The ultimate non-shedding companion dog

Powder Valley WL Thief Of Hearts “Bandit”



Bandit is a red and white parti-color with big bones and a big heart. Bandit is very laid-back and loves EVERYONE he meets. He is going to be a big boy. At 12 months he is tracking to be 24 + inches when full grown. His parents are not nearly as big, so he very well could sire an assortment of sizes from, average, like his parents, to tall, like him. We’ll just have to see.
Bandit has passed all of his preliminary genetic tests and we will be offering his puppies, with Ruby, Isis, and Dream, starting in the fall of 2016.
So far we have collected the following clearances on this youngster:CERF — (Eyes Normal)
Hips — tracking via radiographs as normal at 10 months. Will OFA at two years.
DM — Clear
PRA – PRCD – Clear
vWD – Cleared through parentage
NE — Cleared through parentageStud fee: $1500 Stud fee is $1500.




Grady loves children

Grady loves children

Grady is a big, beautiful, athletic, kid-loving half and half goldendoodle. He is a great family dog and companion whose siblings all are therapy and service dogs. Grady is 2 years-old and has passed all of his preliminary genetic tests. We will be breeding him to a select number of approved females (standard poodles with health clearances) and to Dazzle, one of our standard poodles, for her last litter. Stud fee is $1000.



Powder Valley Poodles’ “Rowdy”

Rowdy is an outstandingly beautiful AKC miniature poodle. He is black and white parti-color, and when crossed with Pixie he has produced some beautiful puppies. Puppies from Pixie and Rowdy have included black and white parti-color, sable, black with brindle, true black, apricot, and apricot and white.Their pups are conformationally correct and have incredible temperaments. The two of them produce very nice family dogs, obedience competition prospects, service dogs (siezure detection) and therapy dog prospects.


Tango’sHaus Placer Gold Robbie Burns  “Robbie”

Tango'sHaus Placer Gold Robbie Burns

Tango’sHaus Placer Gold Robbie Burns “Robbie”

Robbie is the beautiful younger brother of Pixie. He is a very correct red and white miniature poodle with a wonderful temperament and superior conformation. We are very happy to have Robbie as one of our stud dogs. He has passed all of his preliminary tests and will be used to breed to Twinkie, Cootie, some of our other goldendoodle girls, and Lady Bug.



At left: Handsome “Houston” as a young puppy.
At right: At 4 months of age with his owner, Richard.

Houston is a beautiful red standard poodle belonging to Dr. Richard Wheeler, the Board Certified Specialist and professor of reproduction from Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Houston is from a hunting/working line of standard poodles on the west coast but is also gorgeous enough to have achieved a puppy championship from an International show. Houston is the total package, combining solid working aptitude with grace, conformation and a wonderful, tolerant, accepting personality.

We have really no idea what colors the combination of Houston and Dazzle will produce, but we are hoping for some browns as one of Dazzle’s grandfathers is brown. We’ll see. They most likely will all be different shades of black. However, one thing is for certain — you will not find a better tempered dog for any family or individual than what the two of these dogs — Houston and Dazzle — should produce.


Tango Haus Powder Valley Rosa Rosa Vino   “Vinny”


Vinny is a tall toy poodle who produces puppies much smaller than himself. Typically, 4 out of 5 Vinny puppies will mature under 7 pounds. That 5th puppy might get to be 11 pounds or so and 11 or 12 inches at the shoulder. Vinny is a gorgeous red sable and produces both red sable, solid apricot, apricot with white markings and phantom – patterned puppies. His puppies are typically friendly, outgoing and full of life. Vinny is very sweet and sensitive. We do not offer Vinny as a stud dog because he sufferers from performance anxiety! As long as he is paired with a little girl he knows well, he has no problem siring a litter of puppies. I guess he’s just picky!

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