The ultimate non-shedding companion dog

Meet “Finn” (National Champion Powder Valley Isis’ Grand Finale)

Finn being shown in October, 2021, at the IABCA show in Greeley, CO.

 Finn is a graceful, athletic and beautiful standard poodle from Isis and Bandit. Finn is a brown and white parti-color, weighs in at about 65 pounds and will be expecting her first litter in early 2022. A National Champion, Finn is outgoing, confident, and capable. A bit on the serious side, she is very much like her mother, Isis, and her grandmother, Diva — who, by the way, at the age of 13 years is still a very capable working service dog for her person in Loveland, CO.

Finn should produce beautiful, fluid-moving and graceful puppies in many different colors depending on the sire. There is no goofy, high-strung drama when it comes to Finn. She is 100% who she is. Straight forward, no nonsense and serious about her job, whatever it is. Protecting her property, keeping her adopted feral kittens clean, cozy and well-behaved, or showing in a conformation ring. This is not the right dog for everyone. She is seriously smart. But, for the right families, Finn’s puppies will be extraordinary. Beautiful, smart, and very capable.

Meet “Dakota”!

Dakota 3

Dakota (which, by the way, is a Lakota Indian word that means, “Friend”) is a female, half golden retriever (Elvis, Jr.) and half standard poodle (Tahoe) first generation standard goldendoodle. Tahoe’s adult coat is turning out to be a gorgeous, deep golden red. Tahoe is a big girl and has an even bigger heart. She has an incredibly sweet, calm and steady temperament. Dakota is the type of dog that EVERYONE should have if they’ve got kids  —  especially if this would be their first dog. Dakota is gentle, naturally well-behaved, quiet, LOVES people (especially kids) and has NEVER met a stranger. As a watch dog she would bomb terribly. But, as a family dog she is the one that EVERYONE in the neighborhood wishes THEY had.  An absolute gem, I’m expecting mini, medium and standard goldendoodle babies from this wonderful little girl starting in late 2020.

Meet “Munchie”!

Munchie is the cute and playful daughter of Cous Cous Cootie (now retired) and Robbie. She got her mom’s beautiful phantom black and red color but her dad’s personality. Munchie is very much like her dad, Robbie  —  playful, outgoing, confident and LOVES people. ANY people. Not a serious bone in this girl’s body  —  she just wants to have fun, play, be held and be a bit of a goof-ball. This is one happy girl. When life gives you lemons  —  play with them!

Munchie babies from Vinny will be small miniatures and toys. They will come in all kinds of colors  —  reds, black, apricots, sable and phantom. The puppies will be playful, outgoing, curious and intuitive. These puppies from Munchie and Vinny will be wonderful, athletic and engaging companions and super affectionate lap dogs. They will be able to paddle board with you in the morning and more than happy to snuggle in for lap time and a movie that night. Expect Munchie babies by Winter, 2020.


Meet “Harper”!

Harper is the adorable little mini goldendoodle daughter of Nilla and Robbie. She is three quarters poodle and one quarter golden retriever. Harper is a petite mini goldendoodle only weighing 16 pounds at 18 mo. of age.  Harper is athletic, playful, curious and loves everyone and everything she meets. She is our little retriever and she gets a lot of retrieving in when I sit on the couch watching tv while throwing her toys down the hallway.

Harper is EXTREMELY tuned in to people’s emotions. She gets right up in a lap and sticks her nose inches from someone’s face to stare into their eyes when she encounters someone who is upset or crying.  She LOVES children of all ages and is very, very gentle with toddlers.

Expect toy (9 to 12 pound) goldendoodles when bred to our boy Vinny,  and Micro, (6 to 8 pound) goldendoodles when bred to tiny Flyer. We will also be breeding Harper to “Zip”, our European Biever Yorkshire terrier/poodle cross for our upcoming (in 2021) litters of Yorkie Doodle Dandys.

Meet “Silver”!


Silver 4

Silver is the gorgeous minidoodle daughter of Maya (now retired) and Vinny. She has her mother’s beautiful silver phantom color pattern and, her mother’s sweet, sweet, temperament. When you add Vinny’s intuitive and playful personality to the mix you end up with one heck of a great dog! Silver weighs 25 pounds.  She is sweet, calmer than most and incredibly biddable. She, like her mother, lives to please and loves EVERYONE.  We plan on breeding Silver to Robbie for some incredibly smart, intuitive, sweet and trainable puppies that very well could be extremely colorful. The combination of Silver and Robbie should produce puppies with a very high genetic propensity toward being excellent service, therapy and competitive obedience dogs. And, of course, WONDERFUL and easily lived with family companions and children’s playmates. Look for Silver puppies in mid 2020.


