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Fall Newsletter 2018

Hi folks! Here I am again, in an identical bed, in the wonderful Inn at Port Ludlow in Washington state once again writing you your much deserved and long time coming newsletter. At least this time I’m not sick, have had no surgeries and the only  chemicals in my body  this time around is a mighty jolt of caffeine from some very good coffee.  Looking out the window and down to the docks below I’m watching a family of five half-grown otters playing, wrestling and tumbling around as they enjoy the crisp fall air, cold rain and each other. Diving off the dock, they chase each other briefly and then disappear into the choppy waves brought on by the icy wind and rain. I sure hope I get to see them again.

New International Champions AND


We’ve had plenty going on since the last newsletter. We have three new International Champion Puppies. Rowdy, now retired and living the good life of a pampered pet in Boulder, CO produced all three. His daughter, Powder Valley Lady Bug’s Last Toot (Tootie) took the 9 to 12 month championship in 4 shows over two days during the first weekend in October at the IABCA show in Greeley this year. Her half brothers, Solo (Powder Valley Rowdy’s Milinium CMDR), and Chewie, (Powder Valley Rowdy’s 2nd. in Command), also achieved their championships in the puppy class 3 to 6 months. And, Chewie was VERY well-liked by many of the judges  —  one of whom is an AKC poodle breeder and judge  —  so well liked that he was awarded THREE Best In Show Puppy ribbons out of the four shows he was in. We couldn’t be more proud of these three! Stan Matsumoto, the AKC  judge and poodle breeder said that Chewie’s head, face, and most of all, expression, were about as perfect as was possible and he was an exceptional poodle puppy.

I want to give a HUGE THANK YOU! to my Powder Valley Poodle puppy wranglers and guardian homes for Tootie and Solo. Both Cathy, with Tootie and Michelle, with Solo did a fantastic job showing the puppies even though they had never even SEEN a dog show before  —  much less taken a puppy into a show ring. They did a great job as is evident by all the Best of Breed titles and new championships. Thanks again, ladies!


Armband 39665 - Toy Poodle2 (2)

Cathy winning Tootie’s International Champion Puppy Title

Could not have asked for a better weekend at the dog show! I can only devote one weekend a year to showing our dogs and puppies. We have to make it count!

Retiring dogs and some new faces

This last year we retired one of our most popular boys  —  Tango Haus Powder Valley Rowdy. A wonderful producer of beautiful, smart and capable miniature poodle puppies. His sons, Solo and Chewie, will continue his line and I hope have the same positive impact on our puppies for years to come.

We also retired Roscoe, (AKA “The Happiest Dog on Earth”) one of our miniature goldendoodles. His younger brothers, Yankee and Augie, will be taking over his duties as our “go to” boys to breed with our standard poodle girls to produce our beautiful and popular mini and medium goldendoodle puppies.

Also retired this year are girls: Jersey (standard Goldendoodle), Dandee, (standard poodle), Lady Bug and Cous Cous Cootie, (miniature poodles), and Cameo, (toy poodle).

Retiring later this year will be our beautiful silver standard doodle, Maya. She will most likely have only one more litter, due spring or early summer of 2019.

To take their places we have our three new champion puppies, of course, Tootie, Solo and Chewie, as well as several younger dogs and puppies that are still being evaluated and tested.  As a teaser, their names are: Silver (that should give you a hint as to whose puppy SHE is!), Tricks, Kimber – Too, Flash, Spice, Autumn, Foxy, (Powder Valley Robbie’s Red Fox in Socks), Munchie, and Honey.  Be on the look out for these puppies and dogs as they pass their tests and become featured on our “Up and Coming” page.

That’s it for now folks. I’ll add photos to this addition of the newsletter as soon as I can get my hands on them. Take care and have  WONDERFUL HOLIDAYS!!

Spring Newsletter 2018

Welcome to our “We Put It Out When We Can” Newsletter! I’m confined to bed with neck surgery, a “massive” ear infection (according to the doctor), and a new laptop. So guess what? You guys get a newsletter! I’m also on a whole lot of chemicals that my body isn’t used to so I sure hope all this will make sense. I guess you’ll let me know!

Spring is a great time to think about signing up for a dog or puppy training class if you have not yet done so. Dogs typically LOVE going to class and ANY socialization with other dogs and people in a controlled setting is beneficial.

