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Tahoe at 9 mo.


Magic Foot Up








Tahoe and Magic’s beautiful litter of 7 standard poodle puppies born August 21st., 2022


Tahoe's 7 A August 29022


These 7 beautiful puppies will be 8 weeks old and ready for their new homes on Sunday, October 16th., 2022.  They will be priced between $2500 and $3200. depending on deepness of color and breed conformation. Both Tahoe and Magic are National Champions. Magic has all of the Canine Good Citizen Titles from the American Kennel Club. Tahoe is also an International Champion. This is her last litter. 

I will be keeping one of the two girls. Breeding rights will be considered for qualifying puppies for the right buyers. Puppies sold with full registration and as potential breeding/show dogs will sell for $5500 to $7500.

These puppies will be very beautiful, intuitive, regal and intelligent. They will make incredible family pets, children’s playmates and therapy/service dog candidates. Some will be suitable as show dogs and breeding candidates. ALL will be very special additions to ANYONE’S family. ALL of these puppies are red.  The puppies will mature in the neighborhood of 55 to 65 pounds with some males possibly a bit bigger. These puppies, when mature, will be the type of dog that will stop traffic. People will simply stop in their tracks and stare at the absolute perfection and bearing of these regal dogs. How do I know? Because my standard poodles have been responsible for more than a few rear-enders. The dogs are just walking quietly by the side of their owners   —   but people can’t help noticing them. In heavy traffic on a busy street   —   it can be a bit of a problem, or so I’m told.

If interested in one of these gorgeous puppies let Terry know ASAP. Call 970-568-7585. (Landline, no texts, please). A $300 deposit will hold your puppy until it is 8 weeks old and can go home.


Toy Goldendoodles From Teddi and Vinny

Born August 20th., 2022

Teddi and Vinny have given us two sweet little toy goldendoodle babies   —   one girl and one boy. Both look almost identical to their mom, Teddi. The boy, on the right in the photo, is smaller than his sister and has some white on his chest. Other than that   —   they both look just like mom.

These puppies should mature around 10 to 11 pounds for the girl and most likely under 9 pounds for the boy. They will be sweet, playful, engaging and ADORABLE little lap dogs. Priced at between $2400 and $2800 they will be 8 weeks old and ready for their new homes on Saturday, October 15th., 2022. A $300 deposit will hold your puppy until then. Call Terry at 970-568-7585 if interested in one of these sweet babies.


From Jewels and Bodie

Smaller Medium-sized (25 to 32 lbs.) Goldendoodle Puppies Available.  Born August 10th., 2022 and going home starting October 5th.

$1500 to $2500

Our wonderful working mom standard poodle, Jewels, (who is not only a mom but a working therapy dog in a therapist’s practice) and miniature goldendoodle, Bodie, have given us 8 beautiful goldendoodle puppies   —   4 girls and 4 boys. These very cute, playful and outgoing little puppies absolutely LOVE people, any attention they can get is cherished. They are sweet, outgoing and beautiful and will make great family dogs, hiking partners, companions for shut-ins and children’s playmates. Many will make great therapy dogs just like their mom, Jewels. They will be 8 weeks old and can go home on October 5th., 2022. A $300 deposit will hold your puppy until it can go to its new forever home. Call Terry at 970-568-7585 (landline, no texts, please).  Are you a senior citizen, a veteran or a working first responder? This litter is a great litter for you! Read about our Master List on our “Prices and Policies” page. You may end up paying FAR LESS for one of these puppies than is advertised!


Petite Miniature/Toy Goldendoodle Puppies Available from Dusty Daisy and Solo! Born August 14th., 2022 and can go home on October 9th., 2022.

Dusty Daisy and Solo gave us 6 beautiful puppies on August 14th. 4 boys and 2 girls.  Dusty is a petite miniature goldendoodle daughter of Minnie and Vinny. She and Solo have some very unusual colors in this litter. We have black with white markings, brown with white markings, red sable phantom, brown sable phantom and dark sable   —  most with white markings. 

These puppies should mature in the 14 to 18 pound range. This would make them large toy or smaller petite miniature goldendoodles. They will be playful, active, bold and athletic   —   like their parents. They will make great portable family dogs and wonderful companions and walking/hiking partners. We are pricing these puppies between $2000 and $2500. If interested in this litter of beautiful puppies call Terry at 970-568-7585 (landline, no texts, please). A $300 deposit will hold your puppy until it is 8 weeks old and can go home.(Oct. 9th., 2022). 


Medium-sized Goldendoodle Puppies Available

Born July 28th and can go home starting Sept. 22nd., 2022

$1500 to $2500  (depending on color, personality and veterinary profiles)

Finn and Bodie have given us TEN beautiful medium- sized standard goldendoodles. There are 4 girls and 6 boys. Most of the puppies are shades of chocolate brown. Some have white markings. We have light milk chocolate to deep, dark chocolate and several in-between. The others are apricot and one little girl is chocolate red. Beautiful puppies that will mature a little bigger than our miniature goldendoodles and smaller than our standard goldendoodles. I think this litter will most likely average around 32 to 40 pounds when full grown, of course, some may be a bit smaller and a couple a bit bigger. All will be very smart, athletic, sweet and willing. These are very, very, sweet-natured, calm and people-loving puppies. They will make wonderful playmates for children, working service and therapy dog candidates and family dogs. Their personality profiles, which will be done a 7 weeks, will determine which puppies will have more energy, which will have less energy, which are more bold, less bold, etc.. 

