The ultimate non-shedding companion dog

Powder Valley Poodles is a breeding kennel devoted to raising the best puppies possible for families, individuals and as working dogs.

We can’t do that if our dogs used for breeding have to live in an outdoor kennel for most of their lives. It doesn’t show us their potential and it is unethical and inhumane. I know most breeding kennels operate this way. But we are different. Dogs need companionship. Human companionship is best. We can’t have all of the dogs that we own right in our home. There is only room, time and energy for so many.

This is why we offer guardianship opportunities for families and individuals who qualify.

Guardian-care dogs in our breeding program must have a secure yard and an owner who is home most of the time. Someone working an eight hour, 5 day a week job would not be suitable.

  • We pay for all routine medical costs and anything related to breeding.
  • The foster owner agrees to pay for food, toys, beds and grooming.

Candidates for guardian parents must live within 60 miles of Fort Collins, CO and be willing to bring the dog to scheduled veterinary appointments. The new guardian family may keep the dog and her babies after birth and watch them grow up (until the pups are weaned) or choose to let the dog have her puppies here at the ranch and take her back after the puppies are weaned.

If you think guardianship would be a good fit for you, please let us know. Thank you!

Guardian Homes Needed

We need guardian homes!


Our handsome miniature poodle boy Robbie is in need of a guardian home. Although there is a chance that it may be temporary, it is most likely permanent. If Robbie does well in this home and everyone is happy it WILL be permanent. I want the best for Robbie.


Robbie’s current guardian is going through very serious health issues that make it impossible for her to care for Robbie  —  these issues may be permanent.
In the meantime, Robbie has been living with me as one of our house dogs and he has been a very good boy. He is very easy to live with, is housebroken, crate trained, and quiet. He LOVES his squeaky toys and to play retrieving games with them  He also loves to snuggle on the couch while watching tv. He’s an EXCELLENT house pet.
The problem is that soon I will have girls that he lives with going into season. I don’t want Robbie to go stir crazy by being with females in season that he is not allowed to breed. They are his nieces. Don’t want to do that!
I have absolutely no place to put this dog where he would be comfortable. He’s never lived outside in a kennel and at 4 years of age suddenly being banished to outside would be horribly stressful to him. I am looking for someone to take him in a guardian home situation. Robbie will only be used for another 18 months to 2 years. He will then be neutered and be retired from being a stud dog.
We are currently working on replacing him so that he can have a life as just a pet and companion. This means that he may actually be retired sooner. It just depends on how quickly we can find or replace him. Robbie is a top quality dog. We have been looking to replace him for a while so that he can have a better life. But, it isn’t easy.
If interested in 14 pound Robbie, let me know ASAP. He gets along with other animals just fine. He needs a secure yard, a person or people who are home a lot and someone who has both a lap and a desire to throw his ball from the comfort of the couch so he can bring it back to you. It is best that he not live with un-neutered adult dogs (so they don’t mark territory) or un-spayed females.


Skye is a 4 month-old standard poodle female that will be a pretty good-sized dog. She might reach 70 pounds when full grown at the age of 3 years. It wouldn’t surprise me at all.


Skye is stunning. She is red with white markings and has incredible greenish-hazel eyes. Can’t show a dog with that color eyes which is really too bad because Skye is beautiful.
Her eyes and her expression are very special. She is smart, active and LOVES people.
We are looking for a guardian home for Skye that will give her the time and training she needs to be a good canine citizen. She will be a big dog. She is very smart. Put the two together and it can spell trouble unless you know what you are doing!
There is not a mean bone in her body but there are plenty of little crafty “what can I get away with?” bones in there!
If you think your family would be a good fit for our Skye please let us know ASAP. Other than potentially knocking toddlers over with her enthusiasm for life and everything in it  —  I think Skye will be fine with little kids.
Give us a call. Skye is waiting….


