The ultimate non-shedding companion dog

We at Powder Valley Poodles only breed dogs who have passed many tests to insure that we only produce physically, mentally, and behaviorally superior puppies. The dogs profiled on this page are who we hope to breed in the future. However, they first have to undergo many tests — hips, eyes, heart, temperament — before being placed in our breeding program. Our puppies are the future of our program.

Soon to be added! (waiting for test results and photos!)

Most of the above puppies and dogs are in wonderful guardian homes and I am happy to be adding them to our line up when their time comes. In the meantime   —   we are waiting for health test results, OFAs and good photos so that we can then post them to this page.

Meet, “Troy”

Troy is one half standard poodle, and one half golden retriever. He is very low shedding for a goldendoodle who is half and half.

Troy will mature on the large size, most likely between 70 and 75 lbs. Elvis Jr., his dad, weighs in at 70. Troy will be taking over the doodle producing duties for his dad, Elvis, Jr., as Elvis has been retired. His DNA tests have been completed and we are now waiting for him to grow up a bit so we can complete his OFA certification.

His genetic clearances are complete. His Embark panel showed that he is 100% clear of all genetic problems associated with both poodles and golden retrievers. Additionally, his coat and texture traits are: CI, (furnished), and  CT, (Long hair, wavy with light shedding).

Troy’s COI is 1%.

Expect Troy puppies in late 2022, after his OFA pre lims and as soon as he is old enough to be a dad.

Meet International and National Champion,

“Powder Valley Magic’s Brazen Rose”

Rosie is the gorgeous deep red daughter of Dolce and Magic. Achieving her International and National Championship titles in the minimum 4 shows under four different judges, Rosie took home not only 4 “Best of Breed” ribbons, but also 4 ” Best of Breed Bred by Exhibitor” and numerous “Group” first place wins and placements. Needless to say, the judges LOVED her. As do we! Her sweet, sweet temperament, femininity, fluid movement and her STUNNING perfect expression and standard poodle head make for one very nice dog! And her temperament? There are no strangers in Rosie’s world  —   and EVERY child is her absolute FAVORITE person in the entire universe. Rosie is a great baby-sitter, playmate, best friend and companion to the three young children she lives with. This is Powder Valley Poodles at it’s best. And we are very proud of our Rosie.

Expect Rosie babies in late 2022.

Meet Cotton – Ellie!

Cotton Ellie 3 mo.

Ellie is from the “Fabrics” litter of Dream and Elvis, Jr. She is an F-1 goldendoodle. This means that she is half standard poodle and half golden retriever. Ellie got her name “Cotton” from the fabric theme but the “Ellie” part was later added because she was born into the time of the toilet paper wars. Thus, “Cottonelle”,  which became, “Cotton- Ellie”.

Ellie is a standard goldendoodle and has the potential to mature between 60 and 70 pounds. This picture, taken at 3 months of age, shows her beautiful blonde-gold color and her expression, which is focused and calm. And right when the picture was taken  —  a little worried, as she had just received her second set of puppy shots and didn’t know what horrible thing might be next!

Ellie is very sweet, calm, easy, yet still playful and engaging. She will make an excellent addition to our line up of breeding girls. I am so impressed with her, (and her entire litter), that I will breed her mom, Dream, to Elvis, Jr. the next time she goes into season in order to keep another little girl (and maybe a boy) from what will be Dream’s very last litter. Look for puppies from sweet Ellie in late 2021 or early 2022.

Check back soon for more up and coming dogs from Powder Valley Poodles!

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