The ultimate non-shedding companion dog

Our Puppies are Priced Between $1200 and $2800 with the AVERAGE puppies selling for between $1200 and $2500

And, along with our guarantee, veterinary exam, microchip, and the big bag of supplies you get when you pick up your puppy — you also get Personality Profiles — done at 7 weeks — to help you choose the BEST puppy for YOU from the chosen litter.

Temperament Testing for Optimum Placement

We do personality profiles and temperament tests on all of our puppies EXCEPT the miniature and toy poodles , the toy and micro-goldendoodles and the Yorkie/poodle crosses. These breeds mature more slowly than the others and temperament tests at 7 to 8 weeks on these pups would be almost meaningless.

Temperament tests are to be used as guidelines and should not be thought of as a definitive written in stone list of behavior traits for each puppy. The tests are comparative within the litter and are used to determine which puppies are more active, which are less active, assertive, tolerant, mouthy, bold or demanding WITHIN THE LITTER.  When choosing your puppy always let Terry know WHAT the puppy’s purpose is to be: Companion/family dog, service or therapy candidate, child’s ESSD dog, etc. Only Terry can point you in the direction of which group of puppies or which litter your perfect puppy is likely to be in.

Visiting The Ranch

We know how exciting it is to be the recipient of a new puppy. The waiting is hard. Having to wait for your puppy to be born and then having to wait until it is old enough to go home can feel like forever. But, waiting to see the puppy until it is old enough to go home is the safest thing you can do for your new baby puppy. Every time someone comes to the ranch there is the possibility of pathogens  —  germs deadly to your puppy  —  being carried unknowingly onto the premises. The germs ride on hands, clothing and on the bottom of shoes. Deadly germs like Parvo Virus and Distemper that can kill an entire litter of puppies in just days. This is why we limit the number of visitors to the ranch. This is why we ask people to not just “stop by” to see the puppies. And this is why it is so important that people and their clothing are clean and have  had no contact with potential disease vectors like stray dogs (no animal shelter visits), dog parks and public parks, (parvo can live on surfaces for several months waiting to be picked up and carried around on the bottom of shoes), and pet stores. (a huge potential as a reservoir for very deadly disease).

We know that it is important for people to actually see where their puppy is coming from. To meet the parents, if possible, and to make sure the kennel is clean and all the dogs happy and healthy. Believe me  —  I know —  I buy puppies too. But we do have to keep the potential for disease transfer as low as possible. So  — yes, you may come to the ranch to check us out (you will have to make an appointment or you won’t get through the locked gates) and of course, you come again in order to pick out and take home your puppy.

All we ask is that you, your family and ANYONE YOU BRING WITH YOU have not been exposed to any potential germs. So, no animal shelter visits, pet store visits, dog park or public park visits, don’t stop by the veterinary hospital on the way  (loads of germs there)  —  be as clean and germ free as you can be. We appreciate it and so do our dogs and puppies.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee our puppies against life-threatening genetic problems. They will be genetically healthy, or you get a replacement puppy.

We also guarantee our dogs against temperament flaws. Dogs we breed and sell are to be good family dogs and trustworthy with children or YOU DON’T KEEP IT.

all we ask for in return is that you:

  • Socialize your puppy
  • Obedience-train your puppy
  • Make your puppy a member of the family, NOT just an outside pet
  • Feed only a good quality dog food as recommended in our contract.
  • Not spay or neuter your puppy until it has achieved at least 90% of it’s growth                                  Not doing the above will void our guarantee.

Our veterinarian goes over each puppy when the puppy is between 7 and 8 weeks old. He checks EVERYTHING that your own veterinarian would check if you were doing a “well puppy” check at the puppy’s first veterinary visit. And, since our veterinarian is also a professor at the Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital  —  it means that frequently  —  not only does the puppy get checked out by him  —  it will also be checked out by every vet student he brought with him.