For those who hike a lot with their dogs I suggest a rattlesnake avoidance clinic. I can greatly recommend Sami Mann of Fort Collins, CO for these clinics. She offers several over the year–  usually starting around April  —  and they are reasonable priced, very comprehensive, and  —  most importantly  —  VERY effective. Her number is 970-568-7195.

Life is much easier with a well-trained dog.  You can do so much more and have so much fun  —  not to mention a well-trained dog can have a job, like visiting the lonely in a nursing  home, or entertaining residents at a rehab center or hospital. A trained dog is a pleasure and our Powder Valley Poodles and doodles are typically very easy to train  —  so go for it!

Level Two in the Square

A dog training session in downtown Fort Collins, CO.

Catching up: 

If you visit Our Female Poodles and Up and Coming: Our Breeding Dogs of the Future, you will notice that we have added quite a few more dogs to our program. The reason is because so many have or are retiring this year. Standard Poodle Dandee, miniature poodles Lady Bug, Leah, and soon-to-retire Cous Cous Cootie. Jersey, our steadfast producer of wonderful service and therapy dogs will have her last litter this summer.  And with the unexpected scaling down of our bulldog program we are trying to make up for it in our poodles and goldendoodles. When Pansy, our beautiful International Champion Olde English Bulldogge retired last year at the age of 6 years  —  so did our Olde English Bulldogge breeding program. I had kept a puppy from Hana to replace Pansy (Hana didn’t like the whole “motherhood” idea so we spayed her after her first litter) but the puppy didn’t pass our stringent tests. Her hips were not good enough to breed.

So, after having our own line of beautiful, healthy and wonderful bulldogges for so long   —  we had to retire our Olde English Bulldogge line. We are still breeding our Olde French Bulldogges but no longer breed the Olde English.

On a happier note  —

For anyone wondering what happened to the golden retriever “Oz” who we had purchased to be a stud dog for our program (and then decided to go with another dog instead   —  nothing wrong with Oz, just wanted a deeper color) we gifted Oz to a program that matches service dogs to disabled veterans. (It is a wonderful program and we give them many puppies every year). Here is Oz with his Navy veteran Earl, who served in Viet Nam. The Veterans Puppies for Life program will take care of all of the training Oz will require to be the service dog Earl needs.

Oz and Earl

Purple Heart recipient, Earl, with his new service dog, Oz

For more information on The Veterans Puppies For Life program you can contact Frank Griggs, program coordinator at or 303-946-3321. Every veteran that receives one of our dogs through this program is a Purple Heart Recipient.  You can also contact Terry Jester at Powder Valley Poodles at 970-568-7585  (landline  —  no texts please) or email at: to ask how YOU can help donate one of our puppies to this very worthwhile program.

Alright, that’s it for now. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page. We have some new questions and answers.

Everyone have a fun, safe and WONDERFUL SPRING! Get out on those great trails with your WELL-TRAINED dog and have a good time!


Chinook and wheelchair (2) (1)

Powder Valley”s Std. Poodle, “Chinook” at work in a nursing facility



Summer Newsletter 2016

Greetings to everyone and I hope you are all staying cool! Remember, the pavement maybe too hot for our dog’s pads so keep to the grass or walk your friend either early or late. Also, TAKE WATER. If you are going anywhere with your best friend make sure he or she has plenty of COOL water in which to quench his or her thirst.
Is your dog suddenly digging? If digging in dirt is a new problem it could be because he or she is trying to find the cooler dirt underneath the top layer. Make sure your pooch has shade and water.

Now for the fun stuff!

I want to introduce “Bandit“, (Powder Valley WL Thief of Hearts) . Our newest addition to our poodle breeding program. Bandit is a 11 month old red and white standard parti-color who has passed all of his preliminary genetic tests. Assuming he continues to do so we will be breeding him to Isis later this year.
Powder Valley WL Thief of Hearts, AKA Bandit!

Powder Valley WL Thief of Hearts, AKA Bandit!

We also would like to introduce, “Tinman“, (Powder Valley’s Yellow Brick Road). He is an AKC registered cream-colored golden retriever that we will use to replace the retired Nemo. Tinman will help us produce our very popular goldendoodles starting in the fall or winter of 2016. I picked Tinman out of a large group of puppies because he moves so beautifully and fluidly. There may be a show career in this boy’s future!
Powder Valley's Yellow Brick Road AKA Tinman!

Powder Valley’s Yellow Brick Road AKA Tinman!