AKC Powder Valley Brazenly Stunning Sunset N the Making

” Sunny “

Sunny Stands Stacked

Sunny is the deep red, beautifully built sister of our new stud, Magic. She, however, at 22.5 inches at 10 months is much smaller than her brother. Combining her superior conformation, incredible, deep, red color, luxurious coat and refined, feminine features with our boys is going to produce stunning puppies with incredible beauty, superb conformation, beautiful color and superior temperament. A wonderful mix of great looks with working ability, intuitive nature and competent abilities. I can’t wait to see her pups in action.


(AKC Powder Valley Robbie’s Red Fox in Sox)

Foxy is our gorgeous miniature poodle daughter of Robbie and it shows! She has his color and his markings. Her temperament is splendid  —  like Robbie she is sweet, friendly, intuitive and very, very smart. She also inherited her mother, Cous Cous Cootie’s, beautiful and very correct conformation. I’m sure that Foxy’s gorgeous color, conformation, intelligence and sweet, sweet, nature, will be passed on to what will be very popular off spring.


Honey is a wonderful, sweet, easy-going and intuitive standard goldendoodle from Jersey  (retired) and Houston.  A beautiful, honey golden color, Honey is bright, friendly, playful yet respectful. A very, very, nice example of what people want in a family dog. Completely non-shedding, Honey will produce wonderful little working and family dogs when bred to our miniature and toy poodles, and stately and calm therapy, service and family companions when bred to our standard boys.  Honey’s offspring  —  regardless of who the father is  —  will grow up to be the dog that everyone in the neighborhood wishes THEY had: beautiful, friendly, calm and loving. The perfect goldendoodle.


Chloe Spice

Chloe Spice 2 - Copy (1)

Chloe Spice is the cute, playful and loving goldendoodle daughter of our standard poodle girl Tahoe and goldendoodle boy, Roscoe (now retired). She gets her pretty parti-color markings from her granddad, Robbie, as he is a parti-carrier.  Chloe Spice is a mini/medium goldendoodle and weighs about 28 pounds. She is very sweet, smart, and playful. Chloe loves everyone she meets, human or dog  —  doesn’t matter  —  and has never met a child she doesn’t want to immediately adopt and take home to keep. Chloe has passed all of her qualifying tests to determine breeding eligibility and will be having little toy goldendoodle puppies with either Vinnie or Solo starting in 2020. We are greatly looking forward to being able to offer sweet, charming, playful and colorful  Chloe Spice puppies as family companions, children’s comforters, working service and therapy dogs and ESSD for anyone who needs that very special friend.



Autumn is the pretty little miniature poodle daughter of our girl Ritz and our red sable boy Vinny. She is a smaller miniature, only weighing 8.5 pounds, but she is lanky and still growing and will most likely mature right over the “Toy Poodle” height limit of 10 inches. Autumn is very, very, sweet. Very affectionate and very tolerant. She loves children and gets along with any dogs she meets. Quite soft in her personality  —  she isn’t timid at all  —  but she wants to be accepted by all and treats everyone she meets with respectful attention. From her point of view  —  EVERYONE is a potential friend and warm lap, and if you ask her to, she will be more than happy to sit there and be petted and talked to. Had a hard day? This little girl will try to take the burden from your shoulders. Respectfully, quietly, and lovingly….

Although Autumn doesn’t have the color, coat, or features desirable in a show dog, her personality, temperament and good genetic health earned her a spot in our breeding program. ANYONE would love a puppy like Autumn….


Kimber – Too

Kimber 2 3

Kimber – Too is our sweet little 9 pound red sable toy goldendoodle  —  a daughter of Sachi and Vinny. Kimber – Too is a daddy’s girl through and through and loves hanging out with her guardian, Randy and his family. Whether he’s working at his desk or watching tv, Kimber – Too is right there with him, snuggled on his lap or by his feet. When Randy isn’t around Kimber is with the kids, watching  —  and participating — in very important kid-games of forts, dance practice, and make believe worlds. Kimber will be producing our microgoldendoodles when bred to tiny Flyer, our 5 pound toy poodle, for adorable  —  and very small  —  lap-sized goldendoodle puppies.


Jazz (Powder Valley Dandee’s Jazzed Juniper)

AKC Standard Poodle from Dandee (retired) and Houston. 38 pounds. Quiet, calm and feminine. Jazz is stunning. A feminine version of her dad, Houston. She is calm, gentle, dignified, very, very sweet and extremely intuitive. She carries her  dad’s color and athletic conformation and her mom’s quiet, calm and attentive personality. A perfect blend of the two  —   Jazz  —  combined with either Robbie, (for our moyen-sized poodles), or Yankee, (for our mini-medium goldendoodles)  will give us beautiful, friendly, sweet and easily trained babies.

