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Standard Poodle Puppy!


Priced at $2500. Let Terry know if interested. Call 970-568-7585. This is a landline so please no texts. Reference this puppy, “Eureka” —  and we will call you back ASAP.

Standard Poodle Puppy Profile from Tahoe and Magic Born Nov. 6th., 2020 The “California Towns and Cities” Litter Puppy Profile (Tested at 9 weeks)

All of these puppies will be sweet-natured, tolerant and gentle with a moderate energy level.

These profiles are for comparative purposes only. Seven weeks is too young for a definitive personality profile. These tests are given in order to help prospective new owners pick a suitable puppy for their lifestyle. As puppies mature many factors go into determining a puppy’s personality. Added is the short description that best suits the puppy at this time.

1 2 3 4 5 “3” is average for Goldendoodles in general

Low High

Our veterinarian, Dr. Richard Wheeler, has examined each puppy and found them to be very healthy. 

Name: “Eureka” Female Very light apricot with white markings   $2500

Energy Level: 2+   Interest in People:  5   Boldness: 3 Fearfulness: 3

Dominance:  2   Tolerance: 4   Retrieving Interest: Average

Eureka! We found her! This beautiful puppy has blossomed into a sweet, willing, sensitive and intuitive youngster. When she was surrounded by the competition of her many littermates she presented as somewhat aloof. However, with her littermates leaving one by one she has started to really come forward and has demonstrated a very sweet, interested and willing side of her that just was not apparent when she had so many pushy, demanding littermates to compete with. When it was just she and one brother I started noticing that she was much more outgoing and desiring of attention and “people time”. Now, with her brother having left she has become the sweet, interactive, willing and sensitive puppy that she truly is. Is she still a bit of a Diva? Of Course! She’s a stunningly beautiful, conformationally correct, incredibly intelligent standard poodle! How could she not be? But  —  now her true personality is shining through and I REALLY like this puppy. She will be fun to live with, easier-than-average to train, calmer than the average puppy and oh! So smart and beautiful! She will also be BIG! So  —  be forewarned. She may reach 65 pounds  —  maybe even 70. But, she is a CALM puppy. She is an incredibly WILLING puppy. So  —  those traits combined with her smarts will be a WHOLE lot easier to live with compared to the AVERAGE puppy. Average she is not.  


Poodle /Pointer Puppies! 



Benelli/Bandit puppies born Nov. 24th., 2020 Reservation List:

First Pick:  Terry, Powder Valley Poodles

Second Pick: Kelly F. (Loveland, CO)

Third Pick: Tera J. (Castle Rock, CO)

4th: Robbi G. (Carr, CO)

5th: Margaret T. (W. VA)   (trains service dogs for veterans)

6th: Emma E. (Fort Collins, CO)

Mom is “Benelli”, an excellent hunting German Shorthaired Pointer. Dad is “Bandit”, one of our beautiful standard poodle studs. (See Photos Above) The puppies should mature around 50 to 65 pounds for the girls and 55 to 70 for the boys. There is lots of color in this litter and I’m also thinking that there will be some excellent hunters and more importantly  —  WONDERFUL family companions and children’s playmates. They will be half and half so there will be a little shedding. Puppies will sell for $1200 to $1500. Let Terry know ASAP if interested in one of these GREAT family dogs! Call 970-568-7585 (landline, no texts, please!)

Note about the German Shorthaired Pointer:  The GSHP is a breed that has been around for a very long time. They have been used as hunting dogs and family companions for many, many years. They have such an excellent all-round dependable temperament and their scenting ability is so strong, combined by their friendliness and physical soundness that the United States Government has offered good, reputable breeders of the GSHP monetary incentives to produce more puppies to be trained for government service. The TSA, the DEA, the US Dept. of Agriculture and the secret service. The US government needs bomb-sniffers, drug-sniffers and fruit-sniffers  —  all in a dog that won’t be a danger to someone’s toddler who breaks away, runs up to the working dog and throws his or her arms around it. This very scenario happened to me while working in a very crowded mall with —  thank God  —  a 115 pound German shepherd who loved kids. With a lot of working dogs that could have been a disaster. With the average GSHP it would not be anything more than a break in it’s focus, a good face licking and a lot of stubby tail wagging. This temperament and dependability is why I have chosen the GSHP to cross with my standard poodle studs. My goal is for these dogs to be less shedding, keenly intelligent and intuitive working dogs for people with mental or physical disabilities and WONDERFUL, kid-friendly family companions.   


Thank you for thinking about Powder Valley Poodles for your next pet!

Because so many people are being forced to stay at home/laid off/ no jobs/no school, the demand for companion animals has been unprecedented. We, like all of the other reputable breeders I know, have sold most or all of our puppies available plus sold all of our puppies soon to be born AND sold all of the puppies in every litter that should be born before the end of summer.. Unless the mama dogs have more puppies than we anticipate we will not have much available for the rest of the summer and into the fall. This includes the retired and retiring dogs from every breeder I know. They all have homes waiting for them.
Puppies will be very hard to find until fall and winter and the people acquiring them will only be able to do so by placing a deposit on the litters far, far in advance. 
Breeder’s with poor reputations/unhealthy puppies, etc may have dogs and puppies available but be aware that you may be getting into a very bad situation with an unhealthy puppy or a scam. Scam artists are getting very good at convincing people to send money for puppies or dogs that actually do not exist. Money is sent and you never hear from them again. BE CAREFUL! Only pay a deposit with PayPal or a credit card in order to protect yourself from fraud and NEVER pay the entire price for a puppy unless you are in the presence of that puppy and know that the situation is not a scam. NEVER NEVER NEVER send a cashier’s check, wire money or pay with a debit card or bank number. These are USUALLY scams.
The scammers are getting very good at what they are doing. So  —  please be VERY CAUTIOUS  —  if someone has a puppy or a litter of desirable-breed puppies available like goldendoodles or toy/miniature poodles  —  BE CAREFUL! BE SUSPICIOUS! BE SAFE and do not send money unless you can protect that investment should you be dealing with fraud. Use only PayPal and Credit Cards. (NOT Debit Cards).
Terry Jester
Powder Valley Poodles

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Life Happens! Sometimes people have every intention of taking home a puppy but when the time comes   —  they are unable to do so. We would then have an available puppy that is either old enough to go home or will be shortly. By checking this page every morning (after 9:30am is best) you may be the lucky one to get that particular puppy.


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