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Minnie and Vinny gave us 5 gorgeous little toy doodle in late October. All 5 had deposits on them until just recently. One of the families couldn’t stand to wait and took one of our poodle puppies that was ready to go home sooner. Then, just yesterday (Dec 11th) someone else with a deposit on this litter told me they had to postpone for health reasons. This means that we have TWO puppies that will be available and ready for their new homes on December 23rd. Which two puppies? I have no idea. We have three girls and two boys. Both boys  —  one black and one apricot  —  will be big. Probably 15 to 18 pounds. Bigger than we want but none the less  —  still cute, sweet, and very handsome. One of the girls, a black and red phantom, will also be bigger than we like  —  she’ll probably mature 13 to 15 or so pounds. The other two girls  —  silver beige and a red girl will be the smaller sizes. They will be 10 to 12 pounds at maturity.

The people with prior deposits get first choice on Dec. 23rd. If you don’t care what sex or color you, too, can have a toy goldendoodle for Christmas. We will happily hold the puppy for you until Christmas day and even deliver the puppy Christmas day for your kids if you are local to Fort Collins and the weather is safe to be on the roads.

These puppies will sell between $1200 and $1800 depending on color and size. I’ll post pictures as soon as I can (hopefully by Thursday, the 13th). Let us know ASAP if interested. Deposits are $200.00

Call (no texts) Terry to reserve your sweet toydoodle puppy 970-568-7585


Toy Yorkie/Poodle Puppies Available



Truffles and Flyer gave us 4 beautiful little boys! We have two of these sweet little puppies available. If anyone is interested in a tiny boy let me know. And they will be tiny. I expect these little guys to mature around 6-7 pounds. They are completely non-shedding, affectionate, and they are quiet, snugly little lapdogs. We have a red sable and white parti-color, and one that is reddish blonde. They are ready to go home now.

Bert: reddish Blonde  will mature around 5-6 pounds     $1800

Kermit: Red Sable Parti-color will mature around 6 pounds  $1800


Toy Poodle Puppies Available


Rosie 3 boys Nov 2018

6 pound Rosie and 5.5 pound little boy Flyer  —  both AKC red sable toy poodles  —  have given us three beautiful little boys. One of them is a deep red and black phantom with white markings, one is black with some white on his chest and the other is  —  I think  —  it’s pretty early to tell  —  either a very dark sable or a black and light tan or silver phantom. Or  —  he could just be black. Time will tell. These little boys will mature about the same size as their parents. The deposit to hold a puppy for your family until the puppies are ready to go home on Jan. 19th., 2019 is $100. The puppies prices will be determined later when their color, size and conformation is more apparent. Typically, our black toy puppies sell for $1200 to $1500 and the more unusually colored puppies $1800 to $2200. If the red and black phantom is breeding quality we will offer breeding rights on this puppy. I know how sought after this color combination is  —  especially with the big, white chest and white socks.  Assuming he is breeding quality (and we won’t know for sure until our veterinarian, Dr. Richard Wheeler,  professor of reproduction and board certified reproduction specialist) exams this litter at 7 weeks of age.  If Dr. Wheeler sees him as a good breeding candidate his price with full registration will be $3800.


Miniature Poodle Puppies Available



Allie and Robbie Nov 2018


Our beautiful girl Allie and stunning boy Robbie have produced a huge litter of gorgeous little miniature poodles. Many of these puppies are solid black or black with some white on their chests. We also have some phantoms. The people with prior deposits on this litter have stated that “black” was not one of the desired colors. So we will probably have several black puppies available. If you are interested in these puppies let me know. Give us a call  970-568-7585 (landline  —  no texts ) Deposits are $100. Our black miniature poodle puppies typically sell for $1200. All of these puppies should mature in the 11 to 15 pound range. These puppies will be 8 weeks old and ready for their new homes on Jan. 13th., 2019.

Standard Poodle Puppies Available

Dream and Bandit gave us beautiful, sweet and willing puppies yet again. These girls are part of the “Designer Litter” and are available now. They turned 8 weeks old on December 8th.  The combination of Dream and Bandit produces puppies that are typically calmer than the average standard poodle, more intuitive and sensitive. They make wonderful companions, ESSD and service candidates and visiting therapy dogs. They typically are not a good choice for competitive sports  —  they have a low prey drive and a very high degree of intuitiveness. 

“LF”, “RH”, etc. identifies which foot or feet have been shaved  —  “Left Front”, “Right Hind”  —   on the puppy in order to distinguish puppies that are marked similarly.

0 1 2 3 4 5   Low to High  “3” is Average

Name: Isabel   Female Deep Red w/white markings (LF, RF)    $1500

Energy Level: _4_ Interest in People: 5____ Boldness: _3___Fearfulness: _2___

Dominance:   3    Tolerance:   5      Retrieving Interest: Average

Isabel, the smallest puppy in the litter, is also the deepest red. I think she will mature between 34 and 36 pounds. A beautiful puppy sweet, and darling. Will make a great family dog, child’s playmate, and little girl’s dress-up project….This puppy will love it all…

Name: Channel   Female Red with the least white. Less furnishings than most poodles (coat not as curly. Not a flat coat but a possibility of light shedding)    $1000

Energy Level:_ 3 Interest in People:_5___ Boldness: 3___ Fearfulness:_3

Dominance: 0 Tolerance: 5 Retrieving Interest: High A very playful but respectful puppy. Will make a great kid’s dog, family companion or working service/therapy candidate. Her coat may be improper or it may just be slower to come in properly. Too soon to tell. Her price reflects the quality of her coat but not the personality or potential of this puppy. This is a beautiful, sweet, and willing puppy. She will grow up to be a wonderful dog. I think Channel will mature between 38 and 44 pounds.

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