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Moyen Puppies Available






Dreams 6 boys June 2019


Dream and Robbie’s litter of moyen-sized (bigger than a miniature  —  smaller than the American standard poodle ) are here! Dream and Robbie gave us 6 beautiful puppies  —  ALL BOYS! They are all shades of red and some have white markings. These little boys will continue to get darker and darker red. The ones that appear very light will actually be very dark apricot or red. We will have some of these puppies available as some of the deposits on this litter specified female puppy only. These puppies will mature right around 22 to 30 pounds and are the perfect portable companion. Priced at between $1500 and $1600, let Terry know ASAP if interested.


Standard Poodle Puppies

Icys 7 born June 10, 2019

Above are the 3 boys on the left and the 4 girls on the right 


Isis and Bandit

Isis and Bandit have given us 7 beautiful babies born June 10th., 2019. These babies  —  4 girls and three boys —  are going to mature between 60 and 65 pounds and will make excellent working, therapy, obedience and family dogs. This is Isis and Bandits 4th litter together. Their babies have been placed all over the US in many capacities  —  from service dogs for people confined to wheelchairs, ESSD, mobility assistance, seizure and blood sugar medical alert, and as assistance dogs to children within the autism spectrum. They are versatile, stable, healthy and willing. They train easily and are dependable when asked to perform as trained. As family companions they are superb. Blending the grace, intelligence and beauty of the standard poodle with the working ability and intuitive nature that our line of standard poodles are known for. When you look into the eyes of one of our dogs  —  you will see an intelligent and willing partner looking back at you.

We have several puppies still available from this litter. Let Terry know ASAP if interested. 970-568-7585 (landline. No texts please…) There are two solid-colored puppies and 5 parti-color (3 are red and white, one brown and white and one black and white). The two solid colored puppies will darken to apricot as they get older.



Medium Goldendoodles Available!

Tam's Pups June 2019


Tam and Yankee gave us 10 beautiful babies on June 8th! We have 3 girls and 7 boys!

These pups are golden apricot, dark apricot, red, and a few are solid, inky, black. The puppies will mature between 30 and 40 pounds and will have easy-going, love-everybody temperaments. Some will have Tam’s very laid-back calm and quiet temperament and some will have Yankee’s happy-go-lucky active and playful temperament. Most will probably be a little of both.

We have 4 deposits on this litter so if you want a high pick from a lot to pick from let us know ASAP. The people with the first three deposits all want service and therapy dogs which are usually males so if you get on board soon enough there should be a couple of girls to choose from.  Call Terry at 970-568-7585. (landline no texts, please)

Toy Goldendoodles Available!

Minnie and Vinny had their babies on June 4th., 2019

Meet, “The Disney Royalty Litter”!

Minnie’s guardian family has little girls. Therefore, these puppies have been named after Disney Royalty. These names are for identification only and new owners may name their puppy whatever they wish. In the second picture, the lone male, Simba, is on the left. The red girl is easy to identify, but I have no idea who is who in that second picture other than the red girl and Simba..

She had 6 babies  —  5 girls and 1 boy. There is a red female, two apricot females, one apricot male (they will get a lot darker as they get older), one black girl and one very, very, dark sable girl. We have several of these puppies available. Let Terry know if interested. These babies will mature between 10 and 15 pounds.

Call Terry at 970-568-7585 (landline, no texts please)


Mini/Medium Goldendoodles Available


Jazz (standard poodle) and Yankee (mini goldendoodle), both red, have had their very first litter of mini/medium goldendoodle babies! These beautiful babies  —  5 boys and 1 girl —  all are shades of red and will mature between 28 and 40 pounds. We have three deep red babies, two dark apricot babies and one lighter apricot. (they get darker as they get older). Some have limited white markings and ALL will be wonderful family companions and children’s playmates.

These puppies will sell for $1500 and be available to their new forever homes when they turn 8 weeks old on July 14th., 2019. A $200 deposit will hold your puppy until it is old enough to go home. We didn’t know how many puppies Jazz would have so we didn’t take too many deposits on this litter. There is plenty of availability still  —  especially if you want a boy! Call or email Terry to claim your new family member.   970-568-7585 (landline  —  no texts, please…)


Mini/Medium Goldendoodles Available



Skye (standard poodle mama) and Augie, (mini goldendoodle dad) have had their first litter of baby mini/medium goldendoodles! And BOY! Do some of them look like daddy!

If you like what Augie looks like then you’ll like what 5 of these babies will look like when they grow up because they will be marked exactly like Augie.

These puppies will mature in the 28 to 35 pound range (a couple of the boys MIGHT get a tad bigger) and will sell for between $1500 and $1800 depending on the color and temperament tests.

We have one, maybe two  —   of these pups available but will not know WHICH puppy will be available until the people with prior deposits pick out their puppies at 8 weeks old. If interested in one of these beautiful family-friendly puppies let Terry know ASAP. Deposits are $200 and will hold your puppy until it is 8 weeks old and ready to go home on July 8th., 2019.


 Mini and Medium Goldendoodles Available!


Nilla and Robbie had their litter! Born May 8th, these babies —  4 girls and 3 boys  —  are all shades of red, from light apricot to deep red (they darken as they get older).  These puppies will mature around 25 pounds and will be wonderful, outgoing and friendly little companions and therapy/service dog candidates. These pups will average $1500, and we currently have 2 available. Let Terry know if interested! 970-568-7585 (landline  no texts, please).

If interested in one of these wonderful puppies, let Terry know ASAP. 970-568-7585            ( landline  —  no texts, please…)


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