Dolce  (AKC “Powder Valley Houston We Have No Problem”)

Dolce  (pronounced, “Dole Chay” Italian for “soft and sweet”)

Dolce is the inky black daughter of our beautiful Dandee, (now retired), and Houston. I wanted to keep a girl from Dandee that would be just like her mom  —  sweet, calm, intuitive and, of course, beautiful. I succeeded with Dolce. She is just as nice as her mom and just as pretty. Her puppies give us gorgeous inky black and red puppies when bred to Bandit that are sweet, calm, focused and easily trained. When bred to one of our goldendoodle studs we get the same thing with a hint of golden retriever gentleness in an equally beautiful but smaller, package. Be looking for your next wonderful family pet, working ESSD service dog or therapy partner from one of Dolce’s litters.

Ziva  (AKC “Powder Valley Robbie’s Dangerous In White”)

Ziva is not dangerous at all  —  named after the popular character from the NCIS television show,  Ziva is the beautiful daughter of Cous Cous Cootie (now retired) and Robbie. She is a very unique tri-parti-color in black, white and reddish brown.  Ziva is a very sweet daddy’s girl  —  glued to her guardian Ethan’s lap when he is not working.  She is a petite miniature poodle that weighs in at about 11 pounds and standing about 12 inches. Ziva’s unusual color is outstanding, but, unlike many unusually colored poodles  —  her conformation is just as stunning. She is the very epitome of a female miniature poodle —  feminine yet sturdy, athletic, pleasing to the eye, and so, so, sweet and wanting to please.


Skye  ( AKC  ” Powder Valley Bandit’s Red Skye at Morning”)

Skye is the beautiful daughter of Dream and Bandit. A wonderful combination of Dream’s sweet, intuitive nature and Bandit’s calm, regal presence.  Skye is a stunning, true, example of what a real working standard poodle should be: regal, intuitive, calm and focused. This makes for both a great service or therapy dog as well as an awesome companion for the family.

 Tam   (AKC “Powder Valley Dandee’s Sleeping Lady”)

International and National Champion Puppy 2017

Tam is a gorgeous, tall, lanky, solid inky-black standard poodle. An International Champion like her full sister, Tahoe, Tam looks nothing like her sister. She does, however, look almost exactly like her grandmother, Diva. Same coat, same head, same stance and same inky-black color. She looks so much like her grandmother that we wouldn’t be able to tell their pictures apart if they were not inscribed with names.


Tam is a solid, calm and thoughtful standard poodle. She is dignified and watchful, quiet and respectful. Very gentle with all things fragile and small, Tam is very loving toward the little toy poodle she lives with and very sweet and respectful of small children and babies. Whereas some big dogs Tam’s size will knock over toddlers with their exuberance to greet them, Tam is careful and makes her movements around them careful and purposeful so as to cause no harm. She really is quite intuitive and special like her mother and grandmother and although she only produces puppies every twelve to fourteen months  —  they are very well worth the wait.



Pebbles is our European Yorkie/poodle cross that we breed to our toy poodle studs to produce our little Yorkie/poo puppies. Pebbles is soft, sweet, and a little bit submissive. She likes to play but she prefers to be held. Her puppies, so far, are little replicas of her in temperament. Soft, sweet, and quiet little lap dogs. A perfect pet for anyone who spends a lot of time indoors. Although Pebbles loves to run and play  —  she does prefer to be in someone’s lap. And, given the opportunity, she would stay there almost constantly. A lap dog and companion in every way.




Truffy w hair cut

Truffles with a haircut

Truffles is the sweet little daughter of Pebbles and Vinny. She is a brown sable with white and weighs about 8 pounds. Truffles is three quarters poodle and one quarter Biewer  (European) Yorkshire terrier. Like her mom, Pebbles, she has a soft, sweet, affectionate personality.  Like her dad, Vinny, she is smart, intuitive and friends with everyone she meets. When bred to tiny Flyer, our 5 pound toy poodle, Truffles gives us sweet, active, playful and BEAUTIFUL little tri-colored puppies that don’t get much bigger than 6 or 7 pounds.

