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These two male puppies ARE NOT Powder Valley Poodle Puppies, are not related to Powder Valley Poodles and our guaranties and policies do not apply to these two puppies. However, they are nicely bred puppies in desperate need of good homes.

If interested in these two beautiful puppies please contact the owner, Jane Stamp, at 970-308-6256. 


Male AKC  Std. Poodle Born Sept. 10th., 2018  Solid Brindle Will Mature Over 50 pounds $900



Male AKC Std. Poodle Born Sept. 10th, 2018 Brindle with white chest will mature 60 pounds or under   $900

Notes on these two beautiful boys: These boys have lived outside in a kennel and will need socialization and training. They will be fine but they need homes NOW. They are both very passive and quiet because they don’t know what to do and have very little experience with the world outside of their kennel. With patience and attention you will uncover a very sweet, curious and playful puppy under the passive, woebegone exterior first displayed when removed from the familiar. These are very nice dogs in a totally untrained package but once the time is put in you will not be sorry. However  —  time is running out for creating that well-adjusted, well-integrated housedog from these two. I think the owner is more interested in finding them good homes and is not as interested in making money from them. $900 is more than reasonable for healthy, well-bred standard poodles. However she is probably open to negotiation if you can establish that the puppy would be in a good home.


Miniature Poodle Puppies Available!




Our phantom miniature poodle girl, “Gabby”, and sweet little red sable toy poodle boy, “Vinny” have given us SEVEN gorgeous puppies! These puppies  —  5 boys and 2 girls —  are beautiful, colorful puppies. We don’t know WHICH puppy is available and will not know until the puppies are 8 weeks old and everyone who has a deposit on this litter gets to pick out and take home their puppy in the order in which the deposits came in. We have room for one more deposit. The puppy available will most likely be a boy since we have far more boys than girls.

These puppies will mature 10 to 12 pounds if they take after mom, and if they take after dad, 7 to 8 pounds with a few probably smaller. We’ll know how big they will get at maturity when they are a little older. These pups will sell for between $1500 and $1800 depending on size (the very small ones 6 -7 pounds are the more expensive), color and conformation.

We have two black and red phantom boys. One has a lot of white on his chest and chin. We have a red and tan phantom boy with white on his chest. He has a black face so he may also be a sable. We have a red sable phantom boy with no white. We have a small, brown sable boy with a lot of white on his belly, chest, chin and face.  We have a red sable phantom girl with white on her chest, chin, and neck. And we have a black and red phantom girl with a lot of white on chest, belly, chin, face and feet.

A $100 deposit will hold your space for a puppy until it is 8 weeks old and ready to go home….

Let Terry know if interested.  970-568-7585 Landline  —  no texts please….

Please check back soon for more news!

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