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Female Toy Poodle Available

Can go home Sunday, Jan. 26th., 2020

Autumn Rosie Female Nov 2019

“Rosie”, AKC Toy Poodle will mature 5 to 6 pounds  $2000

Rosie is a charming, sweet and friendly solid red toy poodle from Autumn and Flyer. She will not get big enough for us to use as a breeding dog and therefore she is for sale. We are looking for the right family or individual in need of a beautiful, quietly playful little lap dog. Rosie LOVES people. She is such a sweetheart and so pretty and cute we really thought about keeping her but we require our girls to be minimally 8 pounds at maturity and there is no way Rosie will get that size. She will be a very sturdy 6 pounder at maturity   —   she MIGHT be smaller but I doubt it. Rosie will turn 9 weeks old this weekend but I would like for her to stay at least until Sunday afternoon as she is with her brother and I don’t want him left alone until he can go home as well. So  —  although Rosie is ready to go now I need her to stay a day or two more for her brother.

If you think your lap is the right fit for Rosie please call Terry at 970-568-7585. This is a landline so please, no texts….



From Splash Angel and Vinny!


Autumn, left and Bonnet, right

Autumn and Bonnet are mini goldendoodles from Splash Angel’s litter of 11 puppies. These were the puppies that were left after everyone made their choices. We had 9 deposits on 11 puppies and almost everyone wanted boys. So  —  all the boys were chosen and we have these two wonderful girls left. They turned 8 weeks old on Jan. 22nd. and they can go home NOW.

Mini/Medium Goldendoodles from Splash and Vinny born Nov. 27th., 2019 The “Thanksgiving Litter”

Puppy Profile  (Tested at 7 weeks)

All of these puppies will be sweet-natured, tolerant and gentle with a low to moderate energy level.

These profiles are for comparative purposes only. Seven weeks is too young for a definitive personality profile. These tests are given in order to help prospective new owners pick a suitable puppy for their lifestyle. As puppies mature many factors go into determining a puppy’s personality. Added is the short description that best suits the puppy at this time.

0 1  2  3  4  5  “3” is average for Goldendoodles in general

Low   to  High

Our veterinarian, Dr. Richard Wheeler of CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital, has examined each puppy and found them to be very healthy. one of the puppies, Autumn, has an improper bite. This means that she has a slight underbite. Typically, not a problem at all. Not expected to be in this puppy. 

Name: “Autumn” Female Dark Apricot $ 1500 (underbite)

Energy Level: 4 Interest in People: 5 Boldness: 4 Fearfulness: 3

Dominance: 3 Tolerance: 4 Retrieving Interest _High A very sweet, charming and engaging little princess. Autumn will do very well with an active, dog-involved family. One of the smaller puppies. She is built like a little tank but won’t be very tall. Autumn is feisty and LOVES her toys. She loves to strut with a toy in her mouth and play keep-a-way with it with the other puppies. Although one of the smallest puppies in the litter Autumn, through shear determination and will — typically gets to keep the toy even when ganged up on by several larger puppies. Not a puppy for an inexperienced or wishy-washy individual. This puppy would love a family that has the will and determination to match her own and that can give her the boundaries and direction she needs in order to be the best she can be. This puppy CAN be someone’s “Best dog I’ve ever had”, or — she can be a problem for someone without the skill and resolve to give her guidance and rules to live by. She does not need to belong to a professional trainer. She does need to belong to a family that will both love her AND give her training and consistency. Will mature around 28 to 30 pounds.

Name: “Bonnet” Black/Tan Phantom  Female  small $1800

Energy Level:_3- Interest in People:__5__ Boldness: __3_ Fearfulness:____3_

Dominance: 2 Tolerance: 5    Retrieving Interest High__ A very cute, charming, interested puppy . Wants to be the center of any action and the center of attention. A good choice for a family wanting a cuter-than-average, sweet, calmer and quieter  stunningly beautiful companion. Will mature around 24 to 28 pounds.

 If you think your perfect puppy will be here waiting for you, contact Terry ASAP.  Call 970-568-7585 (landline, no texts, please….) This is the most popular size and breed we offer. Don’t wait too long!

Miniature/Toy Poodle Puppies Available!

We Have One Puppy Available!

PROBABLY the little cream and apricot parti-color boy  

Won’t know  until the people with deposits choose  —  however, if your family wants one of these wonderful kid and family-friendly little puppies  —  DON’T WAIT TOO LONG!

Gabby's Pups

Vinny (above left) and Gabby (above right) have given us 5 gorgeous puppies  —  4 girls and 1 boy  —  the boy is easy to spot  —  he’s the cream puppy in the middle of the group  — and will turn light apricot as he gets a little older. The girls  —  one of which takes after her grandpa, “Rusty” who weighs only 5 pounds  —  is tiny. Not a “runt”, just genetics dictate a smaller size compared to the others. These puppies, with the exception of the smallest girl, will mature in the miniature poodle size of between 10 and 15 inches at the shoulder which usually means a healthy weight of between 9 and 15 pounds, depending on the height. The boy is by far the biggest and will most likely hit that 14 to 15 inch height and 14 to 15 pound range. The girls will most likely be 6 to 7 pounds for the toy-sized girl and 8 to 11 pounds for the other girls, depending on the individual. The colors are beautiful. The cream boy will turn light apricot or dark blonde. The two that appear black are both black/red phantoms and the chocolate sable at the top of the pile very well could also be a phantom. The puppy at the bottom is a beautiful red sable. Go to our link Frequently Asked Questions  to see the explanation of the different colors and patterns of our poodles for more information on what these colors will look like as the puppies mature.