(AKC  Powder Valley Dandee Terry’s Tahoe)
International and National Champion Puppy 2017

Our 2017 International Champion Puppy, “Tahoe” is a blond bombshell. She is beautiful and she knows it! The epitome of standard poodle femininity, Tahoe is also sweet, bright, and confident.  Tahoe isn’t big, like her full sister, Tam. Tahoe is more petite, although she weighs a respectful 40 pounds, she has finer bone structure and therefore looks smaller and lighter than she really is.
Tahoe’s puppies are playful, confident, very beautiful and quite engaging. They are perfect family companions and most of them can pull double duty as service and therapy dogs without a problem.

Tahoe on the day she won her International Champion title

Tahoe in Garden

Tahoe in her casual look…


Gabby   (AKC  “Powder Valley Rowdy’s Racy Lady”)

Gabby is an unusually marked phantom miniature poodle. She is a daughter of Rowdy and Lady Bug (both retired). She is a sturdy, correct, and beautiful miniature poodle who LOVES her “sister”, “Splash” (one of our goldendoodle girls) and ESPECIALLY loves her mama, Sharon (one of our guardians). Gabby, when bred to Vinny,  produces very nice, smaller-sized puppies from 7 to 11 pounds. She and Vinny typically have more than one phantom-colored puppy in their litters. She also produces reds, red sables, and golden apricot pups with Vinny.  Occasionally, she will also have black or black with white markings. When bred to Robbie, she will produce miniature poodles in red, red and white, apricot and white, and sable. All maturing in the 13 to 14 pound range. They will all be sweet-natured, athletic and want to please their people. Want a puppy that likes to retrieve? Choose a Gabby puppy!
Happy Gabby Feb 2019 (1)

A very fuzzy Gabby

Splash Angel

Splash is a sweet, laid-back, heavy-boned standard goldendoodle. She is half golden retriever and half standard poodle (mom, Dandee). We breed Splash to both Robbie (to produce mini goldendoodles) and to Houston and Bandit (to produce standard goldendoodles). When bred to Houston the resulting puppies will be maturing 50 to 55 pounds with big bone but not real tall. When bred to Bandit, we should see big, sturdy, large-boned standard doodles capable of pulling a wheelchair or assisting a large person as a mobility assistance dog. When bred to little Robbie, we will get mini doodles maturing around 25 to 28 pounds. Perfect family pets and therapy dogs. We also breed our girl Splash to diminutive toy poodle, Vinny. With Vinny, our Splash Angel produces a big variance in the size of her puppies at maturity. Vinny’s genetics can produce very small puppies with Splash. These puppies mature 20 to 23 pounds. He also can produce the more common miniature-sized goldendoodles that mature around 25 pounds, And, of course, the combination of Splash and Vinny will also bring the bigger pups  —  pups averaging between 28 and 40 pounds. With Vinny, you will get a big litter with many sizes but the smallest and the largest are always easy to pick out from the others.



Nilla as a puppy and now, all grown up….

Standard Goldendoodle   Reddish Blonde
As sweet and the same color of the vanilla wafers that she is named after, Nilla is the standarddoodle daughter of Dream and Nemo. She is one half golden retriever and one half standard poodle. An exceptionally sweet, and steady family dog, we are very pleased to be able to offer her offspring with Bandit and Robbie to produce the totally non-shedding three-quarters doodles in both standard and miniature sizes.
Nilla babies are great, calm, steady and reliable therapy and service dogs and wonderful family companions.


Miniature Goldendoodle    Reddish Gold


Sachi is a dream come true in a little dog package. She is sweet, playful, affectionate and smart. She is little and feminine and completely non-shedding. She, combined with our toy poodle Vinny, will give us beautiful little red-gold toy doodles that should mature between 10 and 15 pounds. When bred to Solo she produces smaller miniatures  —  puppies maturing 17 to 20 pounds and coming in a variety of colors and color patterns. They grow up to be the perfect little dog  —   small dogs WITHOUT the small dog attitude.


Minnie is our cute and hardworking blonde miniature goldendoodle, a daughter of Robbie and Jersey.
Minnie is a working mom  —  most days she is the official greeter and resident therapy dog at The Fort Collins Dentist, a dental practice in Fort Collins, CO.

Minnie at Play

Although we own Minnie, we feel dogs should not live their lives in kennels, so we placed Minnie with the dental practice as their therapy dog when Minnie was only about 4 months old.
She is wonderful with the patients, greeting and giving comfort to those that have dental phobias or are uncomfortable having dental procedures. She creates a joyful energy at the office and is loved by staff and patients alike. At night she goes home with dental tech Sara where she is the much-loved family companion to Sarah, her husband, and children. Minnie’s puppies are smart, cute, playful and LOVE people. They are perfect family companions in a smaller, very portable size.

Minnie at Work!


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