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We at Powder Valley Poodles only breed dogs who have passed many tests to insure that we only produce physically, mentally, and behaviorally superior puppies. The dogs profiled on this page are who we hope to breed in the future. However, they first have to undergo many tests — hips, eyes, heart, temperament — before being placed in our breeding program. Our puppies are the future of our program.


Meet Moonshadow!

Moonshadow (1)

‘Shadow is our pretty and unusually colored chocolate and red phantom miniature poodle girl from Allie and Robbie. She is a very sweet, quiet and respectful little girl who weighs about 10.5 pounds and is about 11.5 inches at the shoulder. She is a smaller miniature but with Allie as her mother and Rowdy as her uncle has the genetics to produce the full-sized 15 pound, 15 inch miniature poodles that some people prefer.

‘Shadow is a mama’s girl. But she doesn’t discriminate when it comes to WHOSE mama she is next to. ANYONE, male or female can be her mama. As long as they don’t object, she will quietly and discretely somehow end up in your lap and she is so gentle you won’t realize she is there until one of the other dogs complain that a visiting interloper is taking their spot. I am looking forward to beautiful Moonshadow babies in early 2020.


Meet Harper!

Cute doodle puppy Harper

Harper at the age of about 12 weeks.

Harper is the adorable little mini goldendoodle daughter of Nilla and Robbie. She is three quarters poodle and one quarter golden retriever. Harper is a small mini goldendoodle only weighing 15 pounds at one year of age. I don’t think she will get much bigger  —  maybe a couple more pounds but that would be about it. Harper is athletic, playful, curious and loves everyone and everything she meets. She is our little retriever and she gets a lot of retrieving in when I sit on the couch watching tv while throwing her toys down the hallway.

Harper is EXTREMELY tuned in to people’s emotions. She gets right up in a lap and sticks her nose inches from someone’s face to stare into their eyes when she encounters someone who is upset or crying. All of our other, older, dogs understand “Football Season” in our household. But Harper has yet to learn that yelling (happily), yelling, (unhappily), groaning and anxiety are normal behaviors and sounds while the football teams we follow are on tv. Harper spends a lot of time in my lap staring into my eyes while the Broncos are playing. I’m hoping she gets used to it soon….Expect toy (9 to 15 pound) goldendoodles and Micro, (6 to 8 pound) goldendoodles from our girl Harper sometime in the later part of 2020.



Meet Magic!

Magic is the beautiful brother of Sunny our standard poodle girl, Sunny. Like Sunny he is a deep, solid, red and is sweet, happy and loves everyone he meets. Unlike his sister, Magic will be a very big boy. I am guessing that Magic, when fully mature at the age of 3, may weigh somewhere in the 70 to 78 pound range. That is big for our standard poodles.  I am expecting Magic to be our go to stud when we want to add color, size and depth to our litters. With his very pleasing family and kid-friendly accepting personality I can’t wait to see his puppies from our girls. Be looking for Magic babies starting in 2020.



Meet Sunny!

Sunny is our newest acquisition to our breeding program. She is a beautiful, dark red standard poodle with grace, a very sweet and attentive personality and stunning conformation. I expect Sunny to easily fly through our breeding suitability tests and will be very pleased to offer her puppies in late 2020.


Meet Munchie!


Munchie is the cute and playful daughter of Cous Cous Cootie (now retired) and Robbie. She got her mom’s beautiful phantom black and red color but her dad’s personality. Munchie is very much like her dad, Robbie  —  playful, outgoing, confident and LOVES people. ANY people. Not a serious bone in this girl’s body  —  she just wants to have fun, play, be held and be a bit of a goof-ball. This is one happy girl. When life gives you lemons  —  play with them!

Expect Munchie babies in early 2020.


Meet Jewels!

(AKC Powder Valley Isis’ Pretty in Jewels)

Jewels is from Houston and Isis’ “Pirate” litter. She is a gorgeous, apricot with white standard poodle who is tracking to be a 65 pound adult dog. Jewels works with her guardian mom who is a therapist and is a much loved and appreciated member of the therapy team. Expect beautiful Jewels puppies in 2020.


Jewels Still Happy

Jewels Having a VERY bad hair day but not seeming to mind!


Meet Chloe Spice!


Chloe Spice 2 - Copy (1)

Mini/Medium Goldendoodle girl Chloe Spice

Chloe Spice is the cute, playful and loving daughter of our standard poodle girl Tahoe and goldendoodle boy, Roscoe (now retired). She gets her pretty parti-color markings from her granddad, Robbie, as he is a parti-carrier. Chloe is a full sister to our Augie and although a year apart in age they could be mistaken for twins they are so alike in color and markings. Chloe is only a year old and still needs to pass some of our tests but so far she has passed her preliminaries with flying colors. Her knees, dentition and temperament are great and all we need now is a little more age on this girl to look at her hips. Once that is done and her hips approved for breeding we can plan on adding her to our line up for some adorable little mini and toy goldendoodles. Look for Chloe Spice puppies in winter of 2019 or spring of 2020.


Silver 4

Meet Silver!

Silver is the gorgeous minidoodle daughter of Maya (now retired) and Vinny. She has her mother’s beautiful silver phantom color pattern and, her mother’s sweet, sweet, temperament. When you add Vinny’s intuitive and playful personality to the mix you end up with one heck of a great dog! Silver weighs under 25 pounds although she may mature right around 26 pounds or so. She is sweet, calmer than most and incredibly biddable. She, like her mother, lives to please and loves EVERYONE. Look for Silver puppies in early 2020.


Meet Sophie!

Sophie is our cute little minidoodle daughter of Robbie and another breeder’s goldendoodle girl. She is blonde with red highlights and a joy to be around. We took Sophie in exchange for a breeding fee and are so glad we did! Sophie will mature around 25 pounds and when bred with Solo, Flyer or Vinny will produce some WONDERFULLY sweet, family-friendly and cute little goldendoodles. Look for Sophie puppies in 2020!


Dakota 3

Meet Dakota!

Dakota (which, by the way, is a Lakota Indian word that means, “Friend”) is a female, half golden retriever (Elvis, Jr.) and half standard poodle (Tahoe) first generation standard goldendoodle. Under her puppy coat that will eventually be shaved off is a gorgeous, deep red goldendoodle with a huge heart and an incredible temperament. Dakota is the type of puppy that EVERYONE should have if they’ve got kids  —  especially if this would be their first dog. Dakota is gentle, naturally well-behaved, quiet, LOVES people (especially kids) and has NEVER met a stranger. As a watch dog she would bomb terribly. But, as a family dog she would be the one that EVERYONE in the neighborhood wishes THEY had.  An absolute gem, I’m expecting mini, medium and standard goldendoodle babies from this wonderful little girl in 2020.

Meet Foxy! (Powder Valley Robbie’s Red Fox In Sox)

Foxy is our gorgeous miniature poodle daughter of Robbie and it shows! She has his color and his markings. Her temperament is splendid  —  like Robbie she is sweet, friendly, intuitive and very, very smart. I’m hoping to add her to our line up in 2020.


Meet Honey!

Honey is one of our up and coming goldendoodle girls. She has just passed her first two very important tests to determine breeding eligibility  —  hips and temperament.  A wonderful, sweet, and affectionate girl, she will continue with her testing which I have no doubt she will pass. Look for puppies from Honey in early 2020….

Check back soon for more up and coming dogs from Powder Valley Poodles!

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