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Have you noticed that our prices have dropped considerably?

There is NOTHING wrong with any of our puppies. The prices have been lowered to reflect the current market. We try to match what the other breeders of high-quality puppies are asking and since people are backing away from buying non-essential things right now (like puppies!), breeders are dropping prices in order to move the puppies into new homes. We are no exception. 6 months ago we couldn’t keep up with the demand for puppies and our phone messages and emails were piling up. Now, the demand for puppies has returned to what I would consider a “normal” rate — and so have our prices. Will they go back up again? I truly do not know. But I do know that if you are interested in a high-quality, healthy, calm and easily trained puppy — there is no better time than NOW to buy one.

Toy and Small Miniature Puppies Available!

Three of these beautiful puppies can go home soon! We don’t know WHICH of the three are available until the person with first pick chooses their puppy on May 28th. If YOU would like to have second pick of this wonderful litter of beautiful toy and small miniature puppies let Terry know ASAP.

Toy Poodle Puppies from Martini and Flash!

Four Beautiful Puppies that will Mature around 8 to 10 lbs.

Three Puppies Available   —  Can Go Home Sunday, May 28th., 2023!

Call 970-568-7585 — landline, no texts please. A $300 deposit can hold your puppy until this coming Sunday when they turn 8 weeks old and are ready to go home. Puppies are priced at $2000 for little trouble-maker, I-Pad, with the rest of the litter priced at $2200. All have been vet-checked, had first set of shots and have been dewormed. Check out their “Quick Look” Personality Profiles, below.

Martini/Flash Toy/Miniature Poodle Puppies

Born April 2nd and 3rd., 2023

Puppy Profile (Tested at 7 weeks)

All of these puppies will be active, sweet-natured, playful, and extremely people-oriented.

These profiles are for comparative purposes only. Seven weeks is too young for a definitive personality profile, especially on the smaller breeds who mature – behaviorally and developmentally — much more slowly than do the larger breeds. These tests are given in order to help prospective new owners pick a suitable puppy for their lifestyle. As puppies mature many factors go into determining a puppy’s personality. Added to the profile is a short description that best suits the puppy at this time.

1 2 3 4 5 “3” is Average for Very Small and Toy Breeds in general

Low High

Our veterinarian, Dr. Richard Wheeler, has examined each puppy and found them to be very healthy.

Name: “McIntosh” Male ½ patch face Tri-parti-color $2200

Energy Level:_3+ Interest in People:__5__ Boldness: _3__ Fearfulness:___3__

Lap Dog Potential _4 (busy)____

Mac is an active, playful, kid-friendly little ball of love. LOVES everyone and loves to give kisses. Great choice for an active family!

Name: “I-Pad” Male Black and red /tri-partu-color $2000

Energy Level: 3 Interest in People: 4+ Boldness: 3- Fearfulness: 3

Lap Dog Potential 5____

I-Pad” is Mr. Chill. –UNLESS he wants attention. Then he becomes a loud, demanding puppy with the lungs of Pavarotti. This is not a good choice for condo or apartment living unless his person is always there for him. All he wants is a lap. 24/7. Then he is very happy and quiet.

Name: “Rome” Male Black/red phantom $2200

Energy Level: _3-___ Interest in People: _5___ Boldness: __3__Fearfulness: __3__

Lap Dog Potential 4_____

Need a little shadow? Here he is! Rome just wants to be near you. Nor necessarily in your lap –but near. He also is a talker. He has a quiet, grumbling opinion on everything! A great little dog –a little quirky, for a quirky family.

Name: “Fancy” Female Tri-parti-color $2200.

Energy Level: 3 Interest in People: 5 Boldness: 3 Fearfulness: 3

Lap Dog Potential ___4+__

What a sweet little girl! Fancy loves to give kisses and loves being held. She prefers people to toys but toys will do in a pinch. Great, adaptable, personable and beautiful puppy for just about any family.


Standard Poodle Puppies from Jazz and Bandit!

Seven GORGEOUS Puppies Born April 8th., 2023

Four Girls and Three Boys

The girls are three deep red with white markings puppies and one dark apricot with white markings.

The boys are two dark apricot and white parti-color (will look just like Dad, Bandit) and one deep red. All three boys will be bigger than the girls. Puppies should mature 50 to 60 pounds for the girls (maybe a little smaller for one of the deep red girls) and 60 to 70 pounds for the boys. Puppies will be priced between $1800 and $2500 with the average puppy costing $2200. They will be calm, intuitive, focused and reliable. Suitable as companions, working therapy dogs, working service dog candidates and closet monster deterrents for children. Absolutely the EASIEST puppies you could imagine and   —   from previous owners of our standard poodles   —   “The best dog I have ever had!”.

Call Terry at 970-568-7585 if interested in one of these beautiful and willing standard poodle puppies. They can go home at 8 weeks of age which will be Sunday, June 4th, and a $300 deposit will hold your puppy until then. As of  May 1st., we have 3 puppies available.


Thank you for thinking about Powder Valley Poodles for your next pet!


Scam artists are getting very good at convincing people to send money for puppies or dogs that actually do not exist. Money is sent and you never hear from them again. BE CAREFUL! Only pay a deposit with PayPal or a credit card in order to protect yourself from fraud and NEVER pay the entire price for a puppy unless you are in the presence of that puppy and know that the situation is not a scam. NEVER NEVER NEVER send a cashier’s check, wire money or pay with a debit card or bank number. These are USUALLY scams.


The scammers are getting very good at what they are doing. So  —  please be VERY CAUTIOUS  —  if someone has a puppy or a litter of desirable-breed puppies available like goldendoodles or toy/miniature poodles  —  BE CAREFUL! BE SUSPICIOUS! BE SAFE and do not send money unless you can protect that investment should you be dealing with fraud. Use only PayPal and Credit Cards. (NOT Debit Cards).

Terry Jester

Powder Valley Poodles

Check Back Soon!

Life Happens! Sometimes people have every intention of taking home a puppy but when the time comes   —  they are unable to do so. We would then have an available puppy that is either old enough to go home or will be shortly. By checking this page every morning (after 9:30am is best) you may be the lucky one to get that particular puppy.


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