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Powder Valley WL Thief Of Hearts, CGC, CGCA, CGCU




Bandit is a red and white parti-color with big bones and a big heart. Bandit is very laid-back and loves EVERYONE he meets. He is a polite boy  —  not pushy, nor demanding nor over-exuberant. He is a good-sized dog  —  about 65 pounds. His parents are not nearly as big, so he frequently sires an assortment of both big (like him) and smaller (like his parents) puppies. In Bandit’s litters it is not unusual to see some puppies maturing at 36 pounds and some maturing at 70 pounds in the same litter.
Bandit has passed all of his genetic tests. He has earned all of the AKC Canine Good Citizen titles with his 15 year-old guardian at the helm:  Canine Good Citizen, Canine Good Citizen Access, and Canine Good Citizen Urban
So far we have collected the following clearances on this boy:
CERF — (Eyes Normal)
Hips — OFA Good
PRA – PRCD – Clear
vWD – Clear
NE — Clear
DM — Clear
Stud fee is $1500.

AKC Powder Valley Stunningly Brazen Magic N the Making


(clearances posted soon)

Magic is our gorgeous, big, deep red,  standard poodle who at just 10 mo. of age is already 25 inches and over 50 pounds. He has all of his DNA clearances, has had his hips recently cleared by our vet for breeding and we will also be going the CERF and OFA route as soon as he is old enough at twelve months of age for his OFA preliminaries. This puppy is absolutely gorgeous. He is stately (when not being a goofy teenager), he is sweet, he LOVES people and everyone he meets, he is great with the little bitty poodles when around them and he is doing great in his obedience and conformation classes. I CAN NOT WAIT to show him and his sister Sunny in the October dog shows. I have a very good feeling that they will both do very, very, well. Last year we missed the shows because I had a dog due to give birth that weekend. I will do whatever I need to do to get Magic and his sister in those shows this year.

Magic’s Embark DNA Results are as Follows:  COI 19%

Magic is clear of the following genetic diseases associated with standard poodles: VWD, PRA-PRCD, HEXB, DM, NEWSSLC13A1, IDD

Magic’s Coat and Color Traits Include: ee, KBKB, Intense Red Pigmentation, ata, DD, Bb, SS, mm, FF, TT, CT, TT

OFAs will be completed early summer, 2022

Solo  (AKC Powder Valley Rowdy’s Millinium CMDR)

Solo Int Ch


Solo is an International and National Champion Miniature Poodle. He is a beautiful tri-parti-color and has an outstanding, confident and outgoing temperament. Weighing in at 15 pounds and 15 inches at the shoulder, Solo is considered the “perfect” size for a miniature poodle and with his confident, friendly and engaging personality, he gives his puppies that poodle temperament that everyone who loves poodles is always looking for. We are very proud of our boy Solo and look forward to using him for many, many years.

COI  17%

DNA Clearances Include:


Coat and Color Traits DNA: EmE, KyKy, AyAt, DD, NN, bb, FF, TT (long coat), TT (light/no shedding), TT (curly coat)

OFA Hips, “Good”.   OFA Elbows, “Normal”

Flyer  (AKC Powder Valley Rusty’s Red Radio Flyer)

Flyer - Copy (1)

Flyer — very happy in his guardian, Mary’s, arms.

Flyer is the sweet, tiny red son of our Rusty and Cameo (both retired). Weighing in at about 5 pounds you would think he was frail and needy  —  quite the opposite! He may be little but he is a robust, healthy, super-affectionate little boy. He loves everyone he meets and is also quite curious and friendly with even the biggest dogs he has been exposed to. His size makes him vulnerable  —  so he’s not allowed to meet many big dogs — He would be a snack if they chose so!

Flyer’s Embark DNA Results are as Follows:  COI 8%

Flyer is clear of the following genetic diseases:  VWD, PRA-PRCD, HEXB, NEWS,SLC13A1

His Coat and Color Traits Include the Following: ee, KBKy, Intermediate Red Pigmentation, ayat, DD, BB, Ssp, mm, FF, TT, CT, TT

On Body Size, Flyer carries 3 “smaller”, 1 “Intermediate”, and 1 “Larger”.

Flyer’s OFAs will be completed early summer, 2022.



At left: Handsome “Houston” as a young puppy.
At right: At 4 months of age with his owner, Richard.

