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And by putting this notice up I am inviting WWAAYYYY too many phone calls and emails   —  and I JUST got out of the hospital after having major surgery. However, I want these puppies to be in good homes ASAP. That can not be until AFTER Thanksgiving. I just can’t do it it right now. I can barely move. So  —  I’m giving out very little information right now. And, in order to be on the short list of people that get first access to these puppies you will need to REFERENCE the puppy’s name in an EMAIL. Please DO NOT CALL. I need to SLEEP!

So the puppies that are available after Thanksgiving (or soon after) are:

“Louie” one year-old neutered male red Yorkie/poodle cross.  Has had zilch training and needs EVERYTHING that an 8 week-old puppy needs. But, he’s very sweet, very willing and LOVES people. He is high energy  —  so a house full of kids or other dogs would be right up his ally. $750. The longer Louie is here the more training he will get and the higher his price will be….

“Sabrina”  9 week old toy goldendoodle, Chocolatety red  female. Sweet, LOVES people and is playful and happy….  $2500

“Sally”  10 week-old red standard goldendoodle. Will mature around 60 pounds. Sweet, calm, LOVES everybody and everything. GREAT family dog. Half golden retriever and half standard poodle. Very kid and toddler friendly. Will shed some…. $2500

4 standard poodle puppies that will be ready to go home in December. Tahoe and Magic had 9 pups and we only took 5 deposits! I don’t know if they will be males or females available but the sooner you put in a deposit the more selection there will be. She had 5 boys and 4 girls…. Reference when emailing, “Tahoe’s Litter”…. Puppies are $1800 to $2500.


Thank you for thinking about Powder Valley Poodles for your next pet!

Because so many people are being forced to stay at home/laid off/ no jobs/no school, the demand for companion animals has been unprecedented. We, like all of the other reputable breeders I know, have sold most or all of our puppies available plus sold all of our puppies soon to be born AND sold all of the puppies in every litter that should be born before the end of summer.. Unless the mama dogs have more puppies than we anticipate we will not have much available for the rest of the summer and into the fall. This includes the retired and retiring dogs from every breeder I know. They all have homes waiting for them.
Puppies will be very hard to find until fall and winter and the people acquiring them will only be able to do so by placing a deposit on the litters far, far in advance. 
Breeder’s with poor reputations/unhealthy puppies, etc may have dogs and puppies available but be aware that you may be getting into a very bad situation with an unhealthy puppy or a scam. Scam artists are getting very good at convincing people to send money for puppies or dogs that actually do not exist. Money is sent and you never hear from them again. BE CAREFUL! Only pay a deposit with PayPal or a credit card in order to protect yourself from fraud and NEVER pay the entire price for a puppy unless you are in the presence of that puppy and know that the situation is not a scam. NEVER NEVER NEVER send a cashier’s check, wire money or pay with a debit card or bank number. These are USUALLY scams.
The scammers are getting very good at what they are doing. So  —  please be VERY CAUTIOUS  —  if someone has a puppy or a litter of desirable-breed puppies available like goldendoodles or toy/miniature poodles  —  BE CAREFUL! BE SUSPICIOUS! BE SAFE and do not send money unless you can protect that investment should you be dealing with fraud. Use only PayPal and Credit Cards. (NOT Debit Cards).
Terry Jester
Powder Valley Poodles

Check Back Soon!

Life Happens! Sometimes people have every intention of taking home a puppy but when the time comes   —  they are unable to do so. We would then have an available puppy that is either old enough to go home or will be shortly. By checking this page every morning (after 9:30am is best) you may be the lucky one to get that particular puppy.


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