Choo Choo” has also joined our group! Choo Choo (Jester’s RMR Lil Engine that Could) is a French bulldog. He will be used in our Olde French Bulldog program at our other kennel, Rocky Mountain Rawhide, to produce our little Olde French Bulldogges. These small bulldogs are excellent companions and very trainable service and therapy dogs.
Jester's RMR Lil Engine that Could AKA Choo Choo!

Jester’s RMR Lil Engine that Could AKA Choo Choo!

Remember “Tyreese” from the “Rick Grimes and Friends” minidoodle litter? He was gifted by Powder Valley Poodles to a very deserving organization composed of our military’s Purple Heart recipients. These wounded warriors need good, solid, healthy puppies to train as service and therapy dogs for our veterans wounded in action. Tyreese turned out to be a great match for a navy warrant officer in need. Congratulations to Tyreese for finding his new best friend!
Tyreese and new best friend

Tyreese and new best friend

Speaking of best friends, Powder Valley Poodle guardian Claudia has finished her Powder Valley standard poodle, “Dandee‘s” training as an AKC titled “Canine Good Citizen” AND the harder title, “Community Canine”! This means that when Dandee wasn’t raising her babies for us Claudia took her to classes followed by several tests in order for her to be awarded these AKC titles. Good job Claudia and Dandee!!!
Beautiful Dandee modeling two coat lengths

Beautiful Dandee modeling two coat lengths

bbbAnd last but not least, Both Powder Valley Poodles and Rocky Mountain Rawhide Bulldogges have earned accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. We can now proudly display the BBB logo on our windows and web sites.
That’s all for now. Other than to say we still need Guardian homes for puppies that will be used in our breeding program but housed by a family  —  perhaps YOURS — nearby Fort Collins.
I’ll be keeping some puppies (miniature and toy ) poodles from Lady Bug and Ritz and they will need guardian homes.
Talk to you later! Terry

April Newsletter 2016

I’m finally getting my act together and putting together a newsletter to keep people informed of what we are up to, where the puppies are going, and what to expect down the road.
Terry and Rocky CLICK TO VIEW

Terry and Rocky CLICK TO VIEW

I am VERY happy to announce that our bulldogge, Rocky, (Jester’s RMR Roc Me Gently) at his very first outing as a show dog (and he hopes, last) not only achieved his International Championship title with three V1 ratings (the highest rating a judge can give) but he ALSO took home THREE BEST IN SHOW ribbons. To say these four judges liked him is putting it mildly! All in all, Rocky was awarded with:

  • Best In Show Reserve Rare Breed
  • Best in Show Reserve, Bred By
  • Best in Show,  Bred By
A breeder seriously can not do much better than that. We are all very proud of him and he did a great job playing “Show Dog for a Weekend” when really he’s a couch potato who does as little as possible as often as possible. Good job Rocky! Read more about Rocky and see more pictures on this page at the Rocky Mountain Rawhide Bulldogges Website: Our Male Dogges.

Rocky on his winning streak

The Guardian Homes that I have my dogs in, like Rocky’s home, ensure I can continue to breed top quality dogs as I refuse to keep dogs locked up in kennels all of their lives. They get to be pets in a family AND a show dog and breeding dog. I am very lucky to have all of these folks so that I can have my dogs live with families and still get to offer top quality puppies to people all over the US.
I also want to let people know that we are looking for  Guardian Homes for several of our puppies this spring and summer. We have retired some dogs and are retiring more dogs as they get older and we need to replace them. We will be getting a French Bulldog male puppy this spring or early summer.
Read our page about Guardian Homes to see if this is something you might be interested in. We also have a little female Yorkie/poodle cross in need of a Guardian Home and will have a few puppies (standard poodle and golden doodle) this summer that will need homes. Let me know! Who knows, maybe YOUR FAMILY will have the next Best In Show Winner!
heartToni and I got the message this week we have waited so long to hear. A text with a picture and the words, “Meet Your Granddaughter”.  Poor Amelia carried that baby a little longer than she wanted to and then gave birth to 9 pounds, 3 ounces of baby. Our Mary Sky Gableman Joined us on March 31. We, of course, are absolutely thrilled. The cancer I fought last year had NO chance of winning once I learned I was having my first grandchild.
In the South (where my family is from) a grandmother is often referred to as Big Mama or Big Mom. When my brother and I were little, we couldn’t get the pronunciation right, so for us, it was Bemom. I get to be a Bemom. I am so happy!
More in May, take care everyone.
Be safe, love your family (two and four legs) and never take them for granted.
~~ Terry Jester


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