Dr W@heeler and Vet Students

A litter of toy goldendoodles are thoroughly checked by our veterinarian and several vet students from CSU


We prefer to NOT SHIP OUR PUPPIES. There are OTHER ways to get a puppy from point A to point B.

If being transported by plane, where and when allowed, the best way for your puppy to be transported in an air plane is WITH A PERSON and IN THE CABIN. This is done by either flying to Denver International Airport and having one of us or a courier meet you at the airport with the puppy (for a fee) or flying in, renting a car and driving up to the ranch (about 1.5 hours, depending on traffic) to pick out and then take home your puppy on the return flight. Depending on where you live, this can be done in one day or you can stay overnight in a hotel or motel (there are many within twenty minutes of the ranch and they are on the way to and from the airport and right off the freeway). Check with your airline for cost and requirements. The puppy will need to be small enough to fit into a soft-sided carrier that can be placed underneath the seat in front of you on your return flight. I have done this literally dozens of times over the years and it is so much easier on the puppy then being shipped in cargo and is usually very close to the same price after you add up everything involved. Also   —   it is MUCH easier to do then it sounds. The puppies rarely make a peep and I have NEVER had a puppy be a problem on an airline. Small children, on the other hand…. But really   —   you do NOT use a tranquilizer or any other drug on the puppy and everything will go smoothly.

Another alternative to shipping is by using a private courier service. Make sure that they are insured and have experience. We have used the “Four-legged Kids Bus” to transfer many of our puppies and have only praise for the company and the drivers. You can reach them at: or by calling 909-568-5696. They are based in California and make cross-country trips to pick up and deliver puppies and dogs. The drivers probably know their way to Powder Valley Poodles by heart. We can recommend them without reservation.


Deposits to hold a puppy are only refundable if we can not supply the type of puppy you have requested. IE, not enough girls or boys in a litter or all the puppies are black and the deposit is specifically on a red puppy. People who change their mind or purchase a puppy elsewhere will not have deposits returned. Deposits go toward the price of the puppy. You may switch your deposit to another litter without penalty IF the switch is done AT LEAST two weeks prior to the puppy turning 8 weeks old OR if there are no puppies matching your needs. Buyers backing out of a litter WITHIN two weeks of expected acquisition will in most cases lose their deposit.
Deposits are:
$300 on all puppies. The deposit goes toward the purchase price of the puppy. Deposits are NOT refundable unless we are not able to supply the type of dog that the buyer requests. Deposits can be taken over the phone with a credit or debit card at no additional cost to the buyer.

Payment Terms

We accept cash, personal checks if the check is delivered at least two weeks prior to the puppy leaving the premises, and we accept all major credit cards
However, with the exception of first deposits and stud fees for shipped semen, a 3% or 4% handling charge will be added to each credit card transaction.
We DO NOT accept cashier’s checks, money orders or personal checks on the day the puppy is to leave the premises.

Pricing by Breed

  Prices are for limited registration/non-breeding pets and working (service, therapy, hunting) homes. Breeding rights with full registration are higher

Note: The vast majority (over 95%) of our dogs live in the community as pets in our guardian homes. We do NOT believe ANY dog should live it’s life in a kennel.

Powder Valley Poodles Has Available on a Recurring Basis the Following Breeds:

  • Toy Poodle puppies  ( 7 to 10 lbs) 
  • Tiny Toy Poodle ( 5-6 lbs ) 
  • Miniature Poodle puppies. (10 to 15 lbs. Most are 11 to 13 lbs.)
  • Moyen puppies (a bit bigger than miniature but smaller than the American standard poodle — average is about 25 lbs.  
  • Standard Poodle puppies (over 35 up to 65, depending on the parents). We would help you choose the right parents for the size and color you prefer)
  • Micro Goldendoodle puppies (5 to 7 lbs.)
  • Toy Goldendoodle puppies (8 to 16 lbs.)
  • Petite Miniature Goldendoodle Puppies (16 to 20 lbs.)
  • Miniature Goldendoodle puppies  (average around 25 lbs.)
  • Standard Goldendoodle puppies  (depending on the parents  —  40 to 50 lbs. or 50 to 65)
  • Yorkie Doodle Dandy puppies  (6 to 9 lbs. or 8 to 11 lbs., depending on the parents)