These puppies will be priced at between $1500 and $1800 for AKC non-breeding registration. From experience I know that many if not all of these puppies will be of interest to breeders and will be breeding quality adult dogs the price on breeding dogs will be higher. Check with Terry for availability on breeding rights. Temperamentally, these puppies will be confident, friendly, outgoing and willing puppies ready for a life with the family, as a working ESSD, hearing service dog candidate or companion. These two  —  Vinny and Gabby  —  give us truly wonderful puppies.

If you think one of these beautiful puppies is a good choice for you family let Terry know ASAP. They will be 8 weeks old and can go to their new forever homes on March 4th., 2020. 970-568-7585 Landline, no texts, please….



Minnie (shown L, at her job, and Vinnie)

Minnie's Christmas pups 2019

We Currently Have Deposits on All of These Puppies    I’ll let You Know if Anything Changes….

Our sweet minigoldendoodle girl Minnie and handsome toy poodle stud Vinny gave us a beautiful litter of Christmas babies. Born on Christmas Morning, these five puppies  —  3 girls and two boys  —  will be ready for their new homes on February 19th., 2020  — the day they turn 8 weeks old.  The puppies are all going to darken as they get older. We’ll have red, apricot and  —  maybe  —  one cream.  These little babies will mature between 9 and 13 pounds on average with the potential for one of the boys to get a little bigger  —  maybe as big as 15 pounds.  But, typically, around 9 to 13 pounds. They will be sweet, cute, playful and will LOVE everyone they meet. These toy goldendoodles are very much like bigger dogs in smaller packages and are great family companions and children’s playmates. Walking partners, hiking buddies or just hanging out with the family  —  you won’t find a better family dog  —  especially one in such a portable package!

Priced at $1500 to $1800, these little toy goldendoodles are very popular. You can call Terry at 970-568-7585 to reserve your puppy now. A $200 deposit after a short telephone interview will keep your puppy for you until old enough to go home.



Skye’s Medium Goldendoodle Babies Born 12/23/19


Our red mini goldendoodle boy, Yankee and beautiful red and white standard poodle girl, Skye  have had their very first litter together on Dec. 23rd., 2019. These puppies are all shades of red or apricot and some have white markings. The two lighter boys will get much darker as they get older. We have three boys and two girls.  The girls are most likely all spoken for but we may have one or two boys available. Most of the deposits on this litter are for girls so we’ll have to see if some of the people with deposits on girls will take a boy or if they will want to move the deposit to another litter. I’ll let you know as soon as I know.

The puppies should mature an average of 35 pounds with some in the litter maturing smaller (23 to 25 pounds) and some bigger (40 or so pounds) but most being right around 35 pounds.

These pups will be playful, intuitive, smart and beautiful  —  just like their parents! And will make excellent family companions, ESSD, therapy dogs and low-level (energy-wise) service dogs. These will not be high energy dogs. They will have PLENTY of energy to play with the kids, go for walk, runs and hikes, and be companions to active families. But, if you are needing a high energy dog for competitive sports or all-day handi-dog for someone confined to a wheelchair these puppies will probably be too laid back. They’ll still entertain the kids and be up for anything the family wants to do but working all day will not be something they’ll be good at.

If you think one of these puppies will be a good choice for your family let Terry know ASAP. These puppies will be able to go home in the third week of February, 2020 and be priced at an average of $1500. A $200 deposit will hold your puppy until it is 8 weeks old and ready for a new family.  Terry 970-568-7585 (landline, no texts, please)

AKC Moyen Poodle Puppies Available!

Isis and Robbie’s litter of AKC Moyen-sized poodle puppies

Upper left : 2 boys. Upper right (black & white pups) male on the left and female on the right. The two parti-colored puppies below the black and white pups are a male on the left and a female on the right. Both of these parti colored pups are apricot and white. The bottom puppies are red with white markings female and apricot with white markings female. Photos taken at about 16 days old.

Isis really gave us a surprise gift! We were expecting only four puppies and she has given us EIGHT! We have 4 boys and 4 girls. We have deposits on 5, maybe 6 of these babies. That means that we have at least 2 and maybe 3 available. These little guys are “moyen” or “medium” sized poodles. They will be bigger than miniatures but smaller than the average standard poodle. These puppies will mature between 20 and 28 pounds on average with a couple maybe getting a little bigger. The puppies will darken as they get older giving us some gorgeous deep apricots and reds. They will be sweet, intuitive, very smart and will be superb therapy, service, and obedience competition candidates, and of course  —  incredible family companions. This litter will turn 8 weeks old on Jan. 31st so they can go home on Saturday, Feb. 1st., 2020. Selling for $1500, with the potential of $1800 for the two parti-colored puppies, a $200 deposit will hold your puppy until it is old enough to go home. If you think one of these wonderfully portable-sized babies is the right dog for your family, let Terry know ASAP. This is Isis and Robbie’s last litter together as Isis will be retiring after her next litter which will be with Bandit.


Please check back soon for more news!

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