The ultimate non-shedding companion dog

In addition to a healthy, well-socialized, easily trained, intelligent and beautiful puppy  —  you get the knowledge that your breeder is one of only a handful of breeders in the US whose background is in animal behavior. With over forty years spent in the field of animal training and behavior, Terry has written numerous books, hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles, hosted several recurring radio call-in shows and spent hundreds of hours giving lectures and workshops and literally thousands of hours training dogs and people with their dogs in award-winning puppy and dog training classes. As a clinical animal behaviorist, Terry knows dogs  —  inside and out, backwards and forewords and in every way possible. And very importantly   —   she makes sure that through selective breeding, genetic testing, DNA and orthopedic screening  —  she produces not just physically healthy puppies  —   but, mentally healthy puppies as well. Not prone to anxiety, aggression, fearfulness or intolerance. Good, solid, dependable family and working dogs that just happen to also be beautiful. AND — when picking up your puppy you get a GOODIE BAG!

What You Get in Your PVP Goodie Bag!

  • Contract and health guarantee
  • AKC papers (if applicable)
  • Microchip
  • a Toy that smells like home and littermates
  • piddle pads to get you through the first several days
  • Both canned and dry puppy food that they are used to eating (enough for several days) PLUS a cookie jar with treats!
  • First set of puppy shots that are given at 8 weeks of age, first de-worming and a complete puppy wellness exam by our veterinarian, Dr. Richard Wheeler that is done BEFORE you pick out your puppy.
  • At least two, sometimes three, behavior modification devices to help curb puppy misbehavior.
  • a chewie stick of some type sized appropriately for the puppy to give the puppy something to do at night besides bugging you for attention
  • a collar, leash, and harness
  • Membership in a closed FB group made up of ONLY people who have our puppies  —  and all the wisdom, knowledge, insight, suggestions and humor (not to mention LOADS of pictures) that come from such a large, diverse group from all over the U.S.

Additionally, your puppy comes freshly brushed, bathed and with toenails clipped. And, you have our lifetime support as one of our PVP families.




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