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Miniature Poodle Male Puppy Available!

Three weeks old and already quite the looker, Ritzy’s little red and white marked puppy is looking for a home. Maturing in the 14 to 15 pound range he will be a true miniature and will be a beautiful red with plenty of white markings. I will be color-testing his genetics to see if he carries the phantom pattern gene and if he does, I will be keeping him to eventually replace Robbie, his uncle. If he does not carry the gene for phantom I will be selling him. I should know by about the end of November. His price  —  if to be sold  —  would be $1600. Let Terry Know if interested. 970-567-7585. Landline  —  no texts please….

Toy Goldendoodle Puppies Available!



We have at least two toy goldendoodle puppies, both male, available from Sachi and Vinny’s litter that was born on Sept. 6th.  These puppies will be old enough to go to their new homes in about a month. The people with deposits on this litter wanted girls. Since Sachi had only one girl and 4 boys we have some boys available. These puppies are toy goldendoodles and will mature around 12 to 15 pounds. They are stunning colors  —  unusual colors for doodles  —  and will be perfect children’s playmates and small family companions. Our toy goldendoodles are big dogs in little packages. The traits we strive for in our breeding of these little guys are the same traits seen in our bigger goldendoodles: healthy, friendly, outgoing and easily trained family dogs that can also be wonderful therapy, emotional support and autism support service dogs  —  just in a very portable package.

These puppies will sell for $1800. If interested let Terry know ASAP.  You won’t believe how beautiful these puppies are….


Mini/Medium Goldendoodle Puppies Available!

Mom, Tahoe, above left, our International and National Champion and Yankee, above right, our gorgeous red mini goldendoodle boy have had their litter (bottom right) and we have FIVE puppies available.

The bright light of day kind of washed out Tahoe’s reddish blond color just like the dark picture of she and her 8 puppies make her look darker than she really is. She’s actually in the middle color wise. She’s a very pleasing reddish blonde. Yankee’s color shown is about right and in this group of puppies I haven’t looked to see exactly WHICH sex were WHICH colors I did check the two very, very, deep red (Irish setter-like deep red) and saw that we have one girl and one boy that color. Gorgeous.

Puppies from Tahoe and Yankee typically mature between 25 and 34 pounds with some individuals being smaller ( one from a previous litter has matured to only 17 pounds)  and a few being larger, as much as 36 pounds, although those are rare. Most of the pups are going to be around 28 to 34 pounds at maturity and all will be completely non-shedding.

We have shades of blonde, apricot, deep apricot, red, and deep, deep red. We have 4 boys and four girls. I think the puppies that will be available will mostly be girls as the three people with deposits already on the litter have stated that they are mostly interested in the boys…. We won’t know for sure until the puppies turn 8 weeks old and are ready to go home. November 30th., 2019 is the day, (a Sunday) that they turn 8 weeks and can be chosen and taken home. We have 5 spots available to come and choose and take home a puppy. We have 2:00, 2:45, 3:30, 4:15 and 5:00. If interested in one of these wonderful little balls-of-fur, let Terry know ASAP. Selling for an average of $1500, they will be VERY popular. 970-568-7585. Landline, no texts please….

Toy Poodle Male Puppy Available!


Sale Pending to Julie from Centennial. We’ll know after Thursday, Oct 24th.

Tootie and Flyer have ONE little boy available. Born August 12th., 2019, this reddish blonde little boy is sweet, playful, curious and confident. He will mature either a larger toy or a very small miniature. I’m guessing right at or a little above 10 inches at the shoulder and a stocky 9 or 10 pounds. He isn’t frail by any means! He is built beautifully, very much like his Uncle Jo Jo, who is my wife’s therapy partner in her practice. Jo Jo only weighs 6 pounds but it’s six pounds of solid, sturdy, muscle. This little guy is built just like Jo Jo but I believe will be bigger. Probably around 9 pounds. Big enough so that when he is older he can jump on and off the furniture by himself and without seriously hurting himself. Also big enough for some serious playing with the kids. Again  —  this little boy is not your average, tiny, toy poodle puppy. He’s small, yes. But he is built like a little tank. He can handle the kids as long as they are not intentionally trying to hurt him or drop him from above onto a hard surface. Even then, he might dent the floor!

This playful and outgoing puppy has had all of his first shots, deworming, comes with a microchip and AKC non-breeding registration papers. Our vet has conducted a thorough exam and found him to be 100%. He is ready to go to his new forever home now. Little Cooter is $1500. Let Terry know ASAP if you think Cooter is the right puppy for you. 970-568-7585 (landline, no texts, please…)


Standard Goldendoodles Available!

These Puppies Appear to Be All Spoken For. We’ll Keep You Posted…. 


Our red and white parti-color standard poodle Flash and the handsome golden retriever Elvis. Jr. had their babies on September 30th., 2019. Flash had 4 gorgeous puppies  —  two males and two females  —  and since the people with deposits on this litter want the boys it means that we have two red girls available. These girls are half and half goldendoodles so they will shed a little bit but not anywhere near the type of shedding typical of the golden retriever.

Since both Flash and Elvis are good-sized dogs  —  Flash will be around 55 to 60 pounds and Elvis weighs 70 pounds  —  I expect these puppies to mature in the 60 to 70 pound range for the girls and maybe a little bigger for the boys. The puppies will be stocky, sturdy and solid  —  in body and in mind. They will be very friendly, very sweet, very dependable and very easy to live with and train. They will make superior mobility assistance, ESSD, Autism Support, resident and visiting therapy dogs. And I REALLY mean superior. These puppies will have the heart of the golden retriever with the brains of the standard poodle combined with the extreme sweetness of both parents. You will not find a better family companion, children’s playmate or therapy dog candidate. These will really be very special dogs in the lives of whomever takes them home. Priced at $1500, a $200 deposit will hold your puppy until it is old enough to go home at the age of 8 weeks. Let Terry know ASAP. There are only the two available. 970-568-7585. Landline, no texts, please….


Miniature Poodle Puppies Available!


Ziva, (left) and Int. Nat. Ch. Powder Valley Rowdy’s Millinium CMDR (“Solo”) have had their babies!

These little girls were born Sept.6th., 2019. They are all female and most likely all tri-parti-color (as are Solo and Ziva).  Ziva only gave us three puppies in her last litter so I didn’t take very many deposits. The result is that we have two puppies available.


We definitely have four tri-parti-color puppies. And the little white girl is starting to get her spots of black. She has started to show little spots and flecks of color as she is getting older. Ziva was almost pure white when she was born. If interested in one of these little girls, let Terry know ASAP. They all should mature true miniature sized at right around 14 to 15 pounds. Grandpa was 18 pounds so we might get one or two that will be bigger but because they are all girls maybe not. The puppies will be priced at $1800 for non-breeding registration and $3500 for full AKC breeding registration. They will be 8 weeks old and can go to their new homes on November 3rd., 2019. Please call 970-568-7585. Landline, no texts, please….

Call or email Terry to claim your new family member.   970-568-7585 (landline  —  no texts, please…)


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