Special Pricing for Special People:

Our “Master List”

Good, healthy, socialized and predictable puppies are difficult to produce cheaply. There are numerous, on going costs to breeding top-quality dogs   —   of any breed  —   but, especially the very popular smaller breeds. Small dogs produce small litters. It costs about the same to get a large breed dog ready to have a litter (vet fees, health screening, etc.) as it does the small breeds. But the small breeds may only have two or three puppies in a litter whereas the bigger breeds can have many more. This is why the smaller very popular breeds are more expensive AND hard to find. There will always be a waiting list for healthy, well-bred small dogs. There aren’t as many born in a litter and a whole lot of people want them.

I know that many breeders charge much more for their smaller breed puppies. The reason I don’t is because I want REAL people to be able to afford one of my dogs. I don’t want to only sell to wealthy people or celebrities. There is NOTHING wrong with my little dogs. But, yes, they are a bit less than the average. AND   —   that price is still too much for many individuals and families.  So, we came up with an idea. If someone isn’t too picky about color, the sex or the EXACT size of a dog at maturity we can offer less expensive individual puppies to CERTAIN people. These people will be special. They are senior citizens on fixed income, disabled persons and veterans. Any of the people who are chosen to be placed on a Master List still must be able to easily afford to care for their new puppy. They must be able to provide nutritious food, veterinary care and the puppy must live in the house or apartment with the individual or family.

The “Master List”

Occasionally, a puppy from a litter is not chosen on the day it’s littermates go home because it is not the preferred color, sex or size. The person with the last pick of the litter will then be able to place their deposit on an upcoming litter where there is a better chance of them getting EXACTLY what they want\.

This means that one or more poor puppies are left when everyone else gets to go home. We usually can place the lonely puppies with a similar aged group of puppies but not always. This is when we would turn to our Master List and start calling people to see if they are willing to come to the ranch fairly soon  (with in a few days) and get their new puppy at a much reduced cost. A $2500 or more puppy can be placed for $1500   —  or less  —    if the person is willing to come get the puppy within a couple of days AND they are in the folder marked, “Master List”.

The people on the Master List would be offered these puppies on a first come– first served basis. They can state the parameters (size, shedding/no shedding) and we will start calling people who are looking for the type of puppy we have available. The first person who answers their phone will have the first chance to get the puppy.

All of the people on the Master List must be one of the special types of people mentioned earlier,  (Seniors on a fixed income, disabled individuals, or veterans), additionally, we will add First Responders to the list if the individuals are in need of a therapy-type puppy and are willing to be open to color, sex, size, etc. All the people must place a $200 fully-refundable deposit on their puppy-to-be. There will never be pressure to take a puppy that isn’t what the individual wants. They may withdraw their deposit and withdraw from the Master List at any time.

For more information contact Terry at 970-568-7585. Landline, no texts, please.


We do not offer boarding under any circumstances. Not only is it a violation of the terms of our license through the state of Colorado as a dog breeding establishment but it also would put our puppies at great risk of communicable diseases.

However, sometimes new owners are not able to take home a puppy immediately after the puppy has turned 8 weeks old and is ready to go home. With that in mind, puppies may stay an additional week at no charge. After the puppy turns 9 weeks old  —  with the exception of puppies being shipped or picked up at the airport  —  a $30 per day fee will be charged. IF AT ALL POSSIBLE  we want your puppies home and learning how to be good little dogs as soon as possible. In the case of puppies being shipped or riding in the cabin of the plane with the new owner we will keep the puppy for a reasonable amount of time until the puppy is old enough to more safely and comfortably travel. Depending on the breed this is usually 10 weeks of age although 9 weeks for most puppies is usually acceptable.

Follow this link to: Available Puppies, and then please contact Terry for an telephone interview.

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