The ultimate non-shedding companion dog

Powder Valley Poodles is a breeding kennel devoted to raising the best puppies possible for families, individuals and as working dogs.

We can’t do that if our dogs used for breeding have to live in an outdoor kennel for most of their lives. It doesn’t show us their potential and it is unethical and inhumane. I know most breeding kennels operate this way. But we are different. Dogs need companionship. Human companionship is best. We can’t have all of the dogs that we own right in our home. There is only room, time and energy for so many.

This is why we offer guardianship opportunities for families and individuals who qualify.

Guardian-care dogs in our breeding program must have a secure yard and an owner who is home most of the time. Someone working an eight hour, 5 day a week job would not be suitable.

  • We pay for all routine medical costs and anything related to breeding.
  • The foster owner agrees to pay for food, toys, beds and grooming.

Candidates for guardian parents must live within 60 miles of Fort Collins, CO and be willing to bring the dog to scheduled veterinary appointments. The new guardian family may keep the dog and her babies after birth and watch them grow up (until the pups are weaned) or choose to let the dog have her puppies here at the ranch and take her back after the puppies are weaned.

If you think guardianship would be a good fit for you, please let us know. Thank you!

Guardian Homes Needed


Standard Poodle Almost 6 year-old Female


Isis, or “Icy” as her friends call her, is one of our resident standard poodles. She is nearing retirement and I am looking for a permanent, loving and fairly local home for her. I will breed Isis for as long as she is wanting to have puppies. She is a wonderful mother and she LOVES being a mom. I don’t know how many more litters that means are in her future but it won’t be very many. Typically, 6 years is when we retire our girls but I will let Isis make that decision. I am hoping for one more after the one that is due in December of 2019, but we’ll just have to see.

Isis is a trained, respectful and confident dog. She is fond of children but not too accepting of other adult female dogs. Males are fine.

In Isis’ world, she has always been the dog in charge, and she has ruled her little queendom beautifully, with grace and dignity. But, there is only one queen, and Isis is her. So, no other girl dogs in the household would be acceptable.

Cats she is not used to. And because of the predatory nature of standard poodles I would not put a cat in possible danger by placing her in a home with cats. When Isis was younger she routinely would chase  —  and catch  —  the wild bunnies on the ranch. Which she thought were a delicious supplement to her diet. The cats we have on the property are all feral. They come out only at night and drive the dogs crazy with their scampering around and teasing. So, probably cats in a household with Isis would not be a good idea. However, livestock, free-range chickens, small caged pets and birds are not a problem. She is used to them and has been trained to leave them alone.

If interested in our girl Icy, let Terry know ASAP. She is a wonderful girl….

Terry 970-568-7585


Standard Poodle Adult Female, “Flash” Needs a Guardian Family


Flash Happt (1)

Life happens, and unfortunately for our beautiful 18 month-old standard poodle, Flash, the family that was her guardian home can no longer keep her. Right now, Flash has a litter of puppies and is at the ranch with them and will need to stay here until they are weaned which won’t be until around the middle to the third week of November. Then, Flash will either be going into her new guardian home or into one of our heated and air conditioned kennels. She’s a house dog and won’t like being out there but I have space for only so many in the house and that space is typically filled with mamas with puppies.

Flash is a big girl and still needs some training. She’s a bit like a bull in a china shop right now. She loves life and everything in it. A bit robust in her enthusiasm, she will get the training she needs while here in order to make her easier to handle and more under control. She isn’t ornery, uncooperative or recalcitrant at all  —  just uneducated. Her previous guardians did not enforce any rules or give her any guidance as to what was acceptable and what was not acceptable behavior. That will change while she is here.

If you think that your family would be a great match for Flash let us know. Call Terry at 970-568-7585. Landline, no texts, please…


Yorkie/poodle girls need guardian homes


Truffles, above, shown with long hair and with a summer hair cut

Truffles, our sweet little Yorkie/poodle from Pebbles and Vinny needs a new guardian home.  Her previous guardian home had to give her up due to complications within the family. A house dog, Truffles is sweet, soft-tempered with people but a real Diva when it comes to other dogs. HER people. HER lap. HER toys, etc. Living with the standard poodle in the household could have been a disaster had the standard poodle not had a good sense of humor. So  —  with that in mind  —  this sweet  little diva either needs a home with no other divas or a home with no other dogs. She loves laps, children of all ages, being a part of everything around her and  —  of course  —  being the absolute  —  and only  —  center of attention. Truffles will be fine either with a houseful of kids or with a single person or couple wanting a good canine companion. Let Terry know if you think this little girl would be the right dog for you.  970-568-7585 ( Landline  no texts, please…)

And, we are planning to keep another Yorkie/poodle from Pebbles and Vinny’s next litter. The puppy we are planning for will be female and maturing around 9 to 10 pounds. We are expecting the puppy to be born in October or November of 2019. The puppy would need to go to it’s new guardian home at around 9 to 10 weeks of age which would put the puppy in the new home sometime in December of 2019 to January or February of 2020. Let Terry know if interested. 970-568-7585  (landline  no texts please…)


All of the dogs and puppies mentioned above will be our breeding dogs but only after passing numerous tests. Some may not make the cut. If they do not make it into the breeding program the puppy automatically becomes the sole property of the guardian home. In other words  —  you get a free puppy!

Don’t get your hopes up too high for a free puppy, though, as most of our dogs DO make the cut. And, as I do not believe in keeping dogs all of their lives in kennels, if the guardian homes I am looking for do not materialize in a timely manner I might have to wait until the next available litters before taking on more puppies. The exception to this would be when one of our girls is retiring. I will keep a puppy or two from these litters as there will be no subsequent litters from that particular dog.

Last year we retired Dandee, Cameo, Lady Bug, Jersey, Cous Cous Cootie, minidoodle stud Roscoe and our miniature boy, Rowdy. This year we retired Maya and Ritz.

All of these retired dogs were in guardian homes that are now permanent homes and are not available.

Contact Terry ASAP if interested in being one of our guardian homes for our breeding dogs.

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