If interested in one of these beautiful pups let Terry Know ASAP. A $300 deposit will hold your space in the folder until the puppies are 8 weeks old and ready to go home (Sept. 22nd.). Call Terry at 970-568-7585 (landline, no texts please). We look forward to speaking with you!

Miniature Goldendoodle Puppies from Splash Angel and Vinny Born July 27th., 2022. Going Home Starting Sept. 22nd.

$1500 to $2600  

This is Splash Angel’s very last litter. Over the years she has consistently given us beautiful, tractable, willing and sweet miniature goldendoodles. The combination of Splash and Vinny have created wonderful working service dogs, intuitive therapy dogs, enthusiastic obedience competitors and, of course, incredible family dogs and children’s playmates. 

These puppies will mature on average around 25 pounds. However, there may be one or two that mature a little smaller and one or two a little bigger. They will all sell for between $1500 and $2600 with “Pick of the Litter” (if there is one) selling for $2800. Most of the puppies will be right around $1500 to $2200. There are 6 females and 2 males. Most of this litter is black or black with white markings. Some of them may turn out to be a very dark sable   —   hard to tell at this age. I know that one of the girls is a gorgeous black and red phantom, one of the boys a very unusual chocolate sable phantom and the other boy either apricot or red. 

If interested in a puppy from Splash Angels last litter let Terry know ASAP. A $300 deposit will hold your puppy until it is 8 weeks old and ready to go home. The “go home” day is Sept. 21st., 2022.Call Terry at 970-568-7585 (landline, no texts please….).  We look forward to speaking to you!


Miniature Goldendoodles

Will mature 28 to 30 lbs

Ready to go home now!

These  are from Twinkles and Bodie. They are the, “Cologne” litter. 

Twinkles/Bodie Miniature Goldendoodle Puppies Born June 12th., 2022. The “Cologne” Litter Puppy Profiles

These puppies will be sweet-natured and tolerant with a low to moderate energy level.

These profiles are for comparative purposes only. Seven weeks is too young for a definitive personality profile. These tests are given in order to help prospective new owners pick a suitable puppy for their lifestyle. As puppies mature many factors go into determining a puppy’s personality. Added is the short description that best suits the puppy at this time.

1 2 3 4 5 “3” is average for miniature goldendoodles in general

Low High

Our veterinarian, Dr. Richard Wheeler, DVM, DACT (a Board Certified Reproductive Specialist) has examined each puppy and found them to be very healthy. One of the puppies, the brown boy, had as of last week only one testicle descended. That was a week ago and it may be descended now. But, I have neuropathy in my fingers so I can’t feel them regardless. Because as of a week ago he wasn’t “perfect” and we don’t know if he’s perfect now or not, his price has been reduced. 

Name: “Armani” Male Brown $1500   (may have only one testicle descended)

Energy Level: 3+ Interest in People: 4+ Boldness: 3 Fearfulness: 3

Dominance: 3- Tolerance: 4 Retrieving Interest: High Average

Armani is a confident, active, playful and engaging puppy. A perfect companion and playmate for active older children and/or an active family that typically includes the family dog in outdoor adventures.

Name: “Polo” Male     Reddish Apricot       $1500

Energy Level: 4- Interest in People: 5 Boldness: 3+ Fearfulness: 3-

Dominance: 1 Tolerance: 4 Retrieving Interest: High Average

Polo is like a Buick in a showroom full of Ferraris. He’s big, he’s currently clumsy because he’s growing up so fast, he doesn’t know how to stay out from under your feet and he is very sturdy. The biggest in his litter – he still thinks he’s a lap dog. Although he needs direction and training he will make a great family dog for the dog-savvy family. 


Call Terry at 970-568-7585 to reserve your puppy! Landline, no texts please….

Not Everyone Can Afford a $2500 Puppy

Check Our “Master List” info on our “Policies and Pricing” page to see if you qualify for our MASTER LIST!

Thank you for thinking about Powder Valley Poodles for your next pet!


Scam artists are getting very good at convincing people to send money for puppies or dogs that actually do not exist. Money is sent and you never hear from them again. BE CAREFUL! Only pay a deposit with PayPal or a credit card in order to protect yourself from fraud and NEVER pay the entire price for a puppy unless you are in the presence of that puppy and know that the situation is not a scam. NEVER NEVER NEVER send a cashier’s check, wire money or pay with a debit card or bank number. These are USUALLY scams.


The scammers are getting very good at what they are doing. So  —  please be VERY CAUTIOUS  —  if someone has a puppy or a litter of desirable-breed puppies available like goldendoodles or toy/miniature poodles  —  BE CAREFUL! BE SUSPICIOUS! BE SAFE and do not send money unless you can protect that investment should you be dealing with fraud. Use only PayPal and Credit Cards. (NOT Debit Cards).

Terry Jester

Powder Valley Poodles

Check Back Soon!

Life Happens! Sometimes people have every intention of taking home a puppy but when the time comes   —  they are unable to do so. We would then have an available puppy that is either old enough to go home or will be shortly. By checking this page every morning (after 9:30am is best) you may be the lucky one to get that particular puppy.


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