The ultimate non-shedding companion dog


Isis and Bandit

Standard Poodle Puppies

We have a few puppies available from Isis and Bandit’s litter. I will get updated photos of the litter and post soon. We don’t know WHICH puppies are available as the people with deposits are not required to pick out which puppy they want until the puppies have been personality tested and our vet has gone over each one. The people will then pick out and take their puppies on the day the litter turns 8 weeks old.
The puppies  —  5 girls and 3 boys  —  are beautifully marked with 5 gorgeous parti-colored pups and 3 black pups with white markings. The black puppies will sell for $1200 to $1500. The parti-color puppies for $1800 to $2500.
Check back soon for pictures of the puppies….

Miniature Poodle

Rowdy has been one of our outstanding stud dogs. He is now looking forward to retirement where he can return to being a house pet, companion and cherished walking partner. Rowdy just turned 9 years old. He is in excellent health and is still very active and wanting to go for walks (car rides not so much!) If you want an old, fat, couch potato  —  you do NOT want Rowdy! He is still very active and will give anyone a great reason to go out and take a walk around the neighborhood.
Rowdy prefers woman to men (although he will warm up to men with time) and he ADORES children. He ESPECIALLY adores special needs children. We don’t know how he knows  —  but if there is a child with special needs within a group of kids Rowdy will gravitate to that special child and won’t leave his or her side.
Rowdy gets along with other dogs and has never seen a house cat but would probably be fine with cats once properly introduced. His only experience with kitties is watching the EXTREMELY feral cats on our ranch dart here and there in their search for mice.
Rowdy has an appointment to be neutered on June 21st. We will then wait about 3 or 4 weeks in order for him to completely be healed from the surgery before placing him in his new home.
Rowdy still has many years and many miles of walks in him. He is being offered to the right home for $350.00. His dream is to have a retired individual or couple with LOTS of visiting grandchildren. He would LOVE it if that individual or couple needed motivation to get out and walk. He says he would be a GREAT motivator!
If interested in Rowdy let Terry know. He will make someone or some family a great companion.
Please check back soon for more news!

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