breed dogs who have passed many tests to insure that we only produce physically, mentally, and behaviorally superior puppies. The dogs profiled on this page are who we hope to breed in the future. However, they first have to undergo many tests — hips, eyes, heart, temperament — before being placed in our breeding program. Our puppies are the future of our program.

Tootie  (AKC Powder Valley Lady Bug’s Last Toot)

Miniature Poodle

Tootie Stacked

As her name implies  —  we retired Lady Bug and kept this gorgeous dark sable girl from her and Rowdy’s last litter. And she IS gorgeous. Deep, dark sable, perfectly square and a temperament and personality to die for. We’ll be going after her International Championship in 2018. Then be looking for some gorgeous puppies from this beauty sometime in late 2019.



Mini Goldendoodle

Yankee, (yes, Yankee Doodle. I couldn’t help myself…)DSCN0801

is a red, male, happy-go-lucky and playful little mini doodle from Jersey and Robbie. He has beautiful deep color and a happy, tolerant and expressive personality. We hope to continue collecting genetic and orthopedic clearances on this little guy and then start using him to sire some fantastic litters when combined with our miniature and standard poodles. Look for his babies starting in 2019.


Reddish Brown Yorkie/Poodle Cross

Truffles 3    Truffles 2

Truffles is the sweet, 9 pound bundle of love from mom, Pebbles, and dad, Vinny. She is three quarters toy poodle and one quarter Yorkshire terrier. Truffles is incredibly soft and sweet. She is intuitive and seeks out people who are hurting or sick. She will bring her toys to them. Not because she wants them to throw the toy for her  —  she is bringing her toy TO THEM, So that they can have it. A gift. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it for myself. She, combined with our tiny toy poodle, Flyer, should produce small, sweet, red and gold Yorkie/Poodle crosses that will be tiny replicas of mom and dad  — sweet, engaging and affectionate lap dogs.


Miniature Goldendoodle  Male  White w/Red Parti-color  Will Mature Around 23 lbs

Augie w daddy

Augie with his guardian daddy

Augie is a beautiful white and red parti-color. In addition to his striking and unusual color  —  he is a sweet, attentive, and affectionate little boy. Less active and energetic than our other mini doodle stud-to-be, Yankee, Augie  —  when combined with our quieter girls  —  will produce colorful, beautiful, affectionate and quieter than average miniature goldendoodles. They should still have the energy for playtime with the kids, but potentially will be more suitable for older folks and families with timid or very young children.

Assuming that Augie continues to pass all of his tests  —  look for Augie puppies in the spring of 2019.

Jazz  (Powder Valley Dandee Jazzed Juniper)

Red Standard Poodle  Female



Jazz is the petite and beautiful daughter of Dandee and Houston. She is a rather small standard poodle with both the stature and color of her dad, Houston, and with the wonderful personality traits of both Houston and Dandee.
Jazz weighs less than 40 pounds and probably will never be over that number even when she is fully mature. I’m expecting her to top out at 37 to 40 at the most.
Jazz combines the sweetness of both parents with the athletic ability of the duck hunting lines in Houston’s background.

We are looking forward to offering AKC standard poodles from she and Bandit, moyens from she and Robbie, and mini goldendoodles from her and Roscoe…. Look for Jazz puppies in late 2018 or early 2019.

Houston and Dandee

Check back soon!

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