Houston is a beautiful red standard poodle belonging to Dr. Richard Wheeler, the Board Certified Specialist and professor of reproduction from Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Houston is from a hunting/working line of standard poodles on the west coast but is also gorgeous enough to have achieved a puppy championship from an International show. Houston is the total package, combining solid working aptitude with grace, conformation and a wonderful, tolerant, accepting personality.

Houston’s clearances include OFA Hips Good, DM, PRA – PRCD , vWD clear.

AKC  Tango Haus Powder Valley Rosa Rosa Vino



Vinny is a tall toy poodle who produces puppies much smaller than himself. Typically, 2 out of 5 Vinny puppies will mature 5 to 7 pounds. The other puppies may be another few pounds depending on the size of the dam.  Vinny is a gorgeous red sable and produces both red sable, solid apricot, apricot with white markings and phantom – patterned puppies. His puppies are typically friendly, outgoing and full of life. Vinny is very sweet and sensitive.

Vinny’s Clearances include DNA DM, NE, vWD, PRA-PRCD, HEXB, SLC13A1 Clear  OFA hips, “Excellent”

Vinny’s Coat and Color Traits include the Following: Ee, KyKy, Intermediate Red Pigmentation, ayat (sable coat pattern), DD, SS, mm, FF, TT, TT, TT


Mini-sized (25 pounds) Abstract-colored Goldendoodle

Bodie is a very sweet, laid-back and gentle son of Splash Angel and Vinny. He is a sable phantom (hard to see but the patterns are there) and carries the abstract patterns and colors in his DNA traits. His babies tend to be sweet-natured, laid-back, a little on the pudgy side and easy to live with.

COI  1%

His DNA Clearances Include: (Embark) VWD, PRA-PRCD, GR-PRA1, GR-PRA2, NCL5, HEXB, DM, NEWS, DMD, CMS, COL7A1, ICH1, COL1A1, SLC13A1, IDD

Bodie’s Coat and Color Traits Include: Ee, KyKy, ayat, DD, NN, bb, SS, FF, TT (long coat), CT (light/no shedding), CT (wavy coat).

OFAs to date: Cardiac  “Normal”, Hips  “Good”.

For Body Size, Bodie carries NI, GG, TT, GA, CC  (will produce larger, rather than smaller, puppies).

Bodie Straight on

Bodie, Male Medium Goldendoodle

Meet “Joey”

(Powder Valley Joey Rides a Magic Carpet)

AKC Miniature Poodle Son of Gabby and Vinny

Joey 1


Joey is an apricot 13 lb sweet and friendly miniature poodle. He just turned two-years old and we are working on getting his official OFA results organized and posted.

Joey has a COI of 7%  DNA clearances specific to poodles include:   vWD Type 1, PRA-PRCD, HEXB, NEWS, and Osteochondrodysplasia . Plus, 212 more clearances.

His coat, color and pattern traits are:  ee, KyKy, atat, BB, SS, FF, and TT

Joey’s OFAs to date:  Cardiac  “Normal”, Hips “Good”.

Meet, “Arlington”

Red 7 lb. Micro Goldendoodle

Arlington, or, “Arlie”, as his friends call him, was born on Veteran’s Day in 2020. He is an exceptional little dog. There is not a shred of “little dog attitude” in this tiny gentleman. He is calm, observant, willing and tolerant. He is an 8 year-old golden retriever in an itty bitty dog suit. EVERYBODY who meets Arlie can’t believe what a nice, sweet, well-behaved little guy he is.  Arlie is an excellent example of what we strive to produce here at Powder Valley Poodles   —  a healthy, beautiful, orthopedically and genetically superior dog who is tolerant, takes direction easily and can adapt to just about any circumstances or environment.

Arlington’s Embark DNA Results include the Following:

COI  15%

Arlington is clear of the following genetic diseases associated with goldendoodles: VWD, PRA-PRCD (poodles and golden retriever types), NCL 5, HEXB, DM, NEWS, DMD, CMS, COL7A1, ICH1, COL1A1, SLC13A1

His Coat and Color Traits include: ee, kyky, Intense Red Pigmentation, atat, DD, BB, Ssp, mm, FF, TT, CC, TT

Additionally, Arlington carries the genetics responsible for a shorter, rather than longer, muzzle.

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