The ultimate non-shedding companion dog

Jazz (Powder Valley Dandee’s Jazzed Juniper)

AKC Standard Poodle from Dandee (retired) and Houston. 38 pounds. Quiet, calm and feminine. Jazz is stunning. A feminine version of her dad, Houston. She is calm, gentle, dignified, very, very sweet and extremely intuitive. She carries her  dad’s color and athletic conformation and her mom’s quiet, calm and attentive personality. A perfect blend of the two  —   Jazz  —  combined with either Robbie, (for our moyen-sized poodles), or Yankee, (for our mini-medium goldendoodles)  will give us beautiful, friendly, sweet and easily trained babies.


Tootie  (AKC Powder Valley Lady Bug’s Last Toot)

Armband 39665 - Toy Poodle2 (1)

“Tootie”, seen here on the day she achieved her International Champion Puppy status.

Tootie is the very dark sable daughter of Lady Bug and Rowdy (both retired). She is a very beautiful, sweet and active miniature poodle. She loves to follow her guardian mom, Cathy, around the ranch where Cathy works (Terry’s Ranch) while Cathy feeds, cleans and waters the animals. She is also content on a lap watching tv. As long as she is with people she is a very happy dog.

We are very excited to offer Tooties puppies. They will be very correct in body and temperament, showing off the beautiful grace and style of the poodle with the incredible intelligence, health and working aptitude so apparent in a Powder Valley Poodle.


Dolce  (AKC “Powder Valley Houston We Have No Problem”)


Dolce  (pronounced, “Dole Chay” Italian for “soft and sweet”)

Dolce is the inky black daughter of our beautiful Dandee, (now retired), and Houston. I wanted to keep a girl from Dandee that would be just like her mom  —  sweet, calm, intuitive and, of course, beautiful. I succeeded with Dolce. She is just as nice as her mom and just as pretty. Her puppies give us gorgeous inky black and red puppies when bred to Bandit that are sweet, calm, focused and easily trained. When bred to one of our goldendoodle studs we get the same thing with a hint of golden retriever gentleness in an equally beautiful but smaller, package. Be looking for your next wonderful family pet, working ESSD service dog or therapy partner from one of Dolce’s litters.


Ziva  (AKC “Powder Valley Robbie’s Dangerous In White”)


Ziva is not dangerous at all  —  named after the popular character from the NCIS television show,  Ziva is the beautiful daughter of Cous Cous Cootie (now retired) and Robbie. She is a very unique tri-parti-color in black, white and reddish brown.  Ziva is a very sweet daddy’s girl  —  glued to her guardian Ethan’s lap when he is not working.  She is a petite miniature poodle that weighs in at about 11 pounds and standing about 12 inches. Ziva’s unusual color is outstanding, but, unlike many unusually colored poodles  —  her conformation is just as stunning. She is the very epitome of a female miniature poodle —  feminine yet sturdy, athletic, pleasing to the eye, and so, so, sweet and wanting to please.

Skye  ( AKC  ” Powder Valley Bandit’s Red Skye at Morning”)


Skye is the beautiful daughter of Dream and Bandit. A wonderful combination of Dream’s sweet, intuitive nature and Bandit’s calm, regal presence.  Skye is a stunning, true, example of what a real working standard poodle should be: regal, intuitive, calm and focused. This makes for both a great service or therapy dog as well as an awesome companion for the family.


 Tam   (AKC “Powder Valley Dandee’s Sleeping Lady”)

International and National Champion Puppy 2017

Tam is a gorgeous, tall, lanky, solid inky-black standard poodle. An International Champion like her full sister, Tahoe, Tam looks nothing like her sister. She does, however, look almost exactly like her grandmother, Diva. Same coat, same head, same stance and same inky-black color. She looks so much like her grandmother that we wouldn’t be able to tell their pictures apart if they were not inscribed with names.


Tam is a solid, calm and thoughtful standard poodle. She is dignified and watchful, quiet and respectful. Very gentle with all things fragile and small, Tam is very loving toward the little toy poodle she lives with and very sweet and respectful of small children and babies. Whereas some big dogs Tam’s size will knock over toddlers with their exuberance to greet them, Tam is careful and makes her movements around them careful and purposeful so as to cause no harm. She really is quite intuitive and special like her mother and grandmother and although she only produces puppies every twelve to fourteen months  —  they are very well worth the wait.