(AKC Powder Valley Cootie Dangerous in White)
Large Toy or Small Miniature Poodle, Female


I think Ziva will mature right around 10 or maybe 11 pounds. On the cusp but most likely we will classify her as a small miniature. She just doesn’t have the finer bone structure displayed by her toy-sized siblings. Ziva is not at all like the tv character she is named after. THIS Ziva is sweet, playful, confident and LOVES being held. She would love a family or individual with a lot of lap time. But, she’s also not a couch potato  —  so, a family that is ALSO active along with having that lap time is ideal. If you think you have the perfect lap/activity combination  —  let me know!
Ziva would like to interview you!

Flyer  (AKC Powder Valley Rusty’s Radio Flyer)

Male   Red Tiny Toy Poodle

Flyer is the very little brother of our working therapy dog, Jo Jo. Jo Jo is almost seven years old and had been one of our stud dogs. However, his job now is to work in a medical practice in Greeley as my wife’s therapy dog. He visits patients about 9 hours a day four days a week. He is truly a working dog with a very important job to do and he LOVES it. And the patients love him as well. Flyer is Jo Jo’s little brother. At only 4 months of age, Flyer is on course to mature just around 5 to maybe 5.5 pounds. Right now he weighs 3 pounds at 4 months of age.
Flyer is very deep red. When his soft, lighter puppy coat is removed with proper grooming he will be a stunning deep red color. He should hit his mature weight at about 12 months of age.


Flyer is a dog that we will want to keep as a stud for many years. Assuming that he continues to pass all of his genetic tests we want him to continue Jo Jo’s tradition of exceptionally sweet, exceptionally smart, and exceptionally intuitive toy poodles. Additionally, Flyer should contribute great health, great conformation with color, and a temperament to make other breeders jealous. In other words    —  Flyer has everything we desire as our toy poodle stud.

Additionally, we will be showing him in conformation classes in order to (hopefully) get his International Championship. I don’t doubt that the judges will love him.

We are looking for a guardian home for Flyer that will give him a stable environment with a secure house and yard that is fairly local to Fort Collins. Other, small pets are fine as long as they are spayed or neutered. As the only intact male animal in the house Flyer will have NO reason to mark territory and be a pest.

The guardian home will need to make Flyer available when we wish to breed him. This could be as often as once every month or so on average. Breedings are done at one of two locations. Either at the ranch here at Powder Valley Poodles North of Wellington. Or, at the CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital on Drake St. in Fort Collins.

My Dream home for Flyer is a retired individual or couple who really just like to hang out at home and garden, knit or watch tv. Flyer has no desire for long walks in the country, going to dog parks, or doing anything other than hanging out at home in a lap. He is a lap dog. He has no delusions of grandeur of being anything other than a lap dog (and producer of lap dogs). He just wants a lap with a person or persons attached to call his own and he will be DELIGHTED.

If you think you or your family will be a good match for Flyer let me know. Contact me via my phone. It is a landline and does not take texts.

Call 970-568-7585. Flyer is waiting to to hear from you….


Three Quarters toy poodle/ One Quarter European Yorkshire terrier
Female 4 months  will mature 8 to 10 pounds


Truffles is THE sweetest, kindest, most charming little dog imaginable. I had a friend here last week who has untreatable brain cancer. She has lost the movement of her left arm entirely and has limited movement of her left leg. Truffles kept going to her, gently placing the toy or little ball in Kim’s lap and politely asking her  — not to throw it  —  but if Kim WANTED it. Truffles was offering Kim a gift. It was like Truffles knew that she needed to be very gentle and calm with her.
When Kim would pick the toy up, Truffles would very, very gently lick her face and then sit back, pleased with herself. Kim had accepted the gift.
What a sweet, smart and incredible puppy this is. And we are looking for a special guardian home for her that is fairly local to Fort Collins so that she can be a special companion in a family but still be bred as needed. If you think you or your family can give Truffles that home please contact me ASAP.
Contact Terry ASAP if interested in being one of our guardian homes for our breeding dogs.

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