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Olde French Bulldogge Puppy Available!

What? A Frenchie? This is a Poodle/Doodle web site!

Well, yes, it is. But I also used to own Rocky Mountain Rawhide Bulldogges. It was taken over by Jenny Williams and her husband Tony (and is in EXCELLENT HANDS, BTW…) but I have one puppy left from the last litter and her name is Mischief. I had to make concessions that working 13 hours a day, 7 days a week was needing to change. Something had to give before my body did. So, after 25 years of breeding bulldogges of many varieties I sold the business to Jenny. She is honest, ethical, a bulldogge lover and owner and very important  —  much younger than I am and should be able to carry on the world renowned excellence that is Rocky Mountain Rawhide Bulldogges. Thank you, Jenny!

In the meantime  —  I still have little Mischief. She is 12 weeks old as of April 17th. She will mature right around or a little under 25 pounds ( which is smaller than you think because these guys are so muscular ) and she is absolutely adorable. She is busy and delightful. She will be GREAT with children of any age and she loves everyone she meets. Mischief LOVES toys. I’ve never had a puppy so enthusiastic about toys and playing with them. She really knows how to entertain herself with her toys and therefore hasn’t been a problem  —  ever  —  with getting into things she shouldn’t get into or chewing on things that aren’t hers.  Mischief will start training in basic puppy manners starting on Monday the 22 of April. She will learn to walk properly on a leash, sleep all night in a crate, be well-behaved around town and in the car and will learn to sit politely while being greeted. After her training starts we would like to keep her until it is finished  —  about two weeks. Right now Mischief is being offered for $2400. When her training is finished her price will reflect the trainer’s time and her price will increase to $3000.

This little girl is very adaptable and will do just fine in an apartment or an estate  —  doesn’t matter. With a houseful of rambunctious kids or a condo with a retired single. As long as she has at least one person to call her own  —  and all of her toys  —  she will be a happy little Frenchie. And, as far as people with allergies go  —  I am very allergic to dogs. But I do not nor have I ever, reacted to these little bulldogges. I don’t know why because they DO shed  —  not a lot but they do shed. I think one reason is that they are so small that giving them a bath (in a really good, non-drying dog shampoo) once a week or so means that the allergens normally attached to the shedding hair gets washed away and therefore there isn’t anything for me to react to. I can’t say that would happen for everyone but I do know for a fact that as long as they are kept relatively clean I don’t get asthma around them like I do any other shedding dogs.

If you think that this sweet little gem would be a perfect addition to YOUR family, let me know ASAP. I’m falling in love with her and I need another dog like I need a hole in my head. Not to mention that after being married for over 30 years I’d like to stay that way and adding another permanent 4-legged resident to the house would be a bad idea as far as my very loving, kind and wonderful, but can-only-tolerate-so-much spouse is concerned. (and brilliant. Did I mention brilliant?,,,,). Call, no texting on the landline… 970-568-7585. Thank you!

Mini/Medium Goldendoodles Available!

Splash Angel April 8th_ (2)

Splash Angel and Robbie have given us 9 GORGEOUS mini/medium goldendoodle puppies. We have taken only 6 deposits on this litter so we have 3 puppies available. Which puppies? No clue. But, we will know on the day they turn 8 weeks old and are then picked out and taken home by their new families.  There are 6 boys and 3 girls. All of the puppies are shades of red with white markings  —  from deeper red to apricot to lighter apricot. Beautiful, non-shedding, sweet and loving companions, children’s playmates and therapy dog candidates. These pups will mature between 22 and 38 pounds with the average puppies maturing around 25 to 30 pounds.

Splash Angel is one of the sweetest dogs on Earth. Robbie is the miniature poodle canine mayor of Red Feather Lakes, a small mountain community where he lives with his guardians. Robbie is such a gentleman he is welcomed everywhere he goes. A common sight in town, Robbie is greeted by name and happily accepts the petting and compliments so frequently given.  The combination of Splash Angel and Robbie will undoubtedly produce very special very desirable family and working dogs.

If interested in one of these wonderful puppies, let Terry know ASAP. 970-568-7585            ( landline  —  no texts, please…)




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