Pebbles is our European Yorkie/poodle cross that we breed to our toy poodle studs to produce our little Yorkie/poo puppies. Pebbles is soft, sweet, and a little bit submissive. She likes to play but she prefers to be held. Her puppies, so far, are little replicas of her in temperament. Soft, sweet, and quiet little lap dogs. A perfect pet for anyone who spends a lot of time indoors. Although Pebbles loves to run and play  —  she does prefer to be in someone’s lap. And, given the opportunity, she would stay there almost constantly. A lap dog and companion in every way.





Truffles is the sweet little daughter of Pebbles and Vinny. She is a brown sable with white and weighs about 8 pounds. Truffles is three quarters poodle and one quarter Biever  (European) Yorkshire terrier. Like her mom, Pebbles, she has a soft, sweet, affectionate personality.  Like her dad, Vinny, she is smart, intuitive and friends with everyone she meets. When bred to tiny Flyer, our 5 pound toy poodle, Truffles gives us sweet, active, playful and BEAUTIFUL little tri-colored puppies that don’t get much bigger than 6 or 7 pounds. We will also be breeding Truffles to Chewie this year to see what she and he can produce. I’m anticipating playful, sweet, attentive (not to mention gorgeous) puppies maturing in the 8 to 10 pound range.


(AKC  Powder Valley Dandee Terry’s Tahoe)
International and National Champion Puppy 2017

Our 2017 International Champion Puppy, “Tahoe” is a blond bombshell. She is beautiful and she knows it! The epitome of standard poodle femininity, Tahoe is also sweet, bright, and confident.  Tahoe isn’t big, like her full sister, Tam. Tahoe is more petite, although she weighs a respectful 50 pounds, she has finer bone structure and therefore looks smaller and lighter than she really is.
Tahoe’s puppies are playful, confident, very beautiful and quite engaging. They are perfect family companions and most of them can pull double duty as service and therapy dogs without a problem.


Gabby   (AKC  “Powder Valley Rowdy’s Racy Lady”)

Gabby is an unusually marked phantom miniature poodle. She is a daughter of Rowdy and Lady Bug (both retired). She is a sturdy, correct, and beautiful miniature poodle who LOVES her “sister”, “Splash” (one of our goldendoodle girls) and ESPECIALLY loves her mama, Sharon (one of our guardians). Gabby, when bred to Vinny,  produces very nice, smaller-sized puppies from 7 to 11 pounds. She and Vinny typically have more than one phantom-colored puppy in their litters. She also produces reds, red sables, and golden apricot pups with Vinny.  Occasionally, she will also have black or black with white markings. When bred to Robbie, she will produce miniature poodles in red, red and white, apricot and white, and sable. All maturing in the 13 to 14 pound range. They will all be sweet-natured, athletic and want to please their people. Want a puppy that likes to retrieve? Choose a Gabby puppy!

A just shaved Gabby

Happy Gabby Feb 2019 (1)

A very fuzzy Gabby



Splash is a sweet, laid-back, heavy-boned standard goldendoodle. She is half golden retriever and half standard poodle (mom, Dandee). We breed Splash to both Robbie (to produce mini goldendoodles) and to Houston and Bandit (to produce standard goldendoodles). When bred to Houston the resulting puppies will be maturing 50 to 55 pounds with big bone but not real tall. When bred to Bandit, we should see big, sturdy, large-boned standard doodles capable of pulling a wheelchair or assisting a large person as a mobility assistance dog. When bred to little Robbie, we will get mini doodles maturing around 25 to 28 pounds. Perfect family pets and therapy dogs.




Nilla as a puppy and now, all grown up….

Standard Goldendoodle   Reddish Blonde
As sweet and the same color of the vanilla wafers that she is named after, Nilla is the standarddoodle daughter of Dream and Nemo. She is one half golden retriever and one half standard poodle. An exceptionally sweet, and steady family dog, we are very pleased to be able to offer her offspring with Bandit and Robbie to produce the totally non-shedding three-quarters doodles in both standard and miniature sizes.
Nilla babies are great, calm, steady and reliable therapy and service dogs and wonderful family companions.


