The ultimate non-shedding companion dog

Available 2 year-old Female Parti-color Standard Poodle  “Flash”

Flash Happt (1)


Our beautiful girl, Flash, is pregnant and when her babies are weaned (which should be around the beginning of May) we will be looking for a permanent home for her. She is being retired and placed in a home as we have had no luck placing her in a guardian home and I don’t believe in dogs living their lives in kennels.Flash had lived with a family as a house dog for much of her life. Then, their lives changed and they were forced to return her to us. Flash is not a good candidate for a multi-dog family. She likes big, or similar-sized male dogs but is quite the diva and doesn’t want to share that status with small male dogs or other girls.  Flash is well-behaved, house broken, crate trained, knows many formal obedience commands and is good with kids and livestock. Flash, to my knowledge, has never lived with cats.

Flash is an excellent defender of home and property and I guarantee she would challenge any burglar, bad guy  or serial ax murderer trying to break into your home. She is no pushover.

If you think your family would love to have this easy, regal and beautiful girl in your life contact Terry. We are asking $2000 for Flash with a clause that she would need to be spayed when she can be.  970-568-7585. Landline, no texts, please.

Medium (35 to 45 lbs.) Goldendoodle Boys Available

We have two boys from Skye and Yankee that are 8 weeks old and ready for their new homes. La Croix, the puppy on the right, will mature much bigger than his little brother Perrier. I think La Croix will be at least 40 and maybe 45 pounds at maturity. He won’t be tall, but he will be a thick boned, muscly square-shaped dog with beautiful wavy hair that won’t shed and a friendly, outgoing personality. A GREAT family dog for any active family   —  5 kids  —  no kids  —   —  all the kids in the neighborhood  —  won’t matter  —  he’ll love them all!

Name “La Croix” M Apricot with white. Not as much white as Perrier $1500

Energy Level ___3_ Interest in People _5__ Boldness__3__ Fearfulness_3_

Dominance _0__Tolerance__4__ Retrieving Interest _High_ La Croix is built like a tank – He won’t be very tall –but he will be heavy –40 – 45 lbs? Maybe. He is curious, playful and loves to retrieve. A great choice for a little more active family because this guy likes to play!

Perrier is the puppy on the left. A gorgeous, active, playful and very engaging puppy. He may mature as much as 35 lbs. I doubt he’ll be bigger and he may be a little smaller  —  30 lbs? Probably.  Perrier is an athletic, energetic and very confident puppy who will excel in many endeavors. Want to do competitive dog sports? This is your guy.  Obedience, rally, dock jumping, fly ball and  —  of course  —  AGILITY! This boy will FLY past the competition.  He would also make a great companion for a houseful of kids. Especially special needs kids. This puppy LOVES kids, and although he WILL have to learn to not knock down the more unsteady little ones, he will be their best friend, buddy, monster-in-the-closet deterrent and confident. He needs a job to keep him busy and he will be very good at it whatever it is. (special consideration on pricing will be given on this puppy for homes with multiple special needs children)

Name: “Perrier” M Apricot with lots of white      $1500

Energy Level __4__ Interest in People __5__ Boldness_4___ Fearfulness___3__

Dominance 0___Tolerance_4___ Retrieving Interest __High Perrier is a very confident, charming and engaging puppy. Very playful and curious. He will do best with sturdy toddlers (knock over) and kids that want to play and don’t mind the family dog joining them in everything they do – because he will!

Puppy Profiles for the two puppies above. (Tested at 7 weeks)  Skye/Yankee “Sparkling Waters” Litter

Mini/Medium Goldendoodles Born Dec. 23rd., 2019

These profiles are for comparative purposes within the litter only. 7 weeks is too young for a definitive personality profile. These tests are given in order to help prospective new owners pick a suitable puppy for their lifestyle. As puppies mature many factors go into determining a puppy’s personality. Added is the one word description that best suits the puppy at this time.

0 1 2 3 4 5 “3” Would be considered Average….

Low High

Our Veterinarian, Dr. Richard Wheeler of CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital, has examined each puppy and found them to be very healthy.

Standard Goldendoodle Puppies Available!

Dream Feb 2020

The one little boy is the red puppy on the right

All the others are girls


Dream and Elvis, Jr. have given us 7 beautiful babies! 6 girls and 1 boy.

These puppies will be big, solid, sturdy and calm puppies that should mature around 50 to 60 pounds for the girls and around 60 to 70 pounds for the boy. All of the puppies are shades of apricot to deep red and many have some white markings on them. These puppies are half standard poodle and half golden retriever. This means that although they won’t shed anywhere close to how a golden retriever sheds  —  most will shed some. People with severe allergies should steer clear of these puppies because although some may not shed we will not be able to tell the difference until they are much older than 8 weeks which is when people get to pick out and take home their puppies.

All of these puppies will be sweet, tolerant, kind and gentle. Most if not all will be very laid-back and although playful, not high energy or in need of constant exercise in order to unwind. They will be very easy to live with, very easy to train and EXCELLENT family dogs, working service dogs for low-activity endeavors and wonderful children’s monster deterrents and best friend. These are the goldendoodles that are so very sweet and good-natured that EVERYONE now wants one. These types of puppies is why the goldendoodle is so popular.

The hair on these puppies will not be super curly. It will be soft and wavy, It will be easier to maintain then the curlier versions. The lighter appearing puppies in the photo will darken to apricot. There will be no actual cream or white puppies. Let Terry know ASAP if your family wants one of these beautiful puppies. They will range in price from $1500 to $1800 with the majority  —  if not all  —  being $1500. Call Terry 970-568-7585 (no texts, please) to place your $200 deposit and hold your puppy until it is 8 weeks old and can go home.

Moyen (medium) Poodles from Jazz and Robbie Born Jan. 22nd., 2020

Jazz and Robbie’s beautiful litter of 3 girls and 2 boys were born on Jan. 22nd. They will be 8 weeks old and ready for their new homes on March 18th., 2020. These 5 AKC moyen-sized puppies will mature around 25 pounds and will have wonderful, family-friendly and engaging personalities. Bigger than a miniature poodle but smaller than the standard poodle, the moyen is the PERFECT portable sized poodle for families and individuals wanting the perfect companion dog. They will also be great therapy and emotional support service dog candidates   —   the combination of Jazz’ sweet, calm and dignified personality with Robbie’s happy, outgoing and confident personality will make for wonderful dogs  —  regardless of the jobs they are to perform.

Contact Terry if interested in one of these wonderful puppies. They will come in various shades of apricot and red and one of them, a female, will most likely be an apricot and white parti-color.

Selling for $1500, let Terry know ASAP. 970-568-7585. Landline, no texts please.


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