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Zivas 5 Mar 2020 (1)

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Ziva and Solo Gave us 5 Beautiful Puppies!

We Have 4 Boys and 1 Girl

We have potential deposits on two of the boys (must be breed quality) and the little girl who also must be breed quality. All of the deposits are from breeders who have specific needs and desired colors and qualities. With that in mind I will take two more deposits on this litter AND I will take a name or two of people interested in the puppies just in case we are not able to fulfill the desired qualities of the breeders who have deposits on this litter. We will only sell puppies as breeding quality if they have no obvious cosmetic faults, boys have to have both testicles descended and the pups must have what appears to be breed standard dentition. No pink noses, (they will color in as the puppies mature), off-color eyes or crooked teeth.

However  —  pets do not have to be perfect! So, if interested in one of these little jewels  —  and there is a better than good chance that they will ALL be perfect  —  let Terry know. These pups will sell with limited AKC registration (non-breeding) for between $1500 and $1800. Full (breeding) AKC registration on approved puppies to approved breeders will sell for $3500 to $3800. A little early yet to tell exactly how many of these puppies are tri-color like their mom but I can tell already that at least three of them are. The other two will either be parti-color black and white or tri-parti, white, black and either red, fawn or brown. Call 970-568-7585 (landline  —  no texts, please ). A $200 deposit will hold your puppy until it is 8 weeks old and ready for it’s new home (May 19th., 2020).


Standard Poodle 9 mo. Female Parti-color

Happy Cleo

Sale Pending to Keith and Family (5 kids  —  Cleo will be so happy!)… They have to meet her first. To the folks who have left messages regarding Cleo in the last couple of days   —  I have been swamped with calls and emails but I WILL call you back. We will know if Cleo is still available after Saturday. Thank you!

“Cleo” Female 9 Mo. Parti-color Standard Poodle $2000

Cleo is a sweet, playful and outgoing girl. Already spayed and up to date on all of her shots she was returned to us because one of the kids in the family isn’t JUST allergic to dog hair  —  Cleo does not shed  —  but is extremely, dangerously, allergic to dog saliva. The pediatrician said the dogs must go.

Cleo is housebroken and crate trained. She was exclusively a house dog only going out to play with other dogs and to relieve herself. And she does love to play with other dogs! And kids! She absolutely loves children.

Cleo was purchased by a family when she was 4 mo. old. We had kept Cleo in order to determine if she would be a good breeding and dog show candidate. The final determination was that although Cleo’s temperament and personality were EXACTLY what we wanted in our breeding dogs  —  sweet, confident, smart, tolerant and very willing to be trained  —  her good looks  —  although “good”, were not quite good enough for the show ring. So, after putting some time and effort into Cleo’s training she was then sold to this family  —  a family who loved her very much but had never had a dog before. The result is that underneath the neglected training lies a well-behaved dog. However, they really let her “just be a dog” and never required her to use any of the training that she had received from us. So  —  although I KNOW that she knows many basic commands  —  it may take a few weeks for her to understand that, yes  —  she has to actually do them when asked and can’t pretend that she has no idea what we’re talking about. In other words  —  it’s off to boot camp for Cleo!

So  —  right now Cleo’s price is $2000. This is a whole lot less than what the family paid for her. If Cleo is here for very long her price will increase as her training is restored.  So  —  if you can give her the tune up yourself  —  here she is! If not  —  wait a few weeks and if someone else hasn’t snagged this wonderful girl then you and your family can pay a little more for her. Let Terry know if interested. I know times are tough right now and it’s hard finding something to smile about but this pretty girl is happy, joyful, playful and so eager to be with people  —  how can you not find joy when around her? Call or email Terry:  or 970-568-7585 (landline, no texts…)

Available 2 year-old AKC Female Parti-color Standard Poodle  “Flash”


Flas Stacked

Flash can be shown in the International All Breed Dog Shows (closest one is Greeley first week of October, 2020) and the United Kennel Club dog shows.  Because parti-color is not a recognized color she is exempt from the AKC shows (and who wants to deal with those ridiculous hair cuts they HAVE to be shown in, anyway?) This haircut shown above is an accepted  hair cut for the standard poodle in the IABCA and UKC dog shows. 

As Flash progresses in her obedience competition training (she is trained and ready for the Conformation Ring), her price will increase. Right now her price is $3500.00 ($6500 with breeding rights) This dog is an EXCELLENT dog for someone wanting to compete in both conformation and obedience. She LOVES both. And, of course, she will be a great companion.

When Flash’s babies are weaned (which should be around the beginning of May) we will be looking for a permanent home for her. She is being retired and placed in a home as we have had no luck placing her in a guardian home and I don’t believe in dogs living their lives in kennels.Flash had lived with a family as a house dog for much of her life. Then, their lives changed and they were forced to return her to us. Flash is not a good candidate for a multi-dog family. She likes big, or similar-sized male dogs but is quite the diva and doesn’t want to share that status with small male dogs or other girls.  Flash is well-behaved, house broken, crate trained, knows many formal obedience commands (she has been started in the off-lead  obedience ring and LOVES it)  and is good with kids and livestock. Flash, to my knowledge, has never lived with cats.

Flash is an excellent defender of home and property and I guarantee she would challenge any burglar, bad guy or serial ax murderer trying to break into your home. She is no pushover.

If you think your family would love to have this easy, regal and beautiful girl in your life contact Terry.  Breeding rights for Flash will be considered for the right individual.

 970-568-7585. Landline, no texts, please.


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