Miniature Goldendoodle    Reddish Gold


Sachi is a dream come true in a little dog package. She is sweet, playful, affectionate and smart. She is little and feminine and completely non-shedding. She, combined with our toy poodle Vinny, will give us beautiful little red-gold toy doodles that should mature between 10 and 15 pounds. Very small dogs WITHOUT the small dog attitude.



Minnie is our cute and hardworking blonde miniature goldendoodle, a daughter of Robbie and Jersey.
Minnie is a working mom  —  most days she is the official greeter and resident therapy dog at The Fort Collins Dentist, a dental practice in Fort Collins, CO.

Minnie at Work! Shown at right as a puppy

Although we own Minnie, we feel dogs should not live their lives in kennels, so we placed Minnie with the dental practice as their therapy dog when Minnie was only about 4 months old.
She is wonderful with the patients, greeting and giving comfort to those that have dental phobias or are uncomfortable having dental procedures. She creates a joyful energy at the office and is loved by staff and patients alike. At night she goes home with dental tech Sara where she is the much-loved family companion to Sarah, her husband, and children. Minnie’s puppies are smart, cute, playful and LOVE people. They are perfect family companions in a smaller, very portable size.

Dream  (Powder Valley Isis’ I’ve Got a Dream)

AKC Standard Poodle  Dark Apricot



Dream is the beautiful daughter of Isis and Houston. She is stunning, with very correct conformation and an elegant carriage. Very personable and tractable, we are very excited to offer puppies from Dream. The puppies will be beautiful, in shades of gold and apricot, with sweet, caring personalities and an intelligent, sensitive temperament.Very suitable as emotional service, therapy, and PTSD dogs. Also, of course, wonderful companions.



AKC Miniature Poodle  Black and White Parti-color   16 pounds   15 inches at the Shoulder


Allie is a strikingly beautiful, very correct miniature poodle. She would have had an awesome show career but has been a mom instead. Allie is quiet and unassuming. She likes to “go with the flow” wherever the flow is going. She is not one to be stubborn or opinionated. Instead, Allie tries to just get along and be part of whatever is happening around her. She isn’t shy, she just isn’t pushy. She doesn’t want to be in charge but neither does she want to be last. She will produce  beautiful, structurally correct and mentally sound poodles who will excel in any endeavor as long as they get to be with people. Want a 15 pound agility competitor? A hiking partner? Obedience champ or therapy dog candidate? How bout a perfect family dog and kid’s playmate? Look to a puppy from Allie.

Ritz (Powder Valley ‘s Ritzy Rebel)

Ritz is the beautiful daughter of Lady Bug and Rowdy. She is turning from a red sable to a very light silver beige and weighs around 10 pounds. Ritz is the AKC miniature poodle girl that we breed to our Biewer Yorkshire Terrier boy to produce our little Yorkie/poo puppies. These puppies come in a variety of colors and so far the combination has produced both very small puppies and bigger puppies most likely maturing around 10 or 11 pounds.
Ritzy is one of the sweetest dogs on Earth and is extremely tolerant of EVERYTHING. Ritzy, like her mother, Lady Bug, loves stuffed toys, kids, nyla bones and watching tv on mama’s lap.
Powder Valley Rowdy's Ritzy Rebel at just 4 months

Powder Valley Rowdy’s Ritzy Rebel (at just 4 months)



Ritzy Now


Isis “Icy” AKC Powder Valley Diva’s Image of Isis

Isis is the beautiful brown and white daughter of Diva and Beau. Isis is an elegant, serious, and VERY SMART replica of her mom in temperament. If she were human, she would be Amelia Earhart, Madam Curie, and Cat Woman all rolled into one. People notice this dog, whether she is walking down the street or walking into the room. She draws attention just by standing there, quietly observing her surroundings. She is really something!
Isis is no push over, she is assertive and self-assured. Her puppies will have the genetic material to carry over this confidence and self-assurance. They will also have the genetics of Beau, Isis’ dad, to be sweet, affectionate and tolerant. In other words, depending on with whom we breed Isis, the puppies should be varied in temperament with sweet, assertive, calm, and tolerant all in the mix.



Isis at